5 Must Have Electronics Gadgets For Men

Everyone loves a good gadget, but men have a particular soft spot for the latest electronics. Check them out! There are plenty on the market, but which are absolute must-haves for the guys in your life? Whether you’re the guy or looking to buy an amazing gift for a man, we have compiled a list of the top five must-have electronic gadgets for men.


1. The Harmony Companion

Remember that movie where Adam Sandler scores a remote that lets him rewind and fast forward through time? This is like that, but not quite as dangerous. Logitech has produced the ultimate remote control. It comes with a base, too, and it can control everything! It can turn on the air conditioning, increase the heat, dim the lights, turn on the porch lights, and pair it with your smartphone. The only thing it can’t do is deliver a beer while you’re perched on the couch for the big game.

2. Amazon Alexa

Or any other smart home companion. We specifically mention this one because the Harmony Companion is compatible with it. It also works with Google Home, though, so you have options. Combining this with the above gadget is the perfect gift or treat for anyone who wants total control of everything in their home.

3. The Latest Gaming Console

Whether you’re a PlayStation fan or an Xbox lover, it’s never too late to get the newest edition. One of the big ones is PlayStation VR. For your money, you get virtual reality at an affordable price. It is a completely immersive experience that plunges you into the thick of whatever game you play. This is a must-have gadget that will fuel your entertainment needs for… well, you might want to set the alarm so you remember to eat and go to work.

4. Streaming Device

The Apple TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast are just a taste of what’s available. It doesn’t matter which one you buy; what matters is that you have a streaming device. What’s the point of paying for Hulu or Netflix if you’re chained to your laptop to watch it? It’s time to up your entertainment game and invest in a great streaming device that connects you to the latest content with a click.

5. The SmartWatch

It’s a rainy day, you’re forging your way down a busy street on your path to work, and you can feel your phone vibrating in your pocket. Instead of risking your phone, you can look at your wrist to determine whether it’s important. It might just be a text, and it could be a phone call or a work email. Whatever it is, you’ll get the notification on your watch. You won’t need to wait until a meeting is over to see what you’ve missed. You can even pair it with your fitness apps. Want to find out about all the latest gadgets first? Do you want to read more content like this? Follow mylifestyleideas.com for the latest in a variety of lifestyle tips, education, and more.