Here are some tips to keep in mind for a fast and safe recovery after your rhinoplasty surgery. Read more to find out.

1. Take a rest for a few days

Take a week off from your work and daily activities. During this time give your body sufficient rest and sleep with your head lifted. You might likely experience some amount of pain, or it could even take more depending on your surgery. Make it a point to follow your doctor’s advice and take medicines on time.

2. Take Vitamin C

Taking foods rich in Vitamin C will be beneficial to you as Vitamin C has quick healing abilities. And it can empower the recuperating procedure. Have Vitamin C tablets prescribed by your surgeon for quick recovery. It usually includes taking a vitamin C supplement, yet having food containing this vitamin is also useful.


3. Get Ample Sunshine

You must have heard the opposite, but a little dosage of solid daylight can really benefit you and is really essential for ideal wellbeing. Experiencing sunlight early morning by sitting outside or by the window for about 15 to 20 minutes could benefit you. This will likewise help your body get Vitamin D, which helps keep the invulnerable framework sound, keeps up glucose direction, and diminishes the danger of aggravation.

4. Keep the head raised

By keeping the head raised you are decreasing the measure of weight to the head. Even when you are sleeping, you should try to keep your head in a raised position as it will minimize the pain caused by bending and reduce swelling. Make use of a reclining chair if possible while taking rest during the recovery period.

5. Avoid extreme physical action

Indulging in any extreme physical activity during the recovery period could have a detrimental effect as it can cause unnecessary wounds. It may also increase swelling thereby causing more pain and may also disturb the recuperating wounds. Hence, such exercises should not be done during the recovery period. If you are indulging in any such activity, it is advisable to be counseled by your Surgeon and do accordingly. Strenuous exercises should be kept away from for seven days to two weeks, and any movement that could put your nose in danger of damage must be dodged no matter what for at least a couple of months. Approach your specialist for more point-by-point information.

6. Keep Your Doctor In The Loop.

It will be beneficial if you keep in touch with the doctor who performed the surgery. Visit your doctor at regular intervals and follow the tips provided for a fast and safe recovery.

7. Swelling is a thing.

Swelling is bound to occur after most intrusive techniques, and this is especially valid with rhinoplasty. Understand that it can take up to a year for swelling to die down completely and for the nose to mend totally. Utilize frosty packs in the underlying days of your recuperation, and ask your specialist what else you can do to help with the swelling.