Apple releases new iOS 11 beta 6 to developers

A handful of modifications had been documented thus far, aside from the usual computer virus fixes and performance enhancements, of course. One of the maximum at once seen the trade is a hard and fast of recent icons for the App Store and Maps. Apple had modified the authentic pencil-brush-ruler icon inside a circle for iOS eleven by way of removing the circle. The icon has now been similarly altered by eliminating the pencil-brush-ruler in choosing 3 plain strains, making it the most important exchange up to the App Store icon since it was released. The Maps icon now shows the place around the brand new Apple Campus.

The car brightness choice has been removed from display settings and developers, making it completely  Apple iOS on by using the default. If you actually need to adjust your brightness manually, you may have to dig around within the Accessibility settings to locate it, but it is clear Apple does not need the average consumer to change the setting. This can also have something to do with the OLED displays on the new iPhone. (Apple Watch with its OLED show also has complete-time vehicle brightness enabled.)

Stay wallpapers being removed, the new splash page for Photos, bolder Clock icon numbers, new stable blue AirPlay icon at some point of playback, and a brand new animation for related AirPods. Google is a search engine that gives the facility of browsing from various devices such as the laptop, mobile, etc. Recently, Google developed material design to unify the experienced users to use various Google platforms. This unification aims to improve the overall technological experience by making the interaction easier, simpler, and more intuitive. Most people believe that the recent material design plan of Google surpassed iOS design. In the present writing, I will share my thoughts about this issue.

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iOS design and Google’s material design:

iOS is a mobile operating system manufactured by Apple Inc. It develops an adaptive layout so that your design can work from multiple devices. Two years ago, it had changed its design manual and had made it simple and user-friendly. It allows its designers to focus on animations and function rather than intricate visual details. Here UI or your user interface should be stripped down to the core aesthetic. The present iOS apps ensure perceptible feedback in response to every user’s action. As a result, the UX or user experience design of iOS develops and improves the quality of interaction between a user and all facets of the company.


Its UX design helps to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided by the interaction between the customer and the product. On the other hand, recent Google’s material design also helps its users in various ways. The design of Google aims how Google can improve your life by making their technology smarter. It is said that the material design of Google surpassed iOS design in the sense that it provides more facilities and a simple, user-friendly attitude. It is not just a new UI rather a whole Google UX. The great features of this new design are-

• Great interaction with various technologies:

One of the main features of any material design is how it interacts with various technologies. The present material design of Google has a very seamless flow between interactions. For example, you are writing a critical article on your laptop but do not finish it and left it open. Don’t worry; you can continue this writing from your watches, mobile, tablet, or other technological devices because of Google’s new material design.

• A seamless information flow between devices and smarter technology:

Another advantage of Google’s material design is its quick and seamless information flow between devices and technologies. As a user, you do not need to worry that your messages or files are synced to a device, or you do not need to be bombarded with work emails while you’re at home – and vice versa, pictures and text messages sent to you from last night won’t be popping up while you’re at work.

In short, Google’s material design aims to unite Google’s expansive product line under a rich set of design styles and principles. It exceeds the design of iOS at various levels. It helps its users to use technology in a very comfortable and homely way. With the demand for iPhones reaching its peak, most companies are drawing their shift towards building top-rated iOS apps, increasing their customer base.

However, the prime requisite to build a good iOS app is to hire a good app developer without whom your entire investment in mobile app development might go in vain. Thus, it’s of prime importance to hire the right professional for your project who can meet your requirements perfectly. With proper research and an industry overview, it becomes much easier for you to choose the right professional. Adhering to this fact, here are some of the inherent qualities to look for an app development expert.


While considering the world of technology, staying updated is essential for an app developer. In-depth knowledge of the latest iOS versions is a requisite for the developers. Developing an app with a consideration


Different businesses have different goals and needs. Keeping this in mind, you must look for an expert who has relevant experience to work with various types of projects. The developer must have the potential to follow different development concepts or practices for different kinds of projects. Offering a unique solution for your business will not only make you stand apart in the industry but drive more customer engagement as well.

Adaptive with technological advancements

Having a successful track record is not satisfactory enough to bring assured success for your app as well. Instead, verify whether the professional has the urge to bring something new to the table while taking charge of a new project. The iOS industry is greatly dynamic, and thus, he must keep proper tune with the emerging technological trends.


Punctuality is another crucial factor which, is essential to consider while hiring an app developer. This aspect covers different significant details such as time progress updates of the project, fixed timing and date of the meeting, and much more.