ASUS’ Trendy P369,995 Pro Gaming Computer is The Brand new Access

ASUS’ Trendy P369,995 Pro-Gaming Computer is The Brand new Access within the Conflict of Manufacturers. Unveiled yesterday at the Reign of the Republic event, the ROG GX800 promises to be Asus’ most effective — and extravagant — gaming Laptop to date. Available for the price of a 2nd-hand sedan at P369,995, the ROG GX800 became To be had for the Philippine market in the days since it was teased at Computex in 2016.

However, apart from being capable of the game at 4K resolution thanks to its twin NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI picture cards, Asus’ new flagship model also boasts an unlocked Latest generation Intel i7 processor, its hydro cooling unit, and the case of a custom-made bag for storage.

Designing a beast

From the outside looking in, an ASUS  gaming Computer marketed with its personal baggage case appears ridiculous. After all, the principle promoting the point of a pocketbook is portability. The GX800 bag case is a complete-fledged trolley but isn’t exactly “transportable.”

“The element we wanted to do with the GX800 turned into to make it without a doubt a statement of who you’re a gamer,” says Joey Noon, United States Product Supervisor for ASUS notebooks. “It’s already on its own, But once you place it in a bag, it loses its character. You’re now not going to show heads.

With the aid of advertising it with its very own luggage case, it’s a clear statement: I’m a member of the Republic.” However, deliberating that the case doubles as the GX800’s housing and carrying unit for the Hydro Overclocking device, and the idea of a trolley to fit your Laptop doesn’t sound too distance-fetched.

The Hydro Overclocking gadget is a lower back-installed dock that serves as the unit’s principal exhaust pipe to guide the two beastly pictures playing cards the GX800 uses. “This isn’t the primary time we’ve made a separate cooling unit for a Laptop,” says Noon. “The remaining 12 months’ GX701 had a cooling unit nearly the same size because of the notebook itself.”

“For the GX800, we desired a smaller profile for the Hydro Overclocking system. However, it still supplies efficient cooling.” And the cause for the devoted exhaust and cooling unit? Noon summarizes it in one phrase: Overall performance.

“Initially, it may sport on a native 4K resolution, so it’s important that the heat is surely dissipated and no longer simply moved across the chassis,” says Noon. “We worked and consulted with gamers and fans to ensure we can hit the excessive-performance objectives.”

gaming computer

While Noon concedes that the hefty price tag of the GX800 will confine it to hardcore gaming fans, the fact that it can hold up with computer Performance metrics is a huge selling factor for multimedia practitioners. The potential to seamlessly render visually traumatic property is a stroll inside the park for the GX800.

The Battle of the huge-price ticket Laptops continues.

While the hefty price tag is certain to pique interest — desirable and awful — for the GX800, this isn’t the primary similarly over-the-pinnacle gaming notebook to hit the Philippines as of late. At the Highgrounds Cafe, powered by TNC, released On February 8, 2017, Acer’s gaming line — Predator — also publicly displayed the $9,000 (equal to P450,000) Predator 21X. The arena’s first curved screen Computer show and a comparable dual GeForce GTX 1080 portraits card set-up are headlining its miles.

Requested if the unveiling of their flagship pocketbook is a reaction to the Predator’s 21X, Noon candidly replies that ROG is truly pleasant in its promise to gamers Wide Info. “I can’t speak for all of my colleagues, But I view the 21X as Acer’s push to build goodwill with game enthusiasts,” explains Noon. “They’d like a brand identity of being greater budget-pleasant on the fee of strength and overall performance.

So to ensure that the Predator line connects with gamers and hardcore fans, they wanted that massive, pinnacle-of-line version to take a seat atop the throne of their current notebooks.” “For ROG alternatively, we’ve been serving game enthusiasts since 2006. The GX800 is the only success of that promise.”

Asus Pc Opinions

Asus Eee Laptop 1005HA-PU17 10.1-inch Netbook: In this text collection, we can continuously review a number of the great Asus Computer models inside the marketplace. Amongst all of Asus’s laptops, the Asus Eee PC might be one of its most iconic models ever.

This version has almost single-handedly spearheaded the evolution of netbooks. The Asus Eee Computer 1005HA is currently one of the trendy netbook fashions in the market. It sports many enhancements over the older fashions, with larger wi-faculty power and extended battery life. This netbook has a 250GB Wi-Fi force, a 1.66 GHz N280 Intel Atom processor, and 1GB DDR2 RAM.

It’s also one of the maximum function-packed models within the market with functions that include 802.11b/g/n c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a, the stereo audio system (some netbook models have mono speakers), Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, and an astounding 10. wireless-hours battery lifestyles. If you plan to get a netbook version, the Asus Eee Computer 1005HA would be one of the most secure wagers.

Asus UL30A-X5 thirteen.3-inch Laptop: This Asus UL30A-X5 is one of the company’s cutting-edge, extremely skinny Computer fashions. From the appearance of its income wireless gurus, it looks set to dominate the ultra-slender PC market for quite some time.

The mixture of tremendous wi-factions, fabulous design, and a less expensive rate tag has been proven irresistible to many. An Intel Center 2 Duo SU7300 (1.3Ghz) processor powers this model. It has a spacious 500GB diff wireless power and 4GB DDR3 RAM. Different super wireless functions consist of thirteen. Three-inch HD screen (1366 x 768 resolution), 12 hours of battery life, 802.11b/g/n c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a, SRS Top rate Sound audio system, and a HDMI output.

As if all that isn’t always Wi-Fi wireless, those are simply the end of the iceberg regarding its features. Some Asus Laptop Critiques made using a spread of main tech courses agree that this is one of the most thrilling (and inexpensive) extremely-narrow PCs to hit the market. Asus K50IJ-X8 15.6-Inch Black Versatile Amusement Computer: If you are searching for a complete-sized, full-featured PC, then the 15.6-inch ASUS K50IJ-X8 PC is the manner to move.