Bangladesh arrests militant suspect in U.S. Blogger murder

DHAKA (Reuters) – Bangladesh police stated on Saturday that they had arrested an Islamist militant wanted in reference to the 2015 killing of a U.S. Blogger critical of nonsecular extremism.
Deputy police commissioner Masudur Rahman stated the man, identified as Arafat Rahman, 24, a member of al Qaeda-inspired militant group Ansar Ullah Bangla Team, was suspected of taking element in the killing of writer Avijit Roy.
Roy, a U.S. Citizen of Bangladeshi origin, was hacked to death with the aid of machete-wielding assailants in February 2015 even as returning domestic along with his wife from a Dhaka e-book fair. Roy’s widow, Rafida Ahmed, changed into severely injured.

Police authentic Rahman stated the detainee, who was recognized after studying CCTV photos, changed into arrested by way of the counter-terrorism police unit at the outskirts of the capital, Dhaka, on Friday night time.

Roy, a U.S. Citizen of Bangladeshi starting place, became hacked to dying by means of machete-wielding assailants in February 2015 while returning home along with his wife from a Dhaka e-book fair. Roy’s widow, Rafida Ahmed, become severely injured.

Police legit Rahman said the detainee, who was recognized after studying CCTV photos, changed into arrested by way of the counter-terrorism police unit on the outskirts of the capital, Dhaka, on Friday night.

Cinnamon Roll Murder by way of Joanne Fluke – Mystery-Thriller Book Review – Music, and Murder in Minnesota
Cinnamon Roll Murder continues creator Joann Fluke’s trademark abilities to combine fictional homicide thriller with morsels of food. Fluke’s narrative facilities around novice sleuth, Hannah Swensen. As an owner of The Cookie Jar, Lake Eden, Minnesota’s coffee and bakery store, Swensen’s never ways from comestibles and crime.

The Cinnamon Roll Six jazz band is en direction to perform at the first-ever weekend jazz pageant at the Lake Eden Inn. It’s early April, on an ice-filled evening, whilst the musicians’ bus crashes and overturns close to the city.

Hannah and her sister, Andrea, are visiting in the business enterprise van to deliver a big cinnamon roll order to the Lake Eden Inn. Witnessing the twist of fate, they prevent to offer an assist. Driver, Clayton Wallace is lifeless on the scene. Fortunately, the band’s entourage suffers handiest minor accidents yet want to be tested at Lake Eden Memorial Hospital.

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While there, Delores Swensen, Hannah’s mom and leader of the clinic’s Rainbow Ladies Auxiliary institution, discovers keyboardist, Buddy Neiman useless in an examining room; stabbed with surgical scissors buried in his chest.

Who’d have cause to kill Buddy Neiman?

Promising, young musician, Devon Murphy (alternative keyboardist for Neiman), is one suspect. Another is the mysterious woman visible arguing with the victim outdoor Club Nineteen, the band’s previous gig.

Dentist, Norman, is Hannah’s true love interest but engaged to Dr. Bev, a fellow professional. Her popularity in Lake Eden is tainted, known as a conniving, self-centered female, intent on marrying Norman for ulterior reasons. Dr. Bev claims Norman is the daddy of her five-12 months-antique daughter, Diana, however, the Swensen clan is skeptical.

Hannah and her sister Andrea move undercover as realtor/client to gain get right of entry to DNA samples from Diana, who lives with Dr. Bev’s mom, Judy Thorndike, inside the Twin Cities.

Claire’s dress store, Granny’s Attic (the vicinity’s gossip hub), and Helping Hands (the town’s sole thrift keep), contribute to Lake Eden’s old-fashioned commercialism.

Mentions of cutting-edge day, essential troubles, along with facial implants and home abuse, offset the remoted, small-town charm of Lake Eden.

Piggy Chicken, Stuffin’ Muffins, and Pucker Up Lemon Cake are recipes blanketed in the narrative, in conjunction with the expectant, mouthwatering, Special Cinnamon Rolls. All twenty- recipes are handily listed at e-book’s stop in conjunction with a Baking Conversion Chart.

The task with a number of Fluke’s recipes is the number of exertions they require to supply. In modern-day time-limited global, bird tenders need to be pounded and dough wishes to upward thrust for several hours, for instance.

Award-prevailing thriller author, Brad Parks, returns together with his 0.33 ebook, The Girl Next Door, presenting amateur sleuth and newspaper reporter, Carter Ross.

Nancy Marino changed into forty-years-old and single. She waitressed at the State Street Grill, introduced Bloomfield, New Jersey’s Eagle-Examiner early mornings; and changed into a shop steward for the International Federation of Information Workers (IFIW), Local 117.

On a hot, Friday morning in July, a speeding Cadillac Escalade struck and killed her while handing over her papers. The motive force disappeared onto the Garden State Parkway; confident he committed an untraceable crime.

Who killed Nancy Marino and why?

Enter Carter Ross, an 8-year veteran news reporter for the Eagle-Examiner. Reading Marino’s obituary, he comes to a decision to memorialize a fellow newspaper worker, despite the fact that he’d by no means met her. He plans to jot down a story portraying Marino as an ordinary man or woman, who spent her existence serving others, and, whose contributions to society went omitted until her passing. Attending her funeral, he learns that her death is being investigated as a homicide, which ignites his inquiring mind.

Ross is an unpretentious thirty–yr-old. Educated at Amherst College, he lives in a two-bedroom, ranch-fashion house with his black-and-white, domestic, short-haired cat, Deadline. He ubiquitously attires in Khakis and button-down shirts; and drives a 5-12 months-antique Chevy Malibu.

Many human beings are privy to the anemic nation of print newspapers, given modern day the digital age. Longtime network newspapers have either downsized extensively, both in content material and body of workers or folded.

Parks weaves those tough enterprise times into the e book’s plot. During the halcyon days of the newspaper within the overdue nineties, the Eagle-Examiner signed its thousand-plus providers to an unheard of twenty-yr contract, which blanketed terrific wages. Now, given the enterprise’s tough instances, the newspaper desires concessions; and the Union is not yielding.

As the IFIW save steward, may want to Nancy Marino had been murdered to silence her competition to settlement negotiations?

Tina Thompson is Ross’s editor. In her past due thirties and single, she’s expressed interest in Ross merely from a “chromosomal” perspective. Determined to enjoy motherhood, she’s counseled Ross end up her sperm donor-not anything extra.

Parks has an expertise for infusing humor in the course of his mystery narratives. A undergo is at the unfastened in Newark and Thompson assigns Ross the tale. It’s specially completed to delineate their professional roles, reminding him that in spite of their mutual sexual appeal, she calls the shots. Given his profession revel in, he balks on the assignment. She prevails.

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