Beauty from ashes: Former addict steps

BISMARCK — Jewel Hecker has visible a few deep-down lows.

At one point in her existence of addiction, she says, things got so awful she became dwelling like man or woman Matt Foley from “Saturday Night Live,” “in a van down through the river.” In other instances, Jewel says, she could discover a tent and camp out with her boyfriend or a reasonably-priced lodge room to stay in for some time. They were not under stealing if essential.

Scars she’s collected monitor how addiction and abuse can erode the soul. But Jewel does not want her story to be another “drug addict who was given smooth through locating the Lord.” God changed continually in her draw close, she says, even if her personal decisions loosened it at times. “He by no means let me pass, even in my jogging away.” Often, she could beg God to help her. “I knew it became wrong and that I turned into in too deep, but I could not prevent,” she says.

A tattoo on her left, inner arm bearing phrases from Isaiah 61:3, “Beauty for Ashes,” keeps things actual. “That’s in which, of direction, the IV drug-use would arise. I got it there to ring a bell in me of what God did for me and what he continues to do,” she says.

Jewel’s addictions started around age 15 whilst attending excessive school in Dickinson. Her first actual night intoxicated ending in her being arrested, she says. In time, marijuana changed the alcohol, then painkillers. At one factor, Jewel changed into seeing seven extraordinary physicians you purchased them, she says, in conjunction with shopping for them from a chum with a degenerative ailment, who needed cash for her gambling addiction.


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But in 2010, after a stint in treatment, Jewel moved to West Fargo to live close to certainly one of her brothers, and a meeting with Fargo’s Pastor Seth and Tanya Wetter of Calvary Chapel reawakened her groping for God. “From that day on, I did not appearance lower back,” Jewel says, noting she turned into soon set “on fire” in her courting with Jesus. “As deep and quick and speedy as I went into my drug dependency, that changed into how deep and rapid God took me into him once I completely surrendered.”

She reconnected with Weston, a high school pal, and the 2 married, finally moving to Bismarck for his work. These days, she’s committed to her life as a live-at-domestic mom of Deklen, four, and Avalon, 2. Her friends at Calvary Chapel hold to offer an anchor for Jewel, such as Jamie Lambert, who remembers their first actual visit at some point of a children’s wintry weather sledding event.

“We realized we each like dill-pickle chips and bonded over that,” Jamie laughs. Soon, their friendship encompassed greater “meat and potatoes” talks and took on an “iron sharpens iron” taste, borrowing from Proverbs 27. “Even while it’s jagged, while you deliver truths, it sharpens you,” Jamie says. “We are that for every other.”

Savannah Hayes, Grand Forks, met Jewel at Calvary rapidly after she’d “pop out of medication,” and shortly located her “specific, quirky character and dry sense of humor,” noting her admiration for Jewel’s conviction that “God is precisely who he stated he become ashes bookLaurieeHalsee Anderson “She’s struggled plenty. However, I have yet to look at her war with the character  Beaut of God, ashes steps. ” Savannah says. “To me, she is the epitome of stepping out of the darkness into the light.”

“I knew that God became the handiest manner out,” Jewel says of her conversion. “I always kept one foot in my dating with God. But I wasn’t ready to get out of my self-serving life, and you can not have both.” Referring once more to her telling tattoo, she provides, “(God) gave me beauty for my ashes. He redeemed my time. I got here empty-passed to him, and he stuffed it with lovely things.” Roxane B. Salonen is a freelance writer who lives in Fargo together with her husband and 5 children

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