Beauty in nature suggests via the lens

I don’t recognize approximately you. However, Meegan Reid’s collection of flora and fauna photographs blew me out of my Christmas socks, which is a superb aspect seeing that they haven’t been washed for the reason that closing time old Claus rolled into town.

Today, professional flora and fauna photographers pay big dollars to visit ranches in Montana and someplace else, grabbing photos of the captive natural world. So it’s spotless to see local folks getting photos that rival any you’d discover in slick countrywide magazines.

I keep in mind that the pros can’t have the funds to spend the time tracking down that single photograph that tells the tale about wolves or bears or regardless of the animal Sauvage du jour might be. (That’s French for “wild animal of the day,” which I learned via reading street symptoms in Banff countrywide Park, Canada.)

But I’m constantly encouraged to know there are humans within the network who can see the Splendor in nature, then sharing it with us. What a first-rate activity. Because I am now older than the maximum of the trees in Evergreen Park, I’ve abandoned the 15 pounds of digital camera and lenses I once schlepped into the woods at each possibility. Nowadays, I deliver a lightweight point-and-shoot with a telephoto lens so hefty I should beat any threatening animal savage to death.


I figured I’d be able to photo chevre Lamontagne, the mountain goat, from the consolation of my Therm-a-Relaxation. However, it turns out that the lens is so powerful that if a mosquito lands on it while I’m capturing, the photograph is so blurry you clearly can’t inform if it’s a chevre or a Chevrolet. No longer even that miracle of the era, the photograph stabilizer, can halt the infinitesimal twitch when its miles magnified 1,250 instances. I recognize what Meegan Reid would inform me:

“Get a tripod.”

Speaking of fantastic things beneath the Kitsap Sun, test out Josh Farley’s series of reader-submitted snow pictures. I virtually liked Pat Cooper’s sasquatch. 3 inches of the white stuff in our neck of the woods is nearly sufficient for snowboarding. I think in case you packed it down and delivered any other layer, it might be best.

I’m also guessing that Now not many Puget Sound Naval Shipyard commuters would recognize sufficient snow for move-united states snowboarding. College kids would love the snow day, although. The closing time I recall sufficient snow for appropriate pass-united states snowboarding in Kitsap became Feb. 6, 2005. You may understand that date as Tremendous  Bowl XXXIX.

New England beat Philadelphia 24-21, and the snow got here down so heavy our satellite tv for PC dish at Lake Slimeington changed into buried by using slush.  Hardbody and I planned an Extraordinary Bowl party with New England clam chowder, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and Boston lager. No one ought to get to our residence, and satellite tv for PC reception sucked, so we went skiing around the community and alongside Green Mountain street. We saw a guy on a snowmobile and snowshoe tracks. Even though the birthday party became a bust and we couldn’t watch the sport, we had a high-quality time. We ate clam chowder and Philly sandwiches for months.