Benefits of Repainting Your Roof

The roof of your home or any other building is the first line of defense against various external elements. Snow, rain, wind, and extreme heat are deflected by this critical construction component that occasionally requires upkeep. Though many tend to ignore it, you must maintain it. Here are a few benefits ascribed to painting your roof regularly.

1. Lowers energy use

Roof painting started as a cosmetic treatment to give your home or business a visual appeal that can sometimes lack traditional roofing materials. However, many people slowly started to realize the paint caused a decrease in their energy bills. Although this might not be true of all colors, only the light ones, especially white, could help reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays. Hence reducing the expenditure on cooling your property (home or office).


2. Extended life

The primary purpose of repainting a roof is to ensure it can do the job it’s designed. Many specialized paints are available in the market to adhere to several roof structures and materials. This enables them to survive the weight of the elements they would have to bear. A few experts say such coating could make your roof last for decades. It is also recommended that you hire a professional for such tasks.

3. Improves the air quality within your home

Experts suggest that a painted roof could help lower the toxins within your home and reduce carbon emissions simultaneously. Some experts also feel that painting your roof white is equivalent to taking one car off the road for 11 years. Hence, white roof paint is the best choice if you’re in for a pleasing look along with an eco-friendly roof.

4. Cools the whole building

As mentioned above, white and other light shades of roof paints help reflect the sun’s harmful rays, which is great for cooling your home or business during the hotter parts of the year. By deflecting the sunlight from the top of your building, you keep it from getting warmer inside, which helps you cut back on your cooling needs while creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for work and play.

5. Visual appeal

If you leave anything outside for a long period, it will begin to lose color and fade due to the constant exposure to the sun. Painting your roof is proven to be great for your energy requirement and the environment and makes your house look good. A white top is visually appealing and pleasing, giving your home or business a clean, crisp look. White also looks great with any exterior paint color or finish your home or building has. A light-colored roof can match your home color, whether your property consists of brick, rendered, or timber. Once painted, you’ll love the curb appeal that it offers.