Best ways to keep psoriasis under control

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disorder that causes skin cells to multiply up to 10 times faster than usual. It results in red patches of skin with silver or white scales. Do you think it’s hard to bring psoriasis under control? Here are some best ways to improve and control psoriasis rash.

Keep skin moisturized

If you have dry skin, then you’re more likely to have flare-ups. Try to use moisturizing creams instead of lotions. Regular use of a moisturizing cream helps to keep the skin hydrated. The climate can also affect the dryness of your skin. Especially, cold climates can cause your skin to dry out.

Stay out of the sun

While a little bit of natural sunlight every day can prevent flare-ups, too much sun exposure can cause or worsen psoriasis symptoms.

Prevent skin injuries

In some people, skin injuries can also trigger psoriasis. This is known as the Koebner phenomenon. Common skin injuries that trigger psoriasis are sunburns and scratches. Things like bug bites or irritation from shaving, acupuncture, and getting tattoos can cause flare-ups. Taking good care of your skin can helps prevent injuries. When doing activities that can cause skin injury, you should always take extra precautions. Do you like to spend time outside? Ensure to use sunscreen and wear a hat. Also, make sure to apply bug spray before stepping outside. Do you like gardening? Try to wear long sleeves and gloves.


Avoid infections

Infections trigger psoriasis as they put stress on the immune system. This causes an inflammatory reaction. Strep throat is associated with the onset of guttate psoriasis, particularly in children. Nevertheless, psoriasis flare-ups might occur after an earache, tonsillitis, or a respiratory or skin infection. Do you want to prevent infection? Then it is recommended to follow basic hygiene measures, like washing your hands regularly. Also, limit exposure to people who are sick—this is particularly more important for children.

Use a humidifier

Psoriasis patients can keep their skin moist and reduce symptoms by using a home humidifier. This can be useful in winter when the air inside the home is likely to be cold and dry.

Avoid hot showers

A shower that’s too long or too hot can dry out the skin. Keep it brief and lukewarm. Use softer soaps if you have sensitive skin. It’s advised to pat dry to avoid traumatizing or over drying of the skin. Apply moisturizer while your skin is still somewhat moist.

Watch your diet

Keep a check on your diet to control psoriasis. Eliminate fatty snacks and red meat. Incorporate nuts, seeds, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These have the ability to reduce inflammation.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is believed to worsen psoriasis symptoms and might prevent medications for psoriasis from being effective.

Watch your medications

Certain medications interfere with the body’s autoimmune response and cause inflammation. This can trigger psoriasis. Make sure you speak with your doctor about any over-the-counter medications you’re taking.

Keep calm

Stress has sadly become an integral part of our fast-paced life. Everyone is under some level of stress at some point in their life. This can hurt anyone. But it can be particularly problematic for psoriasis patients. The body is inclined to having an inflammatory reaction to stress. And this response can cause a psoriasis flare-up. It would help if you took measures to reduce stress. These can include exercise, meditation, yoga, or some deep, relaxing breaths. If your feelings of stress are prolonged, talk to your homeopathic doctor about other coping strategies.

Seek homeopathy treatment

Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis offers a holistic approach where the psoriasis disease’s root cause is identified and dealt with. Homeopathy provides a tailored treatment plan for each patient. An expert homeopath carefully evaluates your case history. Thus he/she can address the underlying issue and treat the external lesions. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are free of side effects.

Why Dr. Batra’s™?

If psoriasis disease runs in your family and you are worried that it might affect you as well, Dr. Batra’s™ can predict it years before it occurs. This is possible with Geno Homeopathy. It helps to detect an individual’s genetic predisposition to existing illness. It is carried out through a simple saliva test that helps to predict the probability of getting psoriasis. The expert homeopathic doctors at Dr. Batra’s™ identify psoriasis disease based on the visible signs and symptoms, your medical history, and examination of the lesions.

Their homeopathic clinics have India’s first 3D imaging device. This accurately analyses and evaluates your skin. Based on an advanced optical technology developed by scientists in Dublin, the 3Dimaging device captures the condition up to 10 mm below the skin’s surface. This helps to know the psoriasis skin condition at least 12 weeks in advance. This is even before it can be seen on the skin by the naked eye. Thus, early diagnosis is possible. It even saves on the treatment time. Visit your nearest homeopathy clinic to consult an expert skin doctor and. He/she will help you safely deal with psoriasis.