Big Bash Cricket Tips and Tricks

Big Bash Cricket is certainly one of our favorite mobile cricket games in the intervening time. We’ve played the game at Legend trouble for nearly two weeks now, and we thought we could share some pointers for new gamers. Some of those recommendations will assist you in learning how to play the game at Legend difficulty, and there’s even one “cheat” that ensures victory at any trouble. Read on.

One of the new mechanics in Big Bash Cricket is referred to as Super Bat. You hit three sixes in a row to trigger Super Bat, and when you do this, you’ll note that the ball travels farther each time you hit it. This approach that even mistimed photographs can go for a six. You lose a bar on Super Bat whenever you fail to hit a boundary, but you could recharge this easily via hitting three sixes in a row.


Super Ball

This is less complicated to cause than Super Bat because you need to save the competition from hitting a boundary for 3 consecutive deliveries. This lets you bowl quicker and gives you a hazard to marvel batters. Just like Super Bat, in case you lose a bar on Superball, you can recharge the meter by stopping limitations for 3 consecutive balls.

How to take wickets

It’s easy to get thrashed all around the vicinity in case you play on Legend issue in Big Bash Cricket. However, some deliveries are more likely to contain the batsmen and help you are taking wickets. First, you want to set the field to Balanced, as this guarantees that a fielder is at factor and deep point. Now, ensure that the ball lands on the crease, simply wide of the batter’s feet (see screenshot), and bowl from round the wicket.

If you have got a fast bowler, bowl an outswinger transport at most tempo. If it’s a spinner, make sure the delivery is spinning away from the batter at complete speed. You’ll get hit now and then, but you’ll see the batter lacking the ball or hitting it instantly to a fielder maximum of the time. Remember that if you get hit by two barriers in a row, try exclusive shipping, and then do this one once more.

Another delivery that frequently got us wickets changed into the inswinging yorker. Finally, we also noticed that a quick, desirable length ball pitching in keeping with the stumps — one that straightens after pitching — also results in various LBW dismissals.

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Batting against Legend AI bowlers

The Legend trouble may be intimidating initially; however, if you exercise, it’s now not going to be extraordinarily hard to win fits to that degree. Its bowlers aren’t too difficult to select because they use one (admittedly very powerful) trick — varying the pace. Most deliveries will be slow, with a few speedy ones thrown in between. You need to hold a watch on the ball and pick out the blue path that follows fast ones. Swipe speedy if you see that, or wait for the ball if you don’t see that trail. The slower balls were given us out typically until we learned how to spot them.


How to win all video games in Legend difficulty

This one is greater than a “cheat.” If you get out or hit for a six, you could, without delay pressure, stop the sport and then resume playing. If you do that, you may play that delivery repeatedly, and you may preserve attempting until you acquire the desired result. It’s not something we recommend if you need to learn how to play; however, if you hate dropping as an awful lot as we do, that is one way to hold a great document. But as purists, we additionally hope Big Ant Studios fix this ‘worm’ with a replacement, as video games which include Stick Cricket, do now not have this problem.

Cricket Fielding Tips

Every cricket lover must be aware of the famous phrase that emphasizes fielding significance and says that ‘catches win suits.’ There lies the importance of cricket fielding hints, which every participant must memorize. Of all the cricket video games that we witnessed to date, we’ve noticed the position and significance of fielding, which acted as a deciding thing at the back of many victories. Similarly, we’ve also seen many strong cricket groups losing and almost gained in shape because of the bad fielding great of the gamers. Fielding apparently appears to be the most secondary satisfactory, and the requirement of a cricket team is surely not.

We’ve skilled cricket tournaments many times wherein a comparatively weaker crew had gained a fit towards a more potent group, and the credit went to unmistakably tight fielding. That way, a group can have the sector’s pleasant batsman, the deadliest rapid bowlers, and spin bowlers, but prevailing can still seem to be farfetched, in case it lacks robust and built-up fielding skills. Misfielding from the gamers supposed to chase the ball can demoralize the entire team, and this aspect typically has led the team to lose a game.


Hence, cricket fielding guidelines should be provided to each budding cricketer who dreams to carry out his pleasure within the discipline as an all-rounder, contributing toward the group’s victory. Cricket is a great instance of teamwork where each participant has to supply their high-quality shot in each aspect, beginning from batting to fielding. To empower your fielding abilities, you should grasp the artwork of anticipation and instinct as it’s far all about being intuitive about the balls’ pace, direction, and height. A suitable fielder is relaxed of fielding from any function, be it the slip cordon or the boundary. Concentration performed a major function simultaneously as fielding within the boundary, and with it, the presence of mind and prepared to act going hand in hand.