Blogger Rejects Beauty Brand Award Promoted

Amani Khatahtbeh stated she couldn’t accept an award related to a woman who helps the oppression of Palestinian ladies and people. Palestinian-American blogger Amani Khatahtbeh made headlines this week after she refused to receive an award from the beauty brand Revlon over having its branding ambassador by actress Gal Gadot, a former Israeli soldier who had publicly supported the 2014 Israeli lethal struggle towards the Palestinian Gaza strip in 2014.
Khatahtbeh is the writer of the website Muslim Girl, which highlights women’s voices from inside the Muslim communities that could otherwise be disregarded or unnoticed by using mainstream media.

Revlon lately kicked off a brand new campaign called “Live Boldly” and selected Wonder Woman’s megastar Gadot as its ambassador to claim the women empowerment narrative. Earlier this week, the beauty emblem was determined to present its Changemaker award to Khatahtbeh for her advocacy efforts for Muslim women.

“I can not receive this award from Revlon with Gal Gadot as the ambassador,” Amani wrote in an Instagram post Tuesday. “Her vocal support of the Israeli Defense Forces’ movements in Palestine goes towards MuslimGirl.Com’s morals and values. I cannot, incorrect conscience, accept this award from the logo and rejoice Gal’s ambassadorship after the IDF imprisoned a 16-12 months-old girl named Ahed Tamimi closing month, an activist who’s presently still incarcerated.”

Palestinian girl Tamimi was arrested the final month in her West Bank village of Nabi Saleh after she slapped an Israeli soldier in her home’s backyard. According to media reviews, occupation forces had shot her 15-year-old cousin in the head a day earlier, inflicting permanent brain harm. While celebrated as a parent of girls’ empowerment in the West, Gadot is visible with the aid of Muslim and Arab groups as a supporter of such oppression towards Tamimi and other Palestinians via Israel.


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In a Facebook post in the summer of 2014, Gadot expressed her assistance for the 50-day Israeli battle in Gaza, announcing, “I send love and prayers to all of the women and boys defensive my United States of America” in connection with Israeli soldiers in the war. The attack at the blockaded enclave claimed the lives of more than 2,000 humans, most civilians, and worsened an already dire humanitarian crisis.

Gadot herself served in the Israeli Navy a few years earlier before turning into a Hollywood celebrity in the United States. Her widely celebrated movie Wonder Woman became banned in a few Middle Eastern countries over her ties and aid to the Israeli Navy. At the same time, pro-Palestinian activists are known for boycotting the film.

“It matters so much to me when @muslimgirl’s work is recognized and multiplied in areas from which we’ve been traditionally excluded,” Khatahtbeh introduced in her Instagram submission. “But that’s what makes it even more crucial at this moment to rise and rise for ALL girls and women. This should not need to be stated. However, we can’t receive role fashions that aid the oppression of ladies and women in different parts of the world.”

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