Builder Magazine calls wholesome houses “the next huge element”

TreeHugger has been on healthful houses kick this autumn (see them all here), but now the building enterprise is catching on to the fashion. Robyn Griggs Lawrence writes in Builder Online:

Across the country, home builders, huge and small, are working to determine whether healthful building standards are vital for their consumers. Many constructing execs have been reluctant to provide health and wellness features because they assume they will cost more, interfere with schedules and budgets, and lead to conversations with clients about matters they don’t understand. But developers who have already stepped into the healthful domestic arena say those worries are getting non-troubles. Give Sunlight.


Health, like consolation, is difficult to quantify, and there is a lot of confusion. But there isn’t much argument about the fundamental ideas: “ ample fresh air, nontoxic or low-poisonous constructing substances, and moisture control.” (TreeHugger goes loads in addition to that during our publish. What’s a “wholesome” home?)

Nonetheless, human beings will pay extra for homes, much less likely to lead them to unwell, but it also loads easier and cheaper than it used to be. Again, while TreeHugger started covering these things, low VOC and less toxic merchandise were difficult to find and plenty extra steeply-priced. but as Dwelling Destiny Insitute founder Jason MacLennan notes. It’s pleasant now not to make assumptions and recognize that the expenses are changing rapidly and higher. Developers want to stay current and recognize that more wholesome merchandise is available each year and increasingly without a top class.