California man receives life in prison for suffocating

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A California guy pleaded guilty Thursday to a few counts of first-diploma murder for suffocating his three kids and to trying to kill his wife.

Robert Hodges of West Sacramento could be sentenced Jan. 19 to existence in jail without the possibility of parole underneath a plea agreement with prosecutors. They agreed not to are searching for the loss of life penalty but could attempt to execute him if he ever challenges his conviction, in keeping with the plea deal.

In the settlement, Hodges recognizes suffocating 7-month-vintage Lucas Hodges on Sept. 13. Then he used a belt to strangle 10-12 months-vintage Julie Hodges before eventually strangling eleven-year-old Kelvin Hodges, also with a belt, after surprising each older kids from behind.

When his wife, Mai Hodges, back home from work, he also attempted to kill her, however, she escaped.

Investigators had testified that Robert Hodges, 32, stated he became in the economic problem and had taken into consideration killing himself and his family for a year earlier than he acted.

Hodges will die in jail, District Attorney Jeff Reisig stated.

“Ultimately, the surviving own family’s choice for a quick and positive end to this heartbreaking case led us to the belief that this resolution became maximum suitable,” he said in a statement.

Hodges’ voice broke as he responded “responsible” to each fee, sighing deeply after the final rate become read, The Sacramento Bee newspaper reported. He also mentioned three special-situation allegations of mendacity in wait and committing a couple of murders.

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Mai Hodges sobbed quietly as the charges have been examining. She had known as police after she gets away, but Robert Hodges changed into long past by the time they arrived. He turned into arrested hours later.

Police have stated Mai Hodges did no longer witness the slayings. Relatives and buddies stated they saw no troubles or abuse in the marriage. Police stated they had no records of calls to the circle of relatives’ condo, and Robert Hodges had no enormous crook report.

Ron Johnson, a supervising deputy public defender, did not without delay go back smartphone and email messages.

Inside Job – Stillwater Prison & the Day Before Yesterday (A Shannon O’Day Story)

Forward: Shannon O’Day turned into the cause Edward Morrill was sentenced to five-years in jail for his affair with a minor, Dana Stanley, in the course of the fall of 1958, and it turned into now December 1961. He had served a touch over years, with correct behavior, he changed into to get out in every other year 1963, September, and changed into going up for a board listening to and with any luck be placed on parole, for this reason, at this point and time he had a parole hearing come September of 1962, 12 months from this date, and he had told his roommate, he became going to kill the person who put him in this jail when he was given out, and the character he informed (kidding or not), turned into Otis Wilde Mather’s 0.33 cousin, and whilst his call got here up, Shannon O’Day, Oscar Lewis Charleston, had written Otis, to visit him, saying it became urgent. And he did simply that and gave Otis the data of his roommate, inmate pal, and Otis gave Oscar enough chewing tobacco to closing him the 12 months out. But now something needed to be achieved to prevent this ability hazard within the making.

And Otis’ plan changed into two-fold. Get him a brand new sentence, some other five or ten years, or do him in. Whichever one turned into favorable, underneath whatever occasions prevailed, in accordance with the time period; and the fewer humans that knew, the higher of, to consist of Shannon O’Day himself.

“You’ll do me this right here prefer cousin Oscar Lewis and I’ll provide Youall $200-greenbacks for your time. Ef-in that be k with your aware, and it doesn’t cross against your nerve,” stated Otis Wilde Mather at the Stillwater State Prison, in Minnesota, throughout his visit with his 1/3 cousin, Oscar Lewis Charleston.

They each checked out each other, and Otis pulled out two-hundred greenbacks, “Ef-in I takes the cash the guard here, I imply, the police guy, he a-going’ to take it away in any case, I want I should purchase a-whore, but there ain’t any right here, we’all guys right here and we are able to do what girls cant I reckon…So supply da cash to a few negative sucker,” he said.

Never making the selection you already know you need to make has been referred to as ‘evaluation paralysis’; ‘sitting at the fence’; ‘considering your alternatives’; ‘awaiting the proper time’ (while there may be no proper time); ‘not wanting to hurry into anything’; and, in new age lingo ‘being type to myself by way of NOT you decide’. OMG, actually? However, deep inner ourselves, if we are inclined to be honest, we realize it through another name, and it’s now not ‘procrastination’.

It’s known as “F.E.A.R.”.

I realize fear nicely, and my guess is which you do, too.

We all do if we’re honest. And the best difference between people who make fearless choices and those who keep away from them is that fearless decision-makers are usually growing a life wherein they’re taking a fee of the course it is going, and the others are not.

Of route, lifestyles have its very own way of taking rate on occasion, so we can not override the entirety that takes place in our lives.

But we are able to certainly make a massive distinction in terms of how we feel approximately ourselves and our lives if we vicinity the choices that we’re simply able to make into our very own arms, and now not into the hands of ‘destiny’ or, worse, into the messy bathroom of lethargy and passivity.

Oh, how heavy that lavatory weighs through the years, specifically while we heap a ton of justifications and rationalizations on top.

At times we fear to make the incorrect decision, so we wait until some magical time arrives when the right choice, with all associated, ensures of tremendous final results, has subsequently offered itself.