Cisco HyperFlex update may open partner possibilities

The networking vendor rolled out its model three. The 0 software release for Cisco HyperFlex now consists of a guide for Microsoft Hyper-V and the capacity to amplify hyper-converged clusters to 64 nodes. The product also includes help for multi-cloud environments, a growing awareness region for IT service companies.

From the multi-cloud perspective, the software improvement includes AppDynamics with HyperFlex, which lets customers screen the overall performance of hybrid packages running on HyperFlex and throughout a couple of clouds, in line with Cisco. Other software elements consist of CloudCenter for HyperFlex, which affords workload lifecycle management for customers spanning non-public and public clouds.

Extraordinary Brannon, director of product advertising and unified computing at Cisco, said the HyperFlex product line had introduced new customers into the Cisco fold. He stated that 30% of the organizations buying HyperFlex are new to Cisco computing tools, while 70% are present clients of the seller’s Unified Computing System (UCS) server products.

Cisco HyperFlex, Brannon stated, is “increasing our possibility and increasing possibilities for companions.” He noted the product line is gaining more traction due to company clients deploying middle enterprise applications such as SAP on hyper-converged infrastructure. In the early days, hyper-convergence was often used to assist digital desktop infrastructure (VDI) tasks in preference to enterprise-extensive packages. “It’s not only for VDI anymore,” Brannon said of hyper-convergence.

Multi-cloud integration

Cisco’s move to combine hyper-convergence with multi-cloud environments is on target with wherein a few customers are going. Myles Angell, the govt mission officer at VertitechIT, a controlled IT answers company in Holyoke, Mass., said the organization has hyper-converged customers, domestically separated from every other, that are speaking about the use of each other’s cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure environments as catastrophe restoration resources.

Cisco’s vision is to offer a unified set of tools to make it less difficult to move workloads from on-premises hyper-converged structures to public clouds or other off-site sources, including catastrophe healing facilities. The Cisco HyperFlex update places “commonplace services on each side of the Internet cord,” said Scott Mohr, director of facts middle and cloud pass-to-marketplace in Cisco’s Global Partner Organization. Multi-cloud has become a target for several cloud and managed provider providers, which might be building out practices via mergers and acquisitions.

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Cisco HyperFlex

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