Coach enjoys the suite life in Pyongyang

City slicker José Mourinho famously lives in a luxurious Manchester resort, however, he has nothing on North Korea soccer train Jørn Andersen — he has a set in an inn in Pyongyang.

“It’s a totally quiet city, it’s very clean, there’s no crime,” the previous Norway global advised AFP in an interview in Tokyo wherein his group is staying.

“I stay in a hotel suite with my spouse and live in Pyongyang like I do in Europe,” delivered Andersen, who moved to the secretive communist country in May last yr.

“I assume more terrible things are coming from the out of doors [exaggerating] what existence is commonly like there.”

The 54-year-old with the craggy film big name looks surprised even himself by turning into North Korea’s first foreign train in extra than a quarter of a century.

“When I first got the provide, it becomes a touch unusual however now I’m very happy with my selection,” stated Andersen, whose aspect is currently competing in the East Asian championship in Tokyo.

“My players are friendly, they’re tough employees and are constantly encouraged to educate. I actually have a few enjoy in Europe where players say, ‘Coach, I’m worn-out, I don’t need to work nowadays’,” added the former Austria Salzburg manager. “Here my gamers are never tired. They always need to do their activity and analyze new matters.”

North Korea face China in their very last East Asian fixture at the weekend after suffering 1-0 defeats by way of hosts Japan and South Korea in their first games.

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Those clashes had been performed in opposition to the backdrop of heightened political tensions over North Korea’s recent missile launches and its sixth nuclear check in September.

But notwithstanding a fiery struggle of words between Pyongyang and Washington and the chance of army war of words, Andersen seems comfortable approximately running in one of the globe’s most isolated countries.

“I don’t want to talk too much approximately it because my job is to train soccer, however, I assume recreation can assist to build some bridges among the international locations,” he said.

“I actually have the sensation us of a is spending money on recreation — the players live in a massive schooling center in Pyongyang. They live there, teach there, devour there.

“I teach with them every day, two instances a day, like working with a club team. At the weekends, they pass lower back to their clubs to get healthy practice.

“I think it’s the only united states within the international in which you may paintings like this with the national crew.”

But Andersen, as soon as a prolific Bundesliga striker, admits it hasn’t all been undeniable sailing.

“The toughest element is that I’m alone right here. I have no assistant educate, no people I can speak matters with.

“The 2d thing is that they’re Korean, I’m European, so it’s now not constantly the same way of wondering. But I’m more used to it now. I need to pay attention extra to them and no longer handiest take my own choices.”

Previous North Korean coaches have waxed lyrical about how u. S . A .’s despotic rulers bestowed pearls of tactical awareness on awestruck players.

Andersen, whose agreement runs till the quiet of the 2019 Asian Cup qualifiers, stated he has but to receive suggestions from North Korea’s chief, Kim Jong-un.

But he did lower back North Korea to qualify for a third World Cup, despite the fact that their players and coaches had been reportedly subjected to a six-hour public shaming after flopping on the 2010 finals.

“The possibility for them to qualify for Qatar in 2022 could be very massive,” insisted Andersen.

“If North Korea continues to make the identical improvement as they have with me, I assume they’re one of the 4 or 5 nice groups in Asia — after Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran.”

Having famously reached the quarterfinals of the 1966 World Cup in England, North Korea’s footballers dwindled into virtual obscurity until qualifying for South Africa seven years in the past.

‘I’ve learnt existence is honestly precious’ – Duncan Garner

Duncan Garner has opened up approximately how his own lifestyles reports and the hardships of others have affected him over the last 12 months.

Speaking on The AM Show’s very last broadcast for the year, the programme’s host spoke approximately the fear of losing his own son and the tragedy of another man losing his.

“For me, the lesson is that lifestyles is actually precious,” Garner began in his recount of 2017.

“I sat with my son Buster earlier this yr and watched him choking to death. I didn’t realize what to do – I felt helpless and saw fear in his eyes.
“He changed into loss of life in front of me, my lovely little boy. I just grabbed him, opened his mouth, placed my hand down his throat and pulled a piece of bacon proper out.

“I stored him and it nonetheless impacts me today. I have humans walking as much as me on the street and saying, ‘Hey, that occurred to me too’. I did not understand what number of people this takes place to. So examine what to do – I failed to realize what to do and simply was hoping, and were given fortunate.”

Garner additionally thanked Michael Barnett, the leader govt of the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce, for opening up on his own ache as a father who did lose his son.

“I also [learnt] don’t decide. Michael Barnett came at the show and we were talking suicide, and people judged Michael Barnett saying, ‘Why is a white man in a in shape on to speak about suicide?'”

“And Michael Barnett changed into right here to speak about his son, who died. It changed into the primary time publicly he’d unfolded. And those individuals who had the ones views emailed returned and stated ‘I sense so terrible, I’ve learnt something: do not decide’.

“Michael Barnett you have been a actual hero this yr – you went public and also you have been so strong and we appreciate what you’ve done for the programme this yr as properly. Have a completely merry Christmas, Michael.”


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