Diamonds Are a Woman’s Best Friend

What an exquisite set of diamonds! Imagine an 18-carat flawless diamond as an engagement ring worth $5.5 million on your hand. Your heart might jump out of your body for sheer joy. Well, we think Beyonce felt elated receiving such a gift. We can call it the engagement ring of the century from her beau,, Jay-Z. It’s perhaps one reason Queen Bey decided to record the single “Diamonds Are a Woman’s Best Friend.”

Diamonds are a woman's best friend”

But the American diva isn’t the first to put a melody to those words. We’re pretty confident it was the legendary Marilyn Monroe who first belted out a song of the same title in 1953 for a film entitled Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She was wearing a 24-carat Moon of Baroda diamonds. The catch is those diamonds were fake. Still, her soulful rendition of the song did not stop people from all walks of life from appreciating her jaw-dropping performance. It’s just sad the great Norma Jeanne Mortenson (Marilyn’s real name) passed away so young, never seeing her fame grow so immensely like Beyonce.


It’s funny how two celebrities can sing a song of the same title and yet wear two versions of a diamond, one fake, the other real. But the million-dollar question is, “Are diamonds a woman’s best friend?” If we mean someone who can make us happy as friends, then perhaps there’s some truth. But it’s safe to say that any woman in her right mind would certainly not refuse being given a gift of diamonds. Right, ladies? The problem is, for most, this is but wishful thinking.

Why Are Diamonds Such a Great Find

Ah, the brilliance of a diamond is hard to match. Regarding sparkle, no precious stone on the planet can check that of a diamond. As light hits a diamond piece, it gets scattered and refracted, creating a sparkle bound to dazzle our mortal eyes. But it’s not just the brilliance that makes diamonds the creme de la creme of jewels. It’s also the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet. So hard are diamonds that jewelers will have to use a laser to cut them to perfection.

Nthat Beyonce’s stones are not the most expensive diamonds on the planet. And the difference is not by a mile. The Cullinan, a large rough diamond found in Cullinan, South Africa, is valued at roughly $2 billion. It was a gift to King Edward VII of England in 1905. Nevertheless, the Cullinan is not even the priciest of the lot. The distinction belongs to the Koh-I-Noor, a massive oval-shaped piece mined in India in the 1300s and is rumored to have been stolen by the British.

Indeed, diamonds are a symbol of power and wealth. Often, it becomes an heirloom, one that is passed from generation to generation. They say diamonds and coal are similar. It’s true. Both are formed from Carbon. But the process of diamonds becoming diamonds is simply out of this world. Diamonds were formed deep within the Earth’s crust (500 kilometers) about 3 billion years ago. We’re talking about heat at 1,300 degrees Celsius and extreme pressure. Small wonder diamonds can come to the surface of the Earth when a volcano erupts.

How Diamonds Are Graded

If you think diamonds are created equal, then you thought wrong. Just like any precious stone, different grades represent different values. It is indeed true that diamonds are probably the most popular stone up to date. And throughout the years, its reputation has only grown stronger with time. But how do you distinguish one rock from the other?

To judge a diamond, you must know the “Four C’s.” This means Clarity, Color, Carat, and Cut. All these characteristics determine how precious a diamond is. In a way, the bigger the diamond, the more expensive it becomes. However, how each diamond displays the 4Cs determines its price. A smaller diamond with a high level of clarity can be more costly than a bigger one.

How to Make Diamonds Shine Best for Any Occasion

Diamonds are known as the hardest stones in the world. And so it is not shocking that it is processed delicately. Indeed, as beautiful as they are, diamonds have become an iconic piece to profess union and devotion for people in love. Thus, finding the most fitting engagement ring is important. It may be daunting at first, but it is worth the hassle for the love of your life. That’s why finding the most capable jeweler to give you the best diamonds for your engagement is paramount.

Professional jewelers and their craftsmanship are a treasure find. For instance, they can create just about any fashion ornament from head to toe. Furthermore, they can cater to your needs and guarantee excellent craftsmanship. In this regard, establishing a life-long relationship with your jeweler is wise. It’s true; diamonds can be a woman’s best friend. But in a broader sense of the word, diamonds benefit everyone. Kings even receive one as a gift. Therefore, there’s a better way to say it. Diamonds are humanity’s best friend.