Droom launches OBV for Mobile on iOS and Android

Droom has introduced growth in its pricing engine for used mobile telephones. Known as Orange Book Value (OBV), Droom’s OBV for Mobile offers a fair marketplace price for any used vehicle and now mobile smartphone to help buyers appropriately verify the Fair Market Value.

OBV for Mobile function analyses cell phones based on their make, version, age, situation, and accessories, besides many other factors, to develop an honest, unbiased, and independent market value for a used telephone. The characteristic is engined by artificial intelligence and has created a large database of used cellular phones to give the person a valuation record.

“India is the arena’s 2nd largest cellphone market and could have over 500 million smartphones by the end of 2018. At the time, while cellphone adoption is developing very swiftly, the average duration of possession is coming down similarly hastily,” stated Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Droom. He added, “OBV for Mobile will expand the technical deserves of our proprietary Orange Book Value platform, which has tested tune file of correctly identifying the market cost for products as complicated as automobiles, to pre-owned mobiles.”


By selecting to have add-ons and the running situation of individual additives, including digicam, display, Wi-Fi, and many others, the charges can be delicate further to correctly replicate the phone’s actual market value. OBV for Mobile comes with some other Artificial Intelligence technology to evaluate the cost of the used cellular telephone with its aid. This feature is known as the “Self-Diagnostic Test.” In this case, the vendor or buyer can run this test on the phone they desire to sell/buy. The test runs through all the cell phone’s technical components, including speakers, mic, screen, camera, energy and volume buttons, etc.

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“We are confident that this new provided by Droom will help dealers and buyers and could turn out to be a sports changer for buying and selling used cellular telephones in you. S .,” Sandeep stated. You may also know that most track nowadays is eaten up via smartphones and capsules everywhere globally. This is slated to grow, with way, pix, and motion pictures mainly considered on cell devices. While many keep on with the default apps on Android and iOS, 1/3-birthday party apps for Android and iOS are increasingly ruling the roost. This guide talks about the pinnacle 10 Android and iOS 1/3-party media apps.

1) VLC (iOS, Android): VLC, via VideoLAN, is a family name now. VLC for iOS and Android media gamers supports numerous subtitles and performs almost everything. VLC is best for folks who want to watch motion pictures in the past. Reliability, wide help, and an easy interface make this a splendid choice. VLC for each iOS and Android are available without spending a dime.

2) Infuse (iOS): This is an iOS-specific video participant and a nice-looking one using ways. However, it isn’t always as robust in terms of capabilities. If it is not a situation, this is an incredible preference, as it has a terrific interface and a media participant that helps almost every form of record.

3) DicePlayer (Android): DicePlayer is one of the most famous Android media players with features like pop-out play, a guide for more than one audio and subtitle track, and hardware-increased playback. This is very clean.

4) MX Player (Android): MX Player supports a ramification of codecs and plays motion pictures flawlessly. It additionally allows you to zoom in and flow subtitles as nicely. It is likewise to be had with a Hindi interface and optimized for Android TV. This small app masses fast and works easily, making this a good pick-out.


5) CanOpener (iOS): This is a completely thrilling music player. It has built-in audio profiles for numerous popular headphone brands, Beyerdynamic, Grado, Sennheiser, and more.

6) Shuttle + (Android): This is one of the qualities designed for music apps on any platform. It performs your track as it should and makes no compromises like a few other famous apps.

7) BlackPlayer EX (Android): This is not simply another music participant for Android. It has the most customizable interface and audio options accessible. You can customize your revel with this famous Android media participant so that it helps you to create your very own precise media revel.

8) It’s Playing Pro (iOS): This video app has a nice network aid. It supports a couple of codecs and subtitles. You can also view motion pictures frame-by-body, and instead of honestly adjusting the video’s brightness, you may additionally alternate contrast and saturation.

9) Google Photos (iOS, Android): This is a wonderful app to view and manipulate your photos, as it helps you search via all your un tagged pics.

10) Focus (Android): This is a brilliantly designed photograph viewer and management app for Android. It lets in specified tagging. You can set up your photos based on region and type on the house screen.

So, now a chunk of the pinnacle 10 iOS and Android media player apps. Do try those out and have a laugh ingesting numerous media. Here are two incredible films, music, and more at your preferred iOS and Android media app! Sam Sharma has enjoyed over two decades of writing, in which she writes about tech, healthcare, education, and different topics that enthuse and excite her. Her articles and blogs on tech include a few on mini projectors, AV solutions, and Android Media Players.

When choosing a clever phone, one must pick between mobile devices helping major systems – iOS and Android. The other OSs have not been covered in the calculation as they form a minuscule part of the equation. So, with the high-quality increase inside the mobile gaming industry, upcoming developers are poised with the big question of selecting between iOS and Android sports improvement. Both these platforms have their very own pros and cons when it comes to recreation development. Let us have observed the variations between those two systems in this regard.

1. Development

Android takes more time than iOS. One of the top motives for that is the testing system. While iOS games must be tested on a few gadgets (iPhones and iPads), Android games must be examined on various devices, which is very time-consuming. Again, after checking out, while bugs had been determined and glued, the testing must be finished for all those gadgets. As a result, Android game improvement takes a lot of time compared to iOS sports development.

2. Devices assisting the OS

One has to not forget the devices supporting these structures before deciding which platform to use for game development. If you manifest in Android game improvement, you must consider growing for the myriads of Android devices available in the marketplace. Many corporations produce Android devices. These gadgets include one-of-a-kind specs about the hardware used, the display screen length, the display screen resolution, and many others. So, when one develops an Android game, one must ensure that the game works on many gadgets. Apple, on the other hand, produces a limited variety of devices. As a result, iOS recreation development isn’t always as complex as it has to consider a miles lower device than Android.