E.on offers interest-free finance for

The power company will now permit you to spread the fee of a new boiler – that could generally be around £2300 in keeping with the Energy Saving Trust – via a hobby-free loan that is to be had over a payment duration of three or 4 years. Although different zero% boiler finance offers are on provide from EnergyCare Group and Boiler Plan UK that assist you in spreading the price hobby-unfastened, this is the first from a first-rate energy supplier. In contrast to finding your most inexpensive deal and see if you could keep £100s using our loose Cheap Energy Club.

How does the E?On scheme paintings?


The scheme is open to all UK residents aged over 18 and often hired for at the least sixteen hours per week, self-hired, retired, or those on long-term disability gain. You’ll also need to bypass a credit check whilst making use of it for finance. There’s no want to interchange to E.If you want to get a new boiler under this offer and want to stay with the corporation, a current customer who takes up the offer later wants to transfer away. Here’s the way it works:

Get a quote through its internet site or through calling 0330 four hundred 1083 You’ll then want to have a ‘no-responsibility home survey’ visit which information the offer and the fees for your own home Compare the quote to other to be had gives to make certain you’re getting the best deal. If you decide to go ahead, you may book for set up (and its cost will be a part of the quote). Once set up, the new boiler is covered with the aid of a 5-12 months producer’s assure

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E.On is imparting zero% finance alternatives – you can pick out to pay no deposit or a 50% deposit letting you borrow between £1,000 and £10,000 in your new boiler set up and spreading the charges over to 4 years. Pass the credit score take a look at it, and you’ll get the deal.

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Based on a fee of £2,500 and a three-12 months compensation length, you’d pay £69.44 for 35 months and a very last charge of £69.60. Or, if you paid £1,250 in advance, your repayments might be £34.72 for 35 months and a final charge of £34.80.


If you pass overpayment, it will affect your credit score rating, and you’ll be charged for late bills. If you omit a couple of payments, your debt may be exceeded to a set organization if you’re taking up the provider, E. On Energy, Installation Service can be the credited dealer. At the same time, Barclays Partner Finance – a buying and selling the name of Clydesdale Financial Services and a part of Barclays Bank – will act because of the finance lender. Both are regulated and authorized via the Financial Conduct Authority.

According to the supplier, the boilers are from Worcester, Bosch Group, and are rated A for performance. To compare charges, you will also want to bear in mind any setup charges. However, if you’re searching out a new boiler and you’d as an alternative set up installation yourself, you may additionally unfold the value with a 0% spending credit card.

The longest 0% duration available at the time of writing is 31 months – see our Best zero% Credit Cards guide for extra – and if something goes incorrect, the credit provider is at the same time accountable for the purchase. Make certain to pay off in full earlier than the end of the zero% period, or you may get stung by way of the high APR that commonly kicks in with those playing cards.

E.On gives interest-loose finance for replacement boilers E. On has released a service offering hobby-loose finance for substitute boilers. Some might be eligible for a free alternative boiler. If your boiler is old, inefficient, or faulty, you may be eligible for a unfastened substitute or restore thru the so-called Energy Company Obligation scheme.

Currently, 4 of the massive strength providers offer offers for brand spanking new boilers and fitting, even though there may be an extra charge which includes extra radiators. However, you ought to be advised about these beforehand.

You’re probably to qualify if:

You get tax credits and feature household profits of less than £16,010, and you acquire income-based total benefits along with pension credit or profits aid. You’ve children, a disabled man or woman within the household, or are over 60. You might not be able to get a unfastened boiler if you stay in a housing affiliation property or are a council tenant. Instead, this could be organized through their personal schemes.

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