A GADGET’S ONLY as proper as its internet connection. Few matters pressure you crazier than a stuttery PUBG consultation or an episode of Game of Thrones streaming one. Halting. Word. At. A. Time. You likely don’t know a lot about your router, although. And yet, by the time you’ve connected your own family’s well-worth of telephones and tablets—plus your PC, Roku, Xbox, clever refrigerator, doorbell, and thermostat—you’ve careworn out that Netgear RT-X86Something to procure at Circuit City in 2008. You recall your router. The one stashed in a closet somewhere, forgotten till the Comcast man tells you to unplug it.

You can do better. And so can your wifi. Luckily, getting quicker internet requires not anything greater than some light indoors adorning and some strings of numbers that we swear we’re now not using to hack you. Or, if you’re into improvements, you could solve your trouble with one credit card swipe. Update, Upgrade, believe it or not, routers sooner or later function enhancements well worth the price.

As they’re known, mesh networks use two or more containers to create a larger, extra-capable range of insurance. You can connect extra devices and get the internet in more locations; a maximum of these new devices are clever enough to pick out the proper channels and bands to keep your net walking easily. Buy an Eero or Google wifi, or maybe a Plume, and in 5 minutes, you’ll have a dramatically better domestic setup.

Don’t you need to drop $300? OK, at least make sure you are going for walks on the brand-new model of your router’s firmware. Every router works slightly in a different way. However, a quick Google will display how to get in, and a quick update will ensure you’re getting the factory performance and maximum safety.

Location, Location, Location

The short wavelengths utilized by wifi routers don’t do well with walls, flooring, doors, couches, and carpets. Keep your router out in the open wherein you may see it—whatever is between your device and your router slows matters down. Put it after the TV, not within the cupboard.


For first-class consequences, strive a few locations using plugging for your router, running a pace check, and finding wherein things work fine. Pro tip: Place it somewhere high. Because of how most antennas are designed, the circulation of the net your router emits generally travels downward. The higher you region it, the more delay it will get to you. Kitchen counters are correct locations, or if you’re sure after that low-latency goodness, stick the factor to your ceiling. It’s like a chandelier!

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Safety First

We should not have to inform you of this because you read WIRED, FASTER EASY; however, you need a password for your wifi. It’s precise for keeping hackers away and maintaining pals from Netflixing off your capacity. Please make certain you operate AES encryption, too (it’s typically proper inside the dropdown); that’s the most comfortable and speed-friendly safety choice.

Another element:

It would help if you likely had networks—one for you, one for visitors. Everyone asks for the password, but you are better off prescribing the range of humans and devices for your private network to belongings you truly want there. Plus, let’s be real: Do you consider your pals? If they had textual content in your exes just because you left your smartphone unlocked, they had hacked you just for a laugh.

Plan and Prioritize

Does it ever experience just like the internet’s slowest proper after dinner or when a few massive TV displays are on? That’s now not in your head. The more people online, the slower your connection. This isn’t always a router alternate; it is your chance. Start your large downloads right earlier than you visit Mattress to paintings in relative calm, and if you want rock-stable connectivity to the DOTA servers, perhaps faux a cough and head domestic early. Nobody’s stealing your bandwidth at 1:30 p.m.

It additionally helps to reduce the number of devices in your network. Having dozens of things tapping into the wifi can be just as complex as simultaneously seeking to play FIFA online as concurrently torrenting the entire Sopranos. Plug something you may have into Ethernet, and unplug anything you have linked but don’t need (like that “clever” tea kettle you never use as soon as set to work). Make positive only the matters that want the internet get the internet.

You may even prioritize a specific tool or service through the identical wonky settings menu you would use to create a password or update the firmware on most current routers. It’s a hacky but handy way to ensure your games are not interrupted by a person’s Facebooking. If you have Luma or Google wifi, you get even more granular controls—you may prioritize the Fire TV; however, it is best for the following hours.

Remember, even though wifi is an unusually personal aspect. Performance depends on where you are, what partitions are the product of when your microwave changed into synthetic, and whether or not the fellow who laid the cables did it right. You in no way see the speeds marketed at the box. But without trying very hard, you may make the situation much worse. And with a new set of routers now, your community can be prepared for the next time you return from Home Depot with a car full of clever home stuff. You know it is going on quickly.

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