Electrical Plug Adapters

Whenever you want to travel to a different country, you need to make a list of electricals that you will need on your trip. This includes all of your chargers for your phone and your laptop as well as hair dryers and straighteners if you’re going on vacation. But, none of these will be any use if you do not have the right electrical plug adapters. Countries usually differ based on electrical power specifications as well as the type of plug socket. What this means is you may not get the required amount of voltage to run your appliance as well as the appliance may not fit into the socket in the first place.

Let us look at the example of India and the United States. While the power outlets in India run on 220 volts, in the United States the power outlets run on 120 volts. The plug sockets are also different for both countries and you will need to carry a travel adapter when moving from one to another. Before you travel to another country therefore, make sure that you look up the power outlet specifications. Do keep in mind that you can find universal travel adaptors for wherever you want to go, but it is important for you to make note of and carry voltage converters.

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Voltage converters will help you convert the electrical power to one that is suitable for the electrical appliance you are carrying. When the voltage is too low, your appliance may not work and if the voltage is too high, your appliance may burn out. Going back to the example with United States and India, if you are travelling from the US, you will need a voltage converter that converts the 120 volts to 220 volts before you plug in your appliance. Conversely, if you are travelling from India to the United States, you will need a converter that can reduce the voltage from 220 volts to 120 volts so that your device is not destroyed.

Voltage converters are available in different sizes and for different alternating currents and wattages, depending on what you require. Additionally, depending on the device that you intend to plug in, you will require different sizes of converters. For example, a mobile charger will require a smaller converter than an electrical iron. The next thing you need to keep in mind is figuring out whether the country you are going to is prone to electrical surges. This is usually so in areas that are prone to natural incidents such as thunderstorms. If yes, you must buy a converter that has a built in surge protection option. This will usually be available for the adapter that you intend to use.

To summarise, the basic things you should keep in mind are the power specifications, the voltage requirement, the natural conditions, as well as the size of the equipment or appliance you are going to be using.

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