FastBound Launches Updated Software

ORANGEVALE, Calif., Dec.Thirteen, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — FastBound these days announced the launch of the primary replace the main and maximum compliant digital certain e-book software since the enterprise’s start in 2010. The update boasts new capabilities and POS Integration, digital 4473 bureaucracy, and a smooth, responsive dashboard with a modern workflow.

The software was designed using Jason Smith, a Silicon Valley developer with more than 18 years of integration experience designing and building software program compliance answers for banking, healthcare, and other regulated industries. FastBound’s co-founder Jarad Haselton, a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), brings his actual-international experience with other FFLs to create among the best software programs that serve FastBound’s clients through automating techniques and preserving compliance with the ATF, even as additionally being easy to apply.

“FastBound stored my business! We had been struggling with our logbooks, and the ATF become threatening to take our FFL. With FastBound, we had been able to straighten all of it out and bypass our audit one hundred%. Our agent may be very thrilled with the way we grew to become our business around.” – R. Shelton.

“[the new] FastBound raises the bar for firearms acquisition and disposition software program,” stated Jason Smith, co-founding father of FastBound. “We have taken the entirety we’ve found out from lots of customers on account that we began in 2010, hundreds of hours of spent with the top firearms compliance lawyers in u. S ., and constructed now not just a log e-book, however a real platform on which the leading acquisition and disposition software can run, as well as serve the following technology of progressive solutions to power the firearms enterprise forward.”

Headquartered close to Sacramento, California, FastBound depends on lots to fulfill their FFL certain book requirements, including manufacturers, vendors, dealers, importers, pawnshops, and creditors, and law enforcement. Eastbound is the maximum compliant electronic sure e-book system that guarantees legal protection for customers against the ATF with FFLGuard ATF ProtectionPlan Plus.

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About FastBound:

Since 2010, FastBound has been a trusted chief in electronic ATF Acquisition, and Disposition (A&D) software answers, utilized by thousands of FFL inclusive of producers, distributors, sellers, importers, pawn stores, creditors, and law enforcement. Visit www.Fastbound.Com to research extra.


Why It’s Critical to Keep Your Software Updated

The software is everywhere; we can not stay without it. For individuals who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s bear in mind the passion for laptop hardware, swapping out RAM, Hard Drives, CPU’s and so on. It was a laugh and cleaned to give your pc a few a good deal needed an increase. Today, except for mobile telephones, hardware has been delegated to the backseat, and software program is the front and center in lots of forms. The layers of software programs keep growing – we now have software jogging as firewalls and virtual machines changing hundred of physical hardware containers. We can stay or die using the software in our lives and our business environments; that is why it is critical to hold them updated.

If I positioned this within the angle of Cybersecurity, the assault floor has grown during the last 10-15 years, and it’s now not slowing down. This offers an attacker more vectors or possibilities to assault you or your commercial enterprise. Anywhere you’ve got software jogging, whether or not you know it or no longer, will become a hole that might be exploited. Everyone loves the ones wifi-connected “secure” door locks for your own home, so convenient, right? Sure they can be. However, they also can be hacked in mins with minimum effort – there is a 42 web page how-to guide from Defcon, an enterprise of ethical hackers, displaying the world how smooth it’s far.

So what does this suggest for you and your enterprise? It approaches software program must be stored updated as quickly and as appropriately as you may. This reduces the attack surface, giving a would-be crook hacker much fewer factors of weakness to take advantage of. You do not need to be within the press. Some of the largest groups, the cutting-edge being Equifax, became the center of media attention because they did not sufficiently patch a network thing. We damage it down for folks who need to analyze extra about this unique instance – Equifax Data Breach 2017.

Reasons to keep your software updated:

SECURITY! For the above-cited reasons. Please don’t make it smooth for an attacker to make the most of a known vulnerability.
STABILITY – Generally, software updates now not only reduce security holes that could bring your systems down, but they boom stability. Hence, they’re much less probably to interrupt for some other motive.
COMPATIBILITY – New software program likes to sit on a new software program; if you need to hold up with the instances, you will need to maintain up to date.
Testing could be your exceptional buddy – usually, check your software on non-mission critical hardware and check or non-production environments. You need to hold your software up to date, but you do not need to interrupt whatever else in the procedure, so take a look at, take a look at, take a look at, then install.

Updates guard your commercial enterprise and personnel – so it is worth the time and attention. If your business enterprise needs help with this subject matter or something else associated with Cybersecurity, reach out to us to see how we will let you guard your enterprise.

All the PC hardware has driving force discs that permit them to work properly. The driver discs can end up intricate as a result of several elements. If you’ve got reinstalled the operating machine of your pc, you can have noticed that some of the additives of your computer machine lost their top-rated performance. If you are facing any driving force troubles in the interim, there’s genuinely no need so that you can agonize due to the fact there may be the desire within the corner.

You truly need to find the right driver online and get your stuff constantly effortlessly. But while looking for those drivers, you shouldn’t make the mistake of getting just any driving force without ascertaining if such a driver is the most suitable one on your pc. Sorting this out may be quite bulky if deciding to head approximately it manually.

If you have looked for one sort of motive force or the alternative online, you may notice that there are troubles you’ll cope with. The problems relating to finding drivers online encompass but now not restricted to encountering motive force websites that might be filled with viruses and plenty of damaged links. The revel in might be dull and can provide you with extra trouble if you mistakenly download a virus together with any of those drivers. The time you waste in checking out the right motive force for your device can also be used for numerous different greater effective ventures. These entire strategies are absolutely taken care of via the usage of automatic driver updating applications.