Fez finally involves iOS

Polytron launched Fez as an Xbox Live Arcade identified on Xbox 360 in April 2012. The Canadian indie studio later released the game on Linux, Mac, Windows PC Pla, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. Barcelona-primarily based BlitWorks, which treated the PlayStation ports, also brought Fez to iOS. It’s been a long-term coming. Fez writer Phil Fish stated again in March 2013 that the sport “needs to be out on quite plenty the entirety” sooner or later and that an iOS port was “notably in all likelihood.” Then, this past April, the agency published a teaser trailer for an iOS version, pronouncing it might be released in 2017.

Polytron representatives instructed Polygon that active development on the iOS port only started at BlitWorks in April while the teaser was posted. They stated the eight-month timeline becomes required for “porting and optimizing for as many gadgets as possible.”

The iOS version, Fez Pocket Edition, calls for iOS 8.0 and is not supported on gadgets older than an iPhone 5s or iPad Air. Fez seems designed to run at a sixteen: nine widescreen factor ratio — iPads with a 4: 3-component ratio show the sport in a letterboxed presentation, in step with screenshots of the iPad version connected to the iTunes list.

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On the controls facet, Polytron confirmed that Fez Pocket Edition is played with “digital controller buttons,” saying that gesture controls for Gomez’s motion didn’t make paintings in addition to that solution. The studio noted that screen rotation is controlled with swipes, “which we are hoping feels quite exceptional.”

Fez Pocket Edition is available for $4.99 on the iTunes Store. Asked approximately an Android model, a spokesperson for Polytron instructed Polygon, “We aren’t planning a FEZ Pocket Edition Android launch presently.” For extra on Fez, study our original evaluation, wherein we stated it “would not simply love the video games it borrows from — it is familiar with them. It knows what it’s miles and what it desires to be and doesn’t compromise on it.”

IBeacon refers to Apple’s Bluetooth-primarily based beacon generation that permits Bluetooth devices to send and obtain a minimum amount of information inside quick distances. The traditional beacon message or facts includes a UUID (universally unique identifier), a major, and a minor price most effective.


While the concept of ‘beacon’ is relevant to all hardware compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy below the Bluetooth 4.0 specification, with iOS being the primary platform to introduce this technology in the marketplace, the essential idea of BLE was originally devised through Nokia. Apple has trademarked the call’ beacon for its popular beacon protocol.

The iBeacon is a progressive low-fee generation that attracts Location-Based Services in iOS to help apps determine their function on a micro-neighborhood scale and then ship hyper-contextual content material to customers primarily based at the place. Beacons do not use latitude and longitude to define locations, as an alternative relies upon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sign for the iOS devices to stumble on them. The iBeacon technology involves a broadcaster or sender (beacon device) and a receiver (phone and app).

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) conversation for iBeacons

Since the Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE era consumes low energy, it is appropriate for easy packages regarding minimum periodic records. An iBeacon periodically proclaims a Low-Energy Bluetooth (L.E.B.) signal, which may be captured with any iOS gadgets nearby. The iOS device would now be accountable for interpreting the message and performing the action based on the information obtained. Right now, the iBeacon technology will work on a well-suited iOS tool that has iOS 7 or later in conjunction with the Bluetooth facility turned on.

In easy phrases, Bluetooth Low Energy Communication may be explained as small statistics, marketed or broadcasted at common periods through the beacon through radio waves. The iBeacon app is improved to acquire these units of facts via devices like iPhones, iPad, or iPods. They may be used for diverse smartphone applications, inflicting such things as push messages, activities, etc. The trendy generation for iBeacon requires a hard and fast one hundred ms interval. Frequent broadcasting for more rapid discovery via gadgets is possible, but it shall affect the battery lifestyles of the iBeacons.

IBeacons – Benefits and Applications

The iBeacon generation can perform more than simply sending meaningful records. The scope and drawback of the era can even rely on the type of hardware it’s been mounted into. While inexpensive devices may also emit the basic iBeacon protocol, other gadgets can offer extra capabilities like sound or mild activation, temperature sensing, and motion control. Since beacons rely upon a popular era like Bluetooth that’s quite simple to be had on nearly every device without requiring massive energy; they can be tactfully carried out in multiple regions.

Retail and Shopping

An iBeacon community enables brands, stores, apps, or systems to determine which purchaser is nearby. This creates surroundings for them to send customers hyper-nearby and meaningful messages/commercials, which can be instrumental in riding sales. Whenever a client with an iBeacon well-matched device arrives at a store, the apps on this device will alert him as quickly as they catch the sign of the iBeacons established inside the shop. It shall send applicable statistics to its server, upon which app actions, push notifications, and so forth arise. Simple messages can be special discounts, constrained gives, or even reminders, which can enhance your purchasing experiences. Using this, it can be asserted that iBeacons have delivered a new emblem communications method.

Classroom and Education

Recent research shows that iBeacons are also considered useful mediums that may be applied to the academic context. For instance, easy video games concerning college students to discover and unveil matters or even scientific experiments can be supported through iBeacons. They are visible and beneficial devices that drive young minds towards extraordinary subjects like generation, good judgment, geography, etc.