Five Insider Tips on Selling Your Startup to Google

First matters first: I am no longer advocating every person start a business enterprise to sell it properly away. Starting an agency with the sole goal of promoting it can move wrong in lots of approaches, every greater pain than the final. You ought to watch a constantly evolving marketplace, a moving competitor and acquirer landscape which could go away you at the back of, or ideas that alternate as you pivot.

That said, the primary goal of a founder — and specifically of a CEO — is that of an income guy who is a consistent cheerleader and suggests. If you really need to promote your company to Google, the first-class issue you could do is build an organization with solid foundations of product, market, generation, and group. That stable foundation is what any acquirer, consisting of Google, will pay for and what you should attempt to gain. These tips are from the time I spent as a Googler and the enjoyment of being the founder of 3LM that changed into subsequently acquired with the aid of Motorola/Google.

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1. Googlers stay with different Googlers.

Google loves to shop for startups from different Googlers. Buying a startup, it really is being created by Googlers suggests that Google is largely hiring ex-Googlers. It makes ideal feel: the paintings ethic and schooling of ex-Googlers have already been vetted via the enterprise, lending extra believe and a stronger initial effect at the start glance.

Even in the case, your co-founder isn’t always an ex-Googlers, having an ex-Googler on your crew can be a massive assist. N addition, Google isn’t the most effective enterprise that makes a dependency on hiring ex-personnel. Cisco also loves shopping for startups from ex-Cisco employees, for possibly exactly the equal motives. It’s useful to be privy to that while you’re hiring your “founding” crew.

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2. Spot the deficiencies.

It’s essential to be tracking any regions wherein your capability acquirers or competition are deficient or playing catchup, as organizations in the one’s regions will be the quickest to be obtained. You’ll perform little studies to find out where those deficiencies are. However, it will be well worth the time and effort.


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Google has spent the last few years acquiring cloud organizations that permit it to compete higher with Amazon’s AWS. Google ranks 0.33 behind Microsoft and Amazon in cloud tech to have an actual want proper now to fill in the gaps. Cisco’s acquisition of overall performance tracking software program enterprise AppDynamics allowed it to shop for the following generation of packages that their consumer base was specializing in and changed into poor in a comparable vein.

Leor Stern, a chum who is a -time Google and bought his startup Cronologics, affirms, “As Gaurav points out, one has never to start an organization which will sell it. However, a fantastic founder is usually looking for ways to build a fee in her business enterprise. As an ex-Googler who founded a startup which was given acquired back into Google, I skilled firsthand the significance of solving a problem within the blind spot.”

3. It’s all approximately the product.

This cliche is overheard continuously in Silicon Valley, but cliche or not, it’s the nice recommendation you could locate. Your product needs things: to resolve significant trouble and feature a purchaser base that wants that problem solved urgently. Ideally, you’re going after a widely relevant concept that starts offevolved with a slender marketplace that you may ace.

Why the slim market? Because startups want to cognizance their resources as a way to live afloat. Narrowing your market and finding the suitable product will now not most effectively help you grow the business simultaneously as the use of a defined patron acquisition method; it’s going to make your startup more treasured fundamentally and, therefore, extra acquirable is well-known.

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4. Hire an excellent group.

I can’t let you know how crucial an asset an extraordinary crew is. In essence, numerous variables can trade; however, your crew is the best constant. Acquisitions are carried out for multiple motives, but the group is usually an excessive priority if no longer the highest priority after the product.

Google is very choosy on this front and could normally acquirer’s group undergo a rigorous interview procedure, much like a brand new rent. A green team can make or damage an acquisition offer, even if your product is ideal.

Sara Mauskopf, a Googler buddy who is now an entrepreneur too, says, “My co-founder and I at Winnie are each ex-Googlers and had the privilege of operating with pinnacle engineering talent at some point of our time at Google. This taught us the value of having a robust engineering team, and so that is our awareness from day one of building Winnie. It’s been a priority for us to rent the high-quality engineers the arena has to provide, as I realize it remains for Google.”

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5. Know your competitors and companions in detail.

You’re primary task because the CEO of your company is to recognize these statistics. Take the time to companion together with your potential acquirers. Know and feature relationships with the important thing selection makers, like those you might work with and who will also begin the concept procedure of obtaining a corporation in a selected area. Research their preceding movements, and recognize what it is they are up to so you can make your movements for that reason.