Food Monster Blogger Wins

If you’re anyone who considers yourself a blogger, you’ve likely heard of Blogosphere Magazine before; it’s a book created by bloggers that covers all things meals, journeys, styles, and more. Globe Inform Created with the aid of Alice Audley in 2013, the mag turned into, to begin with, a stepping stone for Audley; she wanted to apply her running a blog to pave the way to an eventual career in journalism. However, she fell in love with how blogging allowed her a platform to specify herself creatively.

However, she has also become pissed off using how many blogs appeared to be run using advertisers instead of bloggers themselves. Audley then asked herself, “What if you could curate the chaos? What if you can filter out some of the awesome voices from the blogosphere, bring them all collectively, and put them in a single area?”

It changed from that idea that Blogosphere Magazine was born: a booklet that capabilities interviews with stand-out bloggers and social media stars. They honored the excellent of the great at their first annual Blogosphere Awards, which took place this past June.

Food Monster blogger and author of The Little Blog of Vegan, Holly Jade, became one among four food bloggers nominated at this 12 months’ Blogosphere Awards, and she gained! “I can’t even accept as true with scripting this blog publish properly now. It nonetheless seems unreal,” Holly wrote in a blog publish. “I was nominated, then shortlisted, and I WON Food Blogger of the 12 Months 2017 on the Blogosphere awards.”

Unicorn Cheesecake by way of Holly Jade

Holly began The Little Blog of Vegan as a way of a plant-based lifestyle and her love of animals.

Strawberry Macarons by Holly Jade

After suffering from many meal intolerances, Holly ultimately found her manner to a plant-based food regimen. “I need my blog and story to reach out to human beings and help with extraordinary vegan options,” Holly wrote.

Lemon and Strawberry Jam Cake

Lemon and Strawberry Jam Cake by using Holly Jade

Holly said, “Through becoming vegan, I have observed a new interest in healthy eating and specific styles of food, which I could have in no way recognized otherwise.”


Guilt-Free Millionaires Cheesecake

Guilt-Free Millionaires Cheesecake by way of Holly Jade

She also uses her weblog to specify her love of “food pictures and styling, raw baking, and all things quiet,” like those Raw Orange Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops.” We can’t congratulate Holly sufficiently on her win — she deserves it! The recipes above are just a few of the cute treats you’ll find on Holly’s blog.

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“Getting to paintings with so many talented young, self-taught meals bloggers, aspiring chefs, and recipe builders is a dream,” exults One Green Planet co-founder Preeta Sinha. “Holly’s Chocolate Orange Flamingo Doughnut recipe is brilliantly innovative!”

For more of Holly’s recipes, test out her web page on One Green Planet. We also enormously advocate you to look at our Food Monster App, which is to be had for Android and iPhone and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. Once you download it, you’ll take advantage of instant access to 500 loose recipes. If you upgrade to becoming a subscriber, you can browse through 0 plant-based, allergic reaction-pleasant recipes. Give it an attempt!

On One Green Planet. We also enormously advocate you to look at our Food Monster App, which is to be had for Android and iPhone and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. Once you download it, you’ll take advantage of instant access to 500 loose recipes. If you upgrade to turninbecomingscriber, you can browse through plant-based, allergic reaction-pleasant recipes. Give it an attempt!

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