Fortnite’s new places with those recommendations

How to locate gold chests, grasp loot, and survive in Fortnite: Battle Royale’s 5 new places. Fortnite Battle Royale continues to evolve. Yes, Epic Games’ latest 2.2.0 updates have introduced five state-of-the-art places to the formerly barren and unpopulated western side of the map. From a haunted graveyard to seashore apartments and a rusty junkyard, the brand new additions add even greater leisure to a sport that became already a pride to play. Here are the great tips for each new area – follow those to make certain which you’re prepared and raring to dive into the whole thing the new map update has to offer. What are you waiting for?

Situated inside the top-left segment of the map among Junk Junction and Pleasant Park, Haunted Hills is a crumbling, overwhelmed down graveyard containing a series of mausoleums and small tombstones. When you first visit land right here, make sure you look inside the top window of the tallest tower as there’s from time to time a gold chest hidden away simply behind the window ledge. Landing there directly is a powerful way to shave off time because it saves you from building your way as much as the top with substances, giving you a bonus over different players who may also have touched down within the region. It’s also a top-notch sniping spot if you may find a scoped gun.

If you may listen to the coveted gold chest sound simultaneously exploring the mausoleums, however, you continue to can’t locate it after scouring every room and roof rafter, it can, in reality, be buried away under the floor in a secret room. There’s also almost constantly a gold chest sat in a small fenced-off grave website in the pinnacle-west section of the Hills.


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Tilted Towers

Located just south of Loot Lake, Tilted Towers is a town-like settlement full of tall homes and towers. The abundance of buildings manner it’s a hotspot for loot, making it one of the maximum popular locations among players, so if you decide to head there, be organized to brawl.

The reality that the metropolis is comprised basically of towers manner it’s an excellent vicinity to move to and follow up in case you’ve found yourself a sniper or a scoped gun – be cautious now not to lose your footing as falling from a great height may want to show deadly!

Just like Haunted Hills, you could land atop the tallest constructing (in this case, it’s the clock tower) to find a hidden golden chest, now and then even two. You may additionally find yourself fighting for it with other players, though, so make certain you’ve got your touchdown method down earlier than you strive the grasp so you can be the primary one there.

Two vans are parked in a tunnel strolling under the city, one in every of to have a gold chest in its cargo. The difference may have a diffusion of gadgets at the bed of the truck, so if you head down here, you’re guaranteed to get a weapon one way or another, preserving out of the way of the carnage above.

Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores lies northwest of Greasy Grove at the western facet of the map and is a high-elegance residential vicinity constituted of 5 separate fenced-off houses. Being self-contained method that every building is filled to the brim with loot, although it also method that it’s a breeding floor for near-combat encounters – so be in your shield.

If you land on top of the northernmost mansion and mine thru the roof, you’ll find a gold chest in the attic, and some other stashed away beneath a staircase. The southernmost flat-crowned house hides a secret underground bunker containing up to a few chests. To find it, enter the house and head to the room to the south. You’ll see a timber dresser here – break it down to reveal a hidden staircase main down into the haven. Smash the second dresser down here to show the chests.

Junk Junction

Junk Junction is a small junkyard simply north of Haunted Hills, constructed from automobile crushers, vehicle piles, and a big crane. It’s best if you’re the kind of participant who likes to head to the furthest corners of the map to attempt to avoid different people.

Although going for walks around at the ground and taking haven behind the large automobile piles may additionally appear attractive to you, ensure to check on top of them for loot as they frequently house suited guns and health objects. The piles are close collectively too, which means you don’t have to use your constructing materials to construct bridges between them and might really leap from stack to stack. Once you’ve checked all of them, ensure to whip out your pickaxe and destroy all of the piles for a tonne of metallic to apply when constructing later.

There is nearly usually a golden chest sat within the orange vehicle crusher in the northern section of the place, but aside from that, it isn’t the fine area for rare loot. It may be very close to Haunted Hills, although, so stop off there afterward in case you’re not satisfied along with your findings. Shifty ShaftsShifty Shafts is a mining complex located in the southwest segment of the map between Tilted Towers and Flush Factory. It’s one of the busiest areas, so make sure to land fast if you want to continue to exist.

Upon landing, look for a white hut on stilts on the western aspect of the mines because it nearly continually homes a golden chest. If you could drop right here first and seize something weapons you can from it, you’ll be a bonus compared to anyone else who may additionally have landed inside the region.

The mining tunnels beneath are full of loot, but it’s an area many gamers flock to, so it’s endorsed which you find a shotgun earlier than attempting to head down there, as you’ll potentially locate your self-thrown into close-combat. It is really worth fighting via the tunnels if you could, although, as there are occasionally golden chests hidden in the back of breakable timber partitions.