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HAARLEM, The Netherlands, Jan. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In an ever-converting global of new technology, at ICE 2018 Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) may have a crew of collaborative enterprise specialists on its stand to assist regulators, operators, and suppliers in paving a manner for success. I might be on stand N3-210, wherein its group of global professionals will meet with attendees and present the many ways GLI can help regulators, operators, and suppliers in land-based total gaming, gaming, and lottery make success the only alternative.

Additionally, GLI President/CEO James Maida will cope with ICE attendees on the panel “Business Leaders: Doing Business in Indian Country” at 14:30 on 6 February. Tribal gaming is a $32 billion a 12 months enterprise, and GLI has been operating with Tribal leaders, operators, and regulators since the start. Maida will assist attendees in understanding the similarities and differences between Tribal gaming and the global market.

“Each of the 1,000 personnel at GLI is dedicated to turning in the best stages of first-class and accuracy, speedy trying out times, and ultimate resource ability to our clients in land-based totally, online, and lottery. We are thrilled with the possibility to present our main services at the ICE, and we look ahead to welcoming the enterprise to this wonderful event,” said GLI EMEA Managing Director Martin Britton.

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In addition to its land-primarily based offerings, at the ICE, GLI might be discussing its worldwide leadership in testing all regions of gaming, including:

GLI’s professionals also provide an extensive range of testing, certification, and professional services for operations of all sizes, consisting of lotteries that are upgrading structures. Additionally, GLI Cybersecurity Services will speak gear to help regulators, operators, and suppliers shore up their cybersecurity defenses to be better prepared to hit upon and react to a cyber attack. Earlier this 12 months, GLI obtained NMi Gaming, providing NMi’s customers instant international reach via GLI’s authorized 475 jurisdictions. NMi could be on stand N4-122. Both GLI and NMi representatives can talk all to be had services. Visit GLI at ICE 2018 and make success your handiest alternative.


About Gaming Laboratories International

Gaming Laboratories International, LLC promises the highest nice land-primarily based, lottery, and gaming testing and assessment services. GLI’s laboratory places are observed on six continents. The agency holds U.S. And global accreditations for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025, 17020, and 17065 standards for technical competence inside the gaming, wagering, and lottery industries. GLI additionally holds ISTQB certification. For more information, go to gaminglabs.Com.

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