Helpful Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Your cabinets play a greater role than you can imagine in determining the look of your kitchen. They occupy a large area of visual space, and hence, they must match well with the rest of the décor. It is well-known that paint can transform a room in ways you’d never think of. So here are a few tips you can consider while picking the right color for your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet

1. Look at the style of the cabinets

This is one of the major deciding factors in painting your kitchen cabinets. The style of the cabinets can guide you. For traditional kitchens, classic colors such as cream and white would almost always look good; similarly, for Shaker and Arts and Crafts styles, gel with bright whites and subdued creams. If you have a modern kitchen, you can use contrasting tones and bright colors such as red, green, yellow, etc.

2. Consider the size

Before going for any color, think about whether the color you’ve chosen would enhance the look of your kitchen. Size plays a significant role here. A small or under-lit kitchen will benefit from lighter cabinets, while dark cabinets will work fine in a bigger, well-lit space. You don’t want to make your kitchen look clumsy and unkempt.

3. Create contrast

Contrast not only brightens up the room but also makes it look bigger. It would help if you also used contrast while painting the cabinets in your kitchen. One common and most beautiful contrast combination is black cabinets with a light kitchen design. You can also use gray or dark brown for the cabinets with a lightweight kitchen design. It gives a stunning appearance.

4. Multiple colors

Another popular approach is using a bold color and a sober one. You can take two kitchen cabinets, paint one with a bold color like red or blue and the other with a neutral color like white or cream. This gives a fun look to your kitchen and leaves an impact on the minds of the people. Be careful and avoid using the bold color too much. Using too much bold color would make your kitchen look smaller and darker. Try to balance both colors. A bold color looks nice only when used in the right amount.

5. Planning on selling?

If you plan on selling your house, you shouldn’t experiment much with the colors or make it specific. Stick to basic and classic colors that appeal to a much wider audience.

6. One color, multiple shades

This is an interesting way to spice up your kitchen. If you find the neutral colors boring and the bold ones too much, find a middle way by using two or three shades of the same color. You can paint a row of cabinets with a particular shade and the next row with a different shade of the same color. If you plan to paint your existing cabinets or choose completely new ones, follow these tips. You can also hire a professional who might give you the kitchen of your dreams.