How to Build A Billion Dollar Beauty

Jamie Kern Lima, the co-founder and CEO of IT Cosmetics, has been flying excessively. Being recognized as one of the most powerful women within the enterprise (she is revered as certainly one of “Night of the Stars” on the Fashion Group International awards, she become named one of Forbes 60becameSuccessful Women this year’s, above Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, no less, and is extraordinarily lively in charity work), she knows how to stay grounded.

Kern-Lima’s story is honestly a self-made American dream. While operating as a TV anchor, she wanted to cowl up her cussed rosacea for makeup that would live on during “air-time.” Only nine brief years ago, she commenced her enterprise with an existence-changing concealer, and it’s miles with this one product; you can say that she has con, we now know as “earlier than and after.”

Despite years of countless “no’s” from investors and stores, she was no longer discouraged because, in her intestine, she believed that “the energy of the human beings changed into more than the human beings in more.” She can show herself right when given her first 10-minute fissure” at QVC, bravely baring her rosacea-susceptible face to show how properly her Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer works. She offeworkst 6000 gadgets in ten minutes—the relaxation is history.

After endless appearances on QVC and winning an array of splendor awards, we fast-forward to 2016, when L’Oreal acquired her very young emblem for $1.2 billion. At this moment, this moment,t a more than a hundred-yr-antiqumoreny.

Aftehundred-year-olds in the starting, what turned the riding pressure to keep going?

I figured out how to keep my religion bigger than my worry. And I figured out how not to allow listening to ‘no,’ and that consistent rejection equates to doubt in my head. These are the most ical motives for IT Cosmmostas becoming the success tale it’s far from nowadays! I consider the power of our venture at IT, and I agree that we trade infinite lives daily. I think what we are is bigger than ourselves. But none of it could have worked if I didn’t maintain my faith larger than my fear!

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From watching you on QVC, you have revolutionized what we realize as “before and after.” Do you remember the pivotal point when you came up with the leap-forward idea of displaying leap-forwardosacea-inclined face?

YES! And Thank you! It changed into being brave and intent women to be bold and convert the way women appear within the reflect! All I remember seeing my entire existence are photographs of impossible beauty. Even the most aspirational celebrities and fashions are usually photoshopped in advertisements and commercials.


So, if you’re a real female, how does the product go to paintings, and how do you relate to a photograph of splendor that isn’t even real? How is that inspiring or empowering? After years of hearing ‘no’ from QVC, I consider that we finally were given a ‘yes’ and had one hazard to stay on the air and either succeed and hit the income target or no longer come again.

The entirety was on the line for my enterprise at the time because we wanted to have enough money for the stock of over 6000 devices of our Bye Under Eye concealer that we had to deliver to promote in 10 minutes. If it didn’t sell, we would retake it all and, in all likelihood, could have long passed out of the commercial enterprise.

In that second, we decided to endanger it all and do something that became bigger than ourselves. I requested QVC to reveal my naked face on TV, rosacea and all, and exhibit other ladies with real pores and skin issues and women who represented all ages, pores and skin types, and skin tones. It changed into surely unstable because no brand had ever finished this before.

I cast Helen, now 73; I forged Alicia, who’s African-American with acne-inclined pores and skin and hyperpigmentation; I solid Desiree, who has darkish circles regardless of how much sleep she receives. We all bare our face – now not simply to expose how amazing our product is and how it works, but also to encourage other women and allow them to realize that we are all on this together and that EVERY lady is lovely!

I’ll never forget when the on-air was never on, my coronary heart racing, my arms shaking, I prey shaking. I knew it; at the 10-minute mark exactly, the “bought out” sign went up! I cried! Because it turned into a second in time when actual girls allowed their voices to be heard. Loudly. And the relaxation is history.

Did you ever dream of your agency developing so quickly?

Many manufacturers start by getting far from retailers and are embraced appropriately; the other occurs with IT Cosmetics. We grew from real women spreading the word, posting their own earlier than and after online, and honestly constructing this employer from the floor up! For the primary numerous years, we heard no, non-stop. No from Ulta Beauty, No from Sephora, no from QVC. So, in one’s years, it became difficult to imagine sooner or later growing so fast!

But that makes today, having splendid partnerships with all three of them, this kind of blessing that I respect. And I’ve found out each time you’re doing something disruptive, you’re an ideal leader to your industry, or you’re a true creator or innovator, not absolutely everyone goes to get IT proper away! And that’s adequate! It means you’re, in all likelihood, onto something that could be certainly unique and, without a doubt, powerful!

What do you believe you studied the key issue turned into for you on speedy-song to growth?

First and foremost, having a product that works! One that’s existence-changing. That’s while human beings spread the word and repeat buy! And that’s how to have now not the simplest rapid-tune growth but sustainable increase! It’s easy for a company to have genuinely great advertising that sells a product once and makes it a large hit.

But promoting a product as soon as possible isn’t how you develop a real emblem that lasts. It’s tough to create life-converting products that customers buy more than once. But being passionate about first-class and earning clients consider and repeat buy is how you make a long-lasting logo.

Where are you getting all your genius product thoughts from? People need to be coming at you all day, so you’ve got a second dream” of your subsequent new product.