How to Find a Niche inside the WordPress Ecosystem

His article turned into subsidized using StylemixThemes. Thank you for helping the companions who make SitePoint possible. WordPress is straightforward, stylish, and modular. That mixture has made it the maximum famous web platform on earth, resulting in a wealthy atmosphere of subject matters, plugins, and guides. It’s an exquisite opportunity for devs and designers; however, how do you stand out in this sort of crowded market?

Sites like ThemeForest permit creators of WordPress issues to have constant earnings, bringing in over half one billion bucks in revenue to their network of authors. But that sale isn’t shared frivolously. While some authors make millions, 76% of WordPress topics on ThemeForest earn under $1,000 according to month (ThemeForest By the Numbers, 2016). So how do you stand out from the gang? Let me introduce you to a group that found out how—StylemixThemes.

How Do You Stand Out in the WordPress Crowd?

StylemixThemes is a far-off team of devs, designers, and support professionals who commenced making WordPress topics in 2008 and determined to start promoting them on ThemeForest two years later. It took time and grit, and they ultimately found achievement. They became Power Elite authors by incomes their first million in December 2016, and feature earned another million within the remaining yr.

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What’s their secret? The team talked about their adventure in a 2016 interview. Here are some of the lessons they learned:

Never copy.

Come up with something new and precise, and combine that into your themes, plugins, and products.

Eat crow.

Getting remarks to your paintings is difficult but beneficial, and evaluation is an essential part of the ThemeForest submission manner. Their first theme was rejected in several instances by the evaluated group, but they discovered from experience and that, in the long run, caused a higher theme. ThemeForest reviewers didn’t like the layout we submitted; they want to look at high-degree subject matters with an excellent UI, which could shape thousands of customers. We realized that our mistake changed into that we tried to create a subject matter as a single website for an unmarried consumer.

Market your topics.

A mixture of Google Adwords, banners, and paid opinions had been successful for the team. However, they retain to search for new advertising strategies.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Making consistent earnings from your current issues mustn’t stop you from growing new functions, topics, and merchandise. Keep developing, keep enhancing, and preserve valuing and supporting your clients. And one final key lesson. They have been inspired by a hit ThemeForest author, Chris Molitor, to start creating a micro-area of interest topics.


Avoid the Crowd by Focusing on Niche Markets

By specializing in niches, you can locate markets that are not already overcrowded. In 2013, I interviewed Chris Molitor and different hit authors approximately their achievement in creating topics for niche markets. This is how Chris described his preliminary approach for finding the proper area of interest:

He searched for ThemeForest classes that didn’t have any issues. For example, Chris turned into the first author to make themes within the activities, nightlife, churches, political, and charities categories. As the types started to end up greater popular, he might take cognizance of those with the smallest variety of subject matters. His mission changed into that there weren’t many different topics to get inspiration from, “in case you’re doing it right, you’re on your personal.”

He researched the precise functions customers in every niche needed and covered them in his issues. He talked to actual humans about their real necessities. One niche project I did was actually the result of an email I got from a curator at a museum. They weren’t able to find whatever they wished for, so I requested questions and discovered what the desires have been from the real give-up user. I had a variety of a laugh working on it, and it’s in all likelihood my preferred niche mission to this present day. (Chris Molitor)

How does Chris stick out from the crowd? By no longer being general. He doesn’t create themes for everyone—he creates them for any person. His trademark is unique, functional issues for a specific area of interest organizations. Don’t say ‘anyone can use your services—be precise. Saying ‘all people’ makes you believe you studied of ‘nobody’. I can see where StylemixThemes got their idea from. They, too, create excellent micro-niche subject matters mainly tailor-made to each industry, every with its personal unique capabilities. Here are a few examples.

StylemixThemes isn’t shy.

They sincerely spell out to their clients that the subject matter is “based on in-depth research into the sector of enterprise, finance and consulting.” That’s excellent marketing. Then they make sure it includes extra capability needed for commercial enterprise, finance, and consulting, together which includes the usage of pie charts, graphs and progress bars, and a WooCommerce shop.

Again, they point out to their clients that several thought went into the blanketed features: “With the growing popularity of Health Coaching and Healthy Lifestyle becoming increasingly huge, the niche truly desires a subject matter which would offer the entirety a train wishes to offer him/herself and his/her program selling a higher lifestyle.” So they encompass price and booking integration.

They consist of special capabilities required for small organizations inside the beauty industry (which include networks of salons in more than one location), like online booking, an advanced pricing module, and a WooCommerce keep.

Pearl WP Is a Bundle of Niche Themes

With a lot of achievement with their micro-niche subject matters, StylemixThemes desired to take it to the subsequent level. So they took the entirety they found out and combined it right into a mega product. Pearl WP is a complete package deal of niche issues—business, logistics, medical, restaurant, construction, charity, beauty, health education, musical, condominium, portfolio, church, private blog, WooCommerce store, startup, and viral—with greater niches being delivered through the years. So, at the same time as focusing on niche markets, they have also created a product that appeals to a wider target audience. This is the first issues package deal to appear on ThemeForest, so they’re blazing their own trail here. Check out their promo video.

As with their standalone products, every theme within the package consists of unique features tailored to each industry. Here are some examples:

The enterprise and finance subject matter allows clients to make appointments online, simplifying your schedule management.
The audio album’s subject includes a music participant that doesn’t forestall while traffic browses the website online.
The eating place subject includes three layout options to exhibit your menu.
The production subject includes challenge templates to exhibit your work.
The charity theme has a built-in PayPal donation gadget.

But this isn’t just a series of separate subject matters. You can blend and match the features between every theme and take advantage of 2 hundred shortcodes and 250-page templates to customize as needed. That’s quite a few capabilities, and flexibility built right into an unmarried product and could appeal to an extensive target audience.

Another way to face out from the group is using presenting incredible documentation. That’s a task that can sense tedious to the developer but is crucial to the cease person. You don’t need to skimp right here. StylemixThemes have taken their documentation to some other stage through generating a variety of video tutorials. They don’t just teach users a way to deploy the package, but additionally cowl a variety of Pearl WP’s crucial features, which includes: