How to make phone calls on your Mac

Thanks to Apple’s Continuity function, you could start responsibilities in your iPhone, after which you select them up on your Mac and vice versa, from handing off files and lengthy-shape articles to sending and receiving emails, texts, and phone calls. Making and receiving calls out of your Mac can save you from having to stand up to retrieve your phone and be particularly handy when you have a headset with a microphone. Without a headset, you may need to depend upon your Mac’s integrated microphone and speakers. Either manner, it is clean to stand up and go for walks (and speak) for your Mac.

Get your Mac and iPhone speaking.

To apply your Mac for telephone calls, you may want to sign in to both iCloud and FaceTime with the identical Apple ID on both your Mac and iPhone. And both gadgets will need to be related to the equal network. A Bluetooth connection isn’t always needed.

Next, you may want to tell your Mac and iPhone to percentage cellphone calls. Here’s how:

On your iPhone, visit Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices, then turn on Allow Calls on Other Devices.

On your Mac, open the FaceTime app and go to FaceTime > Preferences, and test the field for Calls From iPhone.

Making Mac phone calls

After placing it up to proportion calls between your iPhone and Mac, you’ll see a notification inside the pinnacle right corner of your computing device when you obtain a telephone call. Click the Accept button to answer the call. When you go to vicinity a call from your Mac, you may all at once recognize that there is no such factor as a Mac Phone app. Instead, you’ll want to apply the Contacts or FaceTime apps.

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From the Contacts app, select touch and click the call button. From the FaceTime app, you could do the equal issue by clicking the telephone icon to make a voice name (instead of the video-digicam icon to make a FaceTime name). Also, from the FaceTime app, you could truly enter a phone wide variety within the seek field and then click the cellphone icon to locate a name, which you cannot do from the Contacts app.


Does Your Mac Need Repairing or Just a Memory Upgrade?

A commonplace characteristic of all computers is that the upgrades of memory will usually bring about a quicker machine. Originally, Apple MacBooks got here with 2GB of reminiscence. Basic variations of all MacBook variations, which includes variations of the MacBook Pro, came from a neighborhood Apple reseller with 2GB as standard, with many models featuring 4GB. With dual reminiscence slots, the MacBook may be upgraded with the aid of an Apple Authorized restore center to double the maximum memory available to 8GB.

Benefits of taking your MacBook in for an Authorized Apple restore carrier for a reminiscence improvement encompass:

The information that your new parts are hooked up nicely using a certified Authorized MacBook restore technician whose work is assured. Faster information streaming – greater memory helps to hold a consistent waft of information and keep away from screen freezes that could arise when looking at a video or other CPU-intensive paintings.

Faster boot-up – The gadget has more “space” to pre-load the operating system at boot time. Reduced disk put on – When the reminiscence machine is deficient, the device needs to use the tough disk to gain an extra memory area. Activities circulate statistics backward and forward can cause massive performance penalties because the device may be sure by way of the study/write disk operation.

Enhance all-spherical performance – For various motives, the Macs respond nicely to additional reminiscence and can function significantly faster as a result. Most Apple resellers or Apple Authorized Repair Service Providers will convey the necessary reminiscence modules to improve inventory. There are proper reasons why your MacBook reminiscence upgrade should be handled by way of Apple Authorized Reseller or Apple Authorized restore provider companies; special versions of the MacBook require one-of-a-kind reminiscence modules. Inserting the wrong module ought to damage the mainboard or produce surprising errors.

Choosing a good Apple reseller or Apple Authorized Repair Service Center permits you to feel assured that no longer only are they the use of best reminiscence, but the paintings performed are permitted by Apple to fulfill the specifications required by using the operating machine and hardware. Apple resellers and Apple Repair Service Centers only use Apple accredited replacement parts for MacBook repairs and improvements.

So earlier than traveling your Apple reseller for a highly-priced MacBook repair, strive to upgrade the memory first at your neighborhood Apple Authorized Repair Service Center to look if it treatment options the problem. Apple Authorized Repair Centers are licensed to deal with all kinds of MacBook maintenance. They have qualified employees to help you investigate your Apple repair service wishes rapidly and for less money than the Apple Store.

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Can I Trust the Apple Store for Mac Repairs and Service?

Apple Store, Mac Reseller, or Authorized Apple Service Provider? Which one is great for my MacBook and MacBook Pro Repairs?

If there’s one aspect that most Mac proprietors do now not consider a lot, it’s finding a Mac repair shop. In reality, many fans of Apple Mac-related merchandise assume all they need to know approximately is that, Shrine of 21st-century era, the Apple Store.

Fortunately, there may be an excellent chance you can have a Mac for years and never need to take it to a Mac Store/Mac reseller or appearance up an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) for a provider or restore. Macintosh is known to create the most reliable computers and digital devices money should purchase. But there are some precious tips you need to realize in case you become wanting a Mac repair. Finding an Apple service company you may believe can also seem tough; however, every so often, simplest a count of understanding what you are attempting to keep away from.

Do no longer get your Mac constant in an Apple retail region. Try to find Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) in your area as an alternative. When you’re taking your MacBook to an Apple restore shop or Mac reseller, they have an interest in promoting you a new computer. You want a Mac to restore technician who will provide you with all of your alternatives; a person whose major motivation is “NOT” to sell you a new Apple Computer, but to prevent money at the same time as presenting you with the first-rate answer. Apple Stores and Mac resellers can also try to promote solutions that you don’t really want.