How to Use Technology to Improve the Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything nowadays; if you neglect this aspect of your business, you will suffer the consequences. There was a time when a company could afford to offer a bad experience, but customers have more power now than ever. A business that provides a bad customer experience will get slandered, eventually affecting its brand. This is why you need to monitor your customer experience and take the steps necessary to improve it. Thankfully, technology can help you do that. Here are a few ways to use technology to enhance the customer experience.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Creating a customer journey map should be the first thing you do if you want to assess the quality of the customer experience and improve it. They can also create a good experience for your customers from the get-go. You can use a customer journey map tool to get a clearer view of the buying process and make it as convenient and efficient as possible. Customer journey maps allow you to understand better how your clients experience your product and service and identify pain points. Using data, You can alleviate or eliminate these pain points and constantly improve customer experience.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Live chat and chatbots can also significantly improve the customer experience and directly affect conversions. Studies have found that live chats could increase conversion rates by 12% and that 44% of customers believe that having a natural person answering questions via chat is the most important feature a website could have.

Customers love live chat because it’s convenient and prevents them from waiting to speak with a natural person. 75% of people preferred live chat over any other channel. This number could increase in the future as new generations increasingly choose text as their preferred method of communication.

Chatbots are the second-best option if you can’t have a live chat. You can preload them with answers to frequently asked questions and allow customers to have their questions answered without contacting customer service.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

CRMs can also significantly improve customer experience. The most significant advantage of CRMs is that they allow you to personalize your relationship with your customers. You could use a CRM to send offers you believe specific customers will like and streamline their buying process. A CRM can also be used to identify your most engaged customers.

You can use this information to send your customers personalized offers and ask their opinion. Surveying your best customers is one of the best ways to gauge and improve customer experience.

CRMs will also allow you to offer professional customer service. Your reps will be able to get a complete customer history fast. They can see which products they bought, their chat history, and any previous issues. Their names will be associated with their phone numbers, and your reps can greet them by name. This will make your representatives seem as if they truly know them, which most customers will appreciate.

Web Analytics Tools

It would help if you also used all the web analytics tools at your disposal to improve the quality of your website. Low conversion rates often reflect a poor user experience, and if you aren’t monitoring what people are doing on your website, you’ll never be able to tell how good or bad their background is.

Some of the things you need to keep a close eye on are our bounce rates and time spent on pages. These are all things you’ll be able to find out using a free tool like Google Web Analytics. It would help if you also did as much A/B testing as possible.

Another essential thing you need to pay special attention to is cart abandonment rates. Having uncharacteristically high abandonment rates shows something wrong with the process. It could be that you’re asking for too much information or people don’t feel secure with your payment portal. Either way, these things could be easily fixed, but you have to identify them first.

Technology can be an invaluable tool to improve customers’ relationships with your brand and products. It’s your responsibility to monitor your processes and make them as convenient as possible for your customers.