Important Things to Keep in Mind When Going to Shirdi

Located around 300 km from Mumbai, Shirdi is a pilgrimage town of Sai Baba. Thousands of Baba devotees from different walks of life visit this place monthly. The atmosphere of this pilgrimage town carries chants with it and has the power to leave an essence of devotion and Shraddha in you. Devotees find shelter in the Khandoba temple where Baba had met Mahalsapati. Devotees visit Sai Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai, Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Temple, Gurusthan, Shani Shingnapur, and many other places in and around Shirdi. Shirdi also has many activities to do along with these places, sightseeing places and shopping destinations. All these make Shirdi a perfect pilgrim destination.


Thousands of tourists visiting this place ensure they have pre-booked rooms in hotels in Shirdi, as you may face difficulty finding a room once you have landed here. Along with this, there is a list of other things as well that you should keep in mind as a traveler if you are visiting Shirdi:

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Best time to visit:

Though a year-round destination, Shirdi welcomes many tourists, specifically from December to February and March to May. Devotees also come here during Gurupoornima, Ramnavami, and Dussehra. Here in Shirdi, make sure that you visit the temple on Thursday as it is a day devoted to Baba, and a grand Palki is executed along with special Arti. During the Arti, sugar and butter are offered to Baba. Usually, there are three parties in a day- one at noon, then Dhoop Arti at sunset, and the last one- Shej Arti at 10:30 pm. The devotion can be seen in the eyes of devotees standing in the long queues.

Hotels to stay:

Shirdi has a long list of budget hotels where you can stay on your trip. Some of the best hotels you can pick include Hotel G-square, Shraddha Inn, Reeva Suites, Hotel Satvan Inn, The Temple View Hotel, Hotel City Point, Hotel Sai Bansi, Hotel Sai Jashan, Keys Prima Hotel Temple Tree, Marigold Regency, and many more. All these hotels in Shirdi are known for their facilities, serenity, and peaceful atmosphere. You can find any of these at affordable prices and buy flowers to worship from the street stalls.

Tips for Temple:

Entrance to the Mandir is allowed from Gate number 2, so check the gate number before you stand in a queue. The temple does not allow mobile phones, cameras, and water bottles. You can submit your valuables in the cloakroom. Other than this, you c


Offering a variety of food options to its visitors, Shirdi has cuisines from Gujarat, Maharashtra, South India, and Continental. Since it is a holy city, the food served here is purely vegetarian and utterly delicious. You can give a try to guava and pomegranate juices, and you will have the best experience to cherish. Moreover, do not forget to enjoy the food cooked in the world’s largest solar cooker in Shirdi. Also, savor sweets like Ladoos and Bundi to complete your thali. Restaurants you can step into are Rajdhani, Rajbhog, The Tulip, Woodland Restaurant, and many more.

It is always good to know about the place you are visiting. All the above things can help you choose among so many. With a devoted and holy atmosphere, Shirdi is a true haven for all Sai Devotees. Tourists usually have a comfortable trip here with many facilities to stay, enjoy, and eat. Just get into Shirdi, and you would never want to come back!