Internet Australia vice chair lashes Laurie Patton over NBN ‘rubbish’

The vice-chairman and one of the founders of the kingdom’s maximum vocal internet institution, Internet Australia, has accused its head Laurie Patton of spreading “garbage­” about the National Broadband Network and of bringing­ the corporation into “disrepute”.

In an e-mail despatched in mid-March, and acquired with the aid of The Australian, Internet Australia vice-chairman Paul Brooks wrote to executive director­ Mr. Patton with severe issues about “misinformed” statements Mr. Patton had made, incorrectly blaming NBN Co for issues.

“Your analogy applies to the (telcos), now not NBN Co,” he writes. “This has been made clear to you more than one times … (it) is a matter of fact — under settlement regulation with the give up-user and in fact”.

Dr. Brooks writes that Mr ­Patton’s repeated anti-NBN fake public statements


had been “un­accept­in a position”, hurt Internet Australia’s reputation and became “the type of stuff that makes participants depart”.

“That you may take delivery of criticism and understand whilst you are wrong, and trade your view on the advice of multiple individuals who recognize approximately this stuff is regrettab­le,” Dr. Brooks writes.

Supplied Editorial Internet Australia CEO, Laurie Patton. Source: Supplied.Critic’s ALP hyperlinks not disclosed
“That you carry this company into disrepute by way of publicly harming IA’s reputation and the reputation of all of us in my opinion in the technique is unacceptable.”

Dr. Brooks additionally writes that Mr. Patton’s wrong public statements have been now not a remoted incid­ent. “It’s no longer just this statement both,” he writes.

“That rubbish a few days in the past about the NBN income technique is yet any other example.”

As discovered with the aid of The Australian, Internet Australia, which has aggres­sively advocated for the fibre-to-the-premises NBN policy favoured by the ALP and in opposition to the Coalition’s fibre-to-the-node method, has been distanced via its international figure and beset with inner­ issues, many stemming from what participants see as improper behaviour by way of Mr. Patton.

The Australian suggested this week that Mr. Patton had failed to reveal to IA contributors or to media — in which he’s regularly quoted representing Internet Australia — that he turned into a member of the ALP.

Mr. Patton is a journalist became PR professional who, alongside working for Internet Australia 3 days a week, owns and operates a small Sydney PR company, ­Conexion Media Management.

Dr. Brooks is a broadband engineer­ and considered one of 3 folks that based Internet Australia inside the Nineties, as a group to discuss problems­ surrounding the net.

In the email, Dr. Brooks says that Mr. Patton is “not accredited to talk to the media on behalf­ ­of IA”, latter including that he cannot communicate to the media “until you run (the statements) by using the executive before uttering them”.

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