lifestyles after triumphing the Le Crunch Apple of My Eye Song Contest

It’s been a big 12 months for singer Katie Cassidy. Her win in last year’s Le Crunch Apple of My Eye Contest, introduced with it countrywide publicity, confirmed the effect that her music should have on the public and gave her a far-needed injection of self-perception. Last March, Katie triumphed over fierce opposition to win the competition with her splendid cover of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.” The proficient Mayo singer walked away from Whelan’s with a €1500 prize and some fantastic reminiscences from the night. With a new album in the works, 2018 seems to be another huge year for Katie Cassidy.

#AD Talking to JOE, the Mayo singer found out that the win was a catalyst to jot down and file her material, furnished a lift to her self-belief, and drove her to pursue her musical aims with a newfound determination. We mentioned her new material and how her lifestyle has been modified, considering ultimate March and winning the competition.

It’s been an excellent year for you. What’s been the most important exchange you’ve acquired within the final year?
It has been a super year, and I learned loads. Until now, I assume I became quite comfy doing my cowl gigging, so I determined to do a couple of nights every week, teaching my guitar lessons, and on my own time, hardly ever picked up the guitar for myself. I turned into always learning songs for the following gig or wedding or doing lesson plans. I stopped writing in those few years that I turned into targeting getting the installation to make a living, and before I knew it, the years were flying by.

2017 became 12 months that I targeted loads more on myself and my song and managed to balance the entirety plenty better. I tipped away at writing songs over the years but never appeared to finish them or have the pressure in me that made me want people to listen to them until that previous couple of months after the Le Crunch contest. Something virtually clicked for me, and I realized it was time.

How could you describe your tune to someone who hasn’t heard you?

It’s an absolute mixed bag of emotion. Some of the songs are rocky; a few are grimy u. S. A. Sounding, some are poppy, haha! For years, I thought I didn’t have a valid, and the songs didn’t sound identical, but I comprehend now they don’t need to, and I like to suppose there may be something for absolutely everyone. I pay attention to every track style, and I assume my songs display the one-of-a-kind impacts I have had, from jazz to grunge.

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How much did prevailing the Le Crunch Apple of My Eye Song Contest help you?

Winning the opposition lit a heart in me or extra like placing a fireplace underneath me – both ways, it lifted my self-assurance hugely. I discovered the online comments in the week’s main up overwhelming. I saw how supportive everyone who knew or didn’t know me and who observed my music had been, and that was all earlier than even making it to the final.

So, I turned into Cloud 9 when I received it. I wanted to keep that high and that feeling forever, that feeling I had in Whelan’s that night on that degree and talking with the judge, Paddy, Niamh, and Peter afterward. It turned into all simply brilliant! So, the competition gave me a bit of confidence in myself.

What turned into your spotlight over the last 12 months?

Without a doubt, the Le Crunch Apple of My Eye Song Contest final and the weeks that accompanied it. After the competition, I was immediately given into the studio to work with an exceptionally talented producer called John Henry. He helped me source several of the finest musicians, and we commenced recording my album.

What’s your approach to writing the new track?

I have even tried various things over time. Sometimes, a word might come, and I’d become writing it at the back of a serviette or whatever turned into close by and worked a tune around it. In other instances, I’d nod off and soar up out of the bed like I was possessed as something had come into my head, and I’d grab my guitar or piano or anything I could rattle a track out of and get it out. The most current material I have written had been more like poems that I wrote in a notebook on my smartphone, and I then positioned them to music. I turned into in no way honestly excellent with generation.

I have no endurance so that I might document ideas down on voice notes on my phone or my H2zoom – very basic and in no way advanced the thoughts beyond the guitar and voice; however, after I was given operating with John, I was given a small interface, and my brother Philip set it up for me. John showed me some matters to get me commenced, and I developed the songs in that manner, using all of my instruments. I found myself writing an increasing amount of material and sound asleep much less and much less, haha!

Can your fanatics sit up for a brand-new EP shortly?

Yes!! I am planning to release my album in January. However, lifestyles were given because it does, and I hit some bumps in the road. However, it’s nearly there, and I desire to drop an unmarried or two first soon.

What’s been your favorite gig to date, and why?

I have been blessed with a few fantastic reviews during the last ten years of gigging. As I said, I will maintain that feeling from the Le Crunch nighttime in Whelan’s forever, but the closest I needed to that high turned into after I performed a small pageant in Market Drayton in Cheshire, referred to as the Rock ‘n’ Bowl Festival. I headlined the tent, and it became simply me and the guitar; however, the vicinity became hopping- it became intellectual!

What’s been the strangest experience you’ve had at a gig?

Hmmmmm. Haha, well, where do I start? As a solo lady musician operating in pubs, I have seen some drunken flashers!! Haha!

What can your fans stay up for within the coming months?

Some single releases and complete Katie Cassidy’s original album.

What are your objectives for 2018?

Hmmm. I would love to get myself available more and do many of Ireland’s implausible galas. I worked so hard on my album. I labored difficult to pay for it, with the bonus of the contest cash to assist. But I also took every gig I should have the highest fine I may want to have, and I sincerely gave all of it I had. After hitting some bumps in the road alongside the manner, I got on the horse. Hence, all I wish for 2018 is that I can obtain it and that human beings will deliver it, pay attention, and maybe even revel in it! If you need to comply in Katie Cassidy’s footsteps, find out how to input the 2018 Le Crunch Apple of My Eye Song Contest here.