Longzhu Gaming end the LCK

Longzhu Gaming took down Samsung Galaxy earlier these days to comfortable the LCK’s first seed entering into subsequent week’s playoffs.

It turned into fitting that Samsung Galaxy and Longzhu Gaming might near out the Summer Split everyday season with a chain that had so much on the road. Following KT Rolster’s loss to SK Telecom T1 in advance this week, it was decided that the winner of the present day fit between Samsung and Longzhu might earn the primary seed, guaranteeing them a niche in the LCK finals.

For Longzhu, this became a brand new enjoy. This marks the primary time that Longzhu has made the playoffs since the company rebranding from Incredible Miracle in 2016—and now they’re fighting for a spot in the finals.
In game one, Longzhu’s early interest in their veteran duo inside the bot lane wasn’t sudden. Longzhu hooked up a clean lead early in the sport via getting rid of 3 Samsung players—with two of the kills getting into want of Longzhu’s ADC, Kim “PraY” Jong-in.

Using their lead to take the tier one bot lane turret, Longzhu used their momentum to push their vision to manipulate into Samsung’s jungle. Samsung, unaware of those wards, walked

directly into Longzhu’s trap, losing 3 players throughout the map.

Longzhu used their guy advantage to effortlessly take a Baron, and driven instantly into Samsung’s base. Samsung managed to defend their turrets for some time, but in the end fell to a brilliant have interaction from Longzhu’s guide, Kang “GorillA” Beom-Hyeon.
Game two saw Longzhu attempt to replicate their preceding bot lane lead, but this time, they were unsuccessful. Samsung’s mid laner, Lee “Crown” Min-ho, became short to roam and foiled Longzhu’s try at an early bot lane gank, earning a go back kill for himself.
Although they looked precise for the early a part of the game, it was Samsung’s hubris that led to their eventual downfall. In a try to start a very early Baron after seeing Longzhu’s duo kill Lee “Cuvee” Seong-jin, Samsung had been nearly aced. Samsung then lost the next team fight and have been pressured to surrender the Baron and any momentum that they had.
Longzhu used this Baron to take turrets and gain entire vision control. Even after Longzhu’s Baron had worn off, Samsung has been forced to cede later targets due to their loss of vision. These later targets snowballed Longzhu into a smooth victory.

As the LCK’s new first-area group, Longzhu is directly seeded into the Summer Split finals. Although Longzhu won’t play till Aug. 26, the LCK playoffs will start on Aug. 11, with Afreeca Freecs taking on SK Telecom T1.

Here’s how SKT can qualify for Worlds
Is it all over for the current world champions?
Adam Newell
News Writer

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The 2017 LCK Summer Split hasn’t been the excellent season for the reigning League of Legends global champions.
SK Telecom T1 these days completed the Summer Split in the fourth vicinity and face a difficult run to the summer season finals if they have any hopes of protecting their Worlds name this year in China on Sept. 28.

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There are more than one approaches that SKT can qualify for the World Championships while not having to stand the LCK Regional Playoffs in September. The crew currently have 90 circuit factors after finishing first in the Spring Split, which is probably essential for the team shifting forward.


Screengrab through LCK
If SKT fails to beat Afreeca Freecs on Aug. 12, they’ll need a few assist. Afreeca could want to beat Samsung Galaxy, with KT Rolster prevailing the playoffs, in order for SKT to visit Worlds because of the LCK’s second seed.

If the defending world champions beat Afreeca and lose in opposition to both Samsung Galaxy or KT Rolster inside the subsequent two rounds of summer season playoffs, then SKT will need to pray that KT beat Longzhu Gaming within the finals on Aug. 28 to visit Worlds as the LCK’s 2nd seed.

If SKT makes it to the finals, irrespective of the end result, they’re assured to go to Worlds either as the first or 2nd seed for the LCK region.

Basically, SKT’s fate is in their own fingers—they need to overcome KT to assure a spot at Worlds. Otherwise, all eyes can be on Longzhu to take the primary seed and pressure SKT to undergo the LCK Regional Playoffs to play towards several groups, such as Samsung Galaxy and Afreeca Freecs.

If SKT struggle in the LCK Summer Playoffs and fail to win the LCK Regional Finals, then they gained be going to the World Championships at all this year—no pressure.


Afreeca Freecs at ease a niche within the LCK Playoffs
Jin Air fall just short.
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Afreeca Freecs defeated Jin Air GreenWings in advance today to comfortable their region within the LCK Summer Playoffs.

After defeating SK Telecom T1 on July 18, Jin Air positioned themselves in a terrific role to make an unlikely playoff run. Since then, although, the crew has lost too often and hasn’t been able to benefit any floor on the squads in front of them.
The first recreation of the series became an intently-contested fit, with neither facet really gaining a bonus over the opposite.

It took the half-hour for Jin Air to at ease the first kill of the whole sport. Jin Air then appeared to take the lead via a chain of great plays, however, were unluckily squashed inside the past due game while Afreeca determined a perfect team fight to win the suit.

Jin Air wasn’t willing to go down with out a fight and compelled Africa to earn their 2nd win in the collection. The recreation lasted simply over forty mins, with both teams tied until the past due game.

Africa became the sport in their desire by securing a Baron and an Elder Drake to give them the strength they wished to break into Jin Air’s base and take the series.

This winning approach that regardless of how the alternative series play out, Afreeca has cemented their spot inside the LCK Summer Playoffs, giving themselves a shot to qualify for Worlds.

All Africa need to do to get there’s beat SK Telecom T1, Longzhu Gaming, Samsung Galaxy, and KT Rolster—sounds simple enough.


TSM sweep CLG in a rollicking collection to take first place inside the NA LCS
TSM all over again give up the ordinary season on top of the vicinity.
Xing Li
League of Legends Analyst
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TSM vs. CLG is often a massacre.

That’s due to the fact the two teams are in detail acquainted with every other. Not only have the two long gone head-to-head since before the first season of aggressive League of Legends, however, they may be of the most successful teams in latest seasons. In addition to normal season series, the two have confronted off in high-pressure playoff matches.
Due to that achievement, the 2 have additionally maintained the maximum stable rosters during the last years. These groups have performed each other with the identical players so often that they every understand what the opposite desires to do—and how to beat it. That’s why, earlier than the collection, CLG top laner Darshan Updahyaya advised us to anticipate a bunch of team fights.
The cutting-edge collection among the 2 actually lived as much as the hype. It just took a while to get there. The first recreation changed into a bit of a letdown—not as it wasn’t true, but because TSM’s superstar mid laner, Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, took manipulate of the healthy and in no way let pass. He obtained an early 4-person dive to get first blood and took off like a rocket.