Maintenance updates for Battle Royale on PS4


Fortnite lovers, the end of the server downtime would possibly, in the end, be in sight – even though it may also result in a few ludicrous queues to get returned to the sport. An authentic Reddit thread consists of the following facts courtesy of the lead live ops analyst:

“We’re beyond the hardest element now. We subsequently have the database again up and completely practical. Our QA heroes are testing matters to make certain the entirety survived the transition from healthy DB to lifeless DB to wholesome DB once more. Then we’ve got a few extra steps to get everything completely again online and letting humans in.

“Will update soon – I’m hopeful we’re going to be capable of open the floodgates inside the very close to future. Thanks so much for everybody sticking with us throughout this. I understand this patch has been actually unplayable.”

This becomes followed by way of a 2d message which read:

“I made sure to make the floodgate widths as huge as feasible. We have ALL OF THE SERVERS available for you guys to play on as quickly as we turn the transfer. Like, I spun up an entire lot.” With any success, the sport has to come returned online very quickly.

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In a bid to offer fans a few greater insights into the problems happening with Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save the World, Epic Games has launched an expanded assertion.

The initial tweet from the team reads:

“Here is a short explanation of our prolonged downtime. We’re operating to get you back in the game.”

However, the whole-on weblog put up is going directly to further explain for:

During our downtime to upgrade to 2.3, we have been performing endorsed tasks to remedy a lingering database difficulty. Those tasks ended up causing the database to go into a bad country. After great consideration, we decided our excellent alternative was to repair from a backup. In the interim, we took the servers down for the patch. Our first restore failed (due to troubles *unrelated* to the first-class of the backup), and we’re running on a second attempt on the restore. Our Top People are on it, and it will be up as soon as humanly possible.

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Another replace from Epic, but once more, it would not make for true analyzing, as the developers instructed fanatics:

“Sorry, absolutely everyone, it’s searching like the Fortnite servers will be down for at the least some extra hours. More updates will observe.” Thankfully, the Fortnite community, for the most part, is an amazing, spirited bunch and appreciates Epic’s candid honesty about the state of affairs.

“Not to be awful or anything; however, at the least, they kept us up to date. I’ve performed other video games in which the devs forget about the community completely till the replace has been deployed efficaciously,” wrote one fan. While some others brought, “Don’t bother speeding it, Fortnite in every element of the phrase is the first-rate; every person really can wait a while, understanding they’ve to gamble it to sit up for a while you’re performed, maintain up the superb work.


Sorry Fortnite enthusiasts, it looks like you will be ready a very a good few hours earlier than you may be gambling Fortnite Battle Royale or Fortnite Save the World. The most current update from Epic Games has signaled some awful news for lovers, with the downtime anticipated to maintain for pretty a while.

“Hi all, it is looking like we’re going to be down for, as a minimum, a few greater hours as we scale our backend structures. We’re very sorry, and we are running on it.” Starting with started at 9 AM this morning, most fanatics could have likely anticipated seeing the downtime entire using now. If you want a reminder of the patch notes for that impending update, you could examine all of them here:

Fortnite Battle Royale UPDATE V.2.3.0 Patch notes


Over four hours after Fortnite, Servers first went down, and it nevertheless would not appear as there is an end coming shortly. A new update from the Fortnite group on Twitter within the last 30 minutes read:

“We’re sorry the replace has gone longer than predicted. We’re making a few modifications to the backend systems to address growth. More updates as we’ve them.” Not the first-rate of information. Although we have to hand it to the Epic Games improvement group, they have got a few funky pictures organized for a while. Things go haywire. Such as this terrific searching windows blue screen for loss of life.


Fortnite servers have been offline for close to three hours, and lamentably, it would not look like there is an end in sight for the game’s pre-notified protection length. Battle Royale and Save the World players can wait for the game to come back online. Fans have been asking the reliable Twitter account for the sport approximately a likely ETA while the sport could return online. Although the horrific information is that currently, the devs haven’t any time body for a while, the net-most effective recreation will go back to the full career. “No ETA, we don’t have an ETA on while we will be back,” the legit account advised lovers best moments ago.


Fortnite Battle Royale and Save The World servers might be down this morning on PC, PS4, and Xbox One as Epic, the developer, takes the game offline to update the game to its most recent patch, V.2.3.0. According to Epic, this scheduled preservation begins at 4:00 am ET, which for every person in the UK is 09:00 am GMT (half-hour for now).

“Chug Jug, MiniBosses, and Storms. Oh my! We’ll be starting downtime for V.2.3.0 tomorrow, January 25, at 4:00, am ET (09:00 am GMT). What’re you pumped for?” Epic advised fans on Twitter. Do not be amazed if the maintenance takes longer than usual – we are used to it because of Fortnite. The recreation is not often down for more than an hour at a time.

And similarly, it is now not unprecedented for an update to create one or two surprising game-breaking insects. That said, Epic is usually correct with this type of factor, so it would not be long for them to get fixed. Keep reading for a reminder of the new capabilities coming to the sport nowadays.

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“Fortnite fanatics, Another week, another patch! This week’s update includes worm fixes and some lengthy-expected great of life modifications for Battle Royale,” explained the crew in a new blog post.