Meet the blogger: Elsa Billgren

Swedish bloggers have ended up a number of u. S .’s maximum excessive-profile influencers, attracting readers from around the sector. In The Local’s new ‘Meet the blogger’ collection, our contributor Ellie Day asks those online marketers approximately the highs and lows of the industry, and their recommendation to might-be influencers.
First up is television presenter and blogger Elsa Billgren, 31, who began her popular style and lifestyle weblog at Elle Sweden 9 years ago, writing approximately all things vintage style, food and way of life.

She also runs an antique wedding dress condominium service and currently spends time living among her homes in Stockholm and the island of Gotland.

Hi, Elsa! We love your blog and could be interested to understand greater about what made you want to start blogging initially – how did you get into it?

It all began once I labored at Beyond Retro as a PR Manager; certainly one of my roles become to jot down the weblog and I located that the maximum amusing a part of the task. I cherished following trends, taking snapshots for the articles and writing – commonly being innovative. The task worried working with journalists, leading me to fulfill a journalist at Elle mag who regularly were given in touch with me to help her out with antique style content as I knew lots about that subject matter. In 2008, vintage becomes a real up-and-coming component – people failed to truly understand approximately 2nd hand and sustainability, so what Elle become doing felt truly new. They desired to expose a broad fashion spectrum and I changed into the most effective one sincerely running with antique fashion and also blogging at the time. They then asked if I would like to begin a weblog on the site and I jumped at the threat. It changed into the perfect fit.

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Initially, I centered on writing about antique apparel, however then started to branch out to write down approximately my feelings and subjects in the direction of my coronary heart – as an example, sharing the information after I met a man, then writing approximately the enjoy of my flat burning down. It turned out that people were truly inquisitive about the ones moments in my existence; all of it went from there. It becomes love at the start sight between me and my weblog!

Your weblog is somewhere masses of human beings pass for style idea – in which do you get your very own notion from?

My notion has come from unique places through the years – I discover masses of the idea from new people I meet, food, different people who undertake traits early on and feature a very precise photo style. Instagram is a huge supply of idea, searching for one-of-a-kind photography patterns and how to present exciting things in lifestyles – even simple matters, like breakfast. One of the maximum extremely good methods of being stimulated is through contacting people you recognize on Instagram and being capable of joining up – you then have a brand new friend and colleague. I don’t know very many other industries where you could try this, where all of us is so reachable.

What’s your favored component approximately being a blogger?

What I love is the flexibility of day by day existence – my days in no way appearance the same and I analyze new matters all the time. Of course, getting the proper formulation takes exercise, however, it is truly by no means uninteresting. It’s a chunk horrifying from time to time and frequently is time-ingesting. You absolutely do emerge as mixing your private existence together with your commercial enterprise lifestyles, but I’m the daughter of artists [Helene Billgren and Ernst Billgren], so I do not know what a ‘normal’ activity looks as if!

The maximum profitable but additionally maximum scary weblog posts had been the maximum non-public, the most sincere. If you need to make it work, you need to permit your readers to see extra than simply the superficial topics, however, it’s key to satisfy the stability among being honest and being non-public, preserving manage of your content but also being open along with your readers. It’s absolutely beneficial to me to have the dialogue with my followers – I even have in reality clever readers who would never receive something stupid from me… they’re like my grandmother, maintaining me in line!

Sounds like busy paintings! On the turn-facet, what would you assert is the maximum difficult thing approximately being a blogger?

Needing to reinvent your self every day is challenging – you have to be very adaptable and comply with the move of what’s thrilling for the time being, whilst also being in contact with – and true to – your self. You need to be a real chameleon, without losing your fact. My readers could recognize if I become doing something I did not agree within.

Which topics have you ever discovered Swedish audiences most like to examine about?

For my weblog, it is my greater private posts which resonate the satisfactory and get the exceptional response. Being honest and relatable makes the weblog experience approachable – I could have moments of vulnerability too, and writing approximately subjects close to my coronary heart gives the blog a more human sense.

My followers additionally like the especially visual posts, each on the weblog and on Instagram – I positioned a variety of time into ensuring the pics are aspirational, due to the fact I want to inspire and show the stunning things in existence. I’d like for people to sit in their pajamas drinking tea, studying my weblog and feeling inspired to do something super today.

I would advise every person who wants to be a blogger or an influencer to method bloggers they respect, to be pleasant, to spend time dreaming up new ideas and to apprehend what your strengths are. For me, I recognize I’m knowledgeable about everything vintage and I’m a curvaceous girl who loves to be photographed – which in all fairness unusual. I want to show how the clothes I purchase look on my body – it truly is my niche, and all of us have to locate their personal. Essentially, you want to invite yourself: who am I, from the outside and what can I provide? What’s my precise great?