Solving the mystery of Windows updates

Q. I purchased an HP Envy PC, model h8-1414, several years ago. I’ve’ upgraded the working machine from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Now, I can’t get automated Windows 10 updates to finish; the updates freeze, and I’m’ pressured to restart the PC. A few hours later, the PC attempts to replace Windows 10 again, with an equal result. Because of this, I’m’ going for walks on Windows 10 version 1511 after I need to have been up to date with version 1709. Any guidelines?

Francis Larriviere, Opelousas, La.

A. You have issues. Your 2012 PC has reached the end of its capability to be up to date with newer variations of Windows 10. In addition, the version of Windows 10 you’re now using obtained its final security replacement in October to make it dangerous to apply the destiny.

The way to each issue is to get a brand new PC.

How did you get into this restoration? I suspect that your PC barely matched the initial version of Windows 10 (aka model 1507) and the primary replacement (1511) introduced in 2015. But it isn’t compatible with newer versions of Windows, including the remaining year’s Anniversary Update (1607) or this 12 months Creators Update (1703) and Fall Creators Update (1709.) Note that your PC version doesn’t’ seem on HP’s’ lists of PCs which are well suited with the Anniversary Update ( tinyurl.Com/y7ezundu ) or the Creators Update ( tinyurl.Com/yb2xlx5x)

What will show up subsequently? Your PC will continue to work with Windows 10 model 1511. But without new safety updates, it’s best to count on time before it falls victim to future hacker attacks or malware. Whose fault is that this? Not yours; you updated your PC as satisfactorily you could. And no longer certainly Microsoft’s’; it maintains to update Windows 10 loose on well-matched PCs robotically. Blame the rapid tempo of technology change, which makes a PC’s life approximately five years.

Q. I have two Dell computers and a Dell PC that runs Windows 7 Professional. During all of 2017, the desktops have automatically downloaded working machine updates. But the PC hasn’t’ acquired an update since the give-up of 2016. What can I do?

A. It’s’ a software program compatibility issue that’s’ without difficulty fixed. Microsoft altered the software on its Windows 7 update servers this 12 months. That disrupted the servers” ability to speak with PCs with an old piece of improving software program known as an ” agent.” The solution is to download a new agent software program on the way to permit your laptop to speak to the Microsoft servers once more. ( tinyurl.Com/y79u5ekz)

• Whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor chip on your laptop. To discover, visit the Control Panel and click the “Systems” icon. Then, use either the “x32″ or”x6″ download link on the above web page.

• How to open the zip” folder to download on your PC. A zip folder has been digitally compressed to make it download quicker. To open the sort of folder, you”unzip” it by proper-clicking the folder, selecting”extract all” from the ensuing menu, after whicfollowng the instructions at the website above.


Is there any clean manner to replace Windows 7 Drivers? Some people think the only way to keep drivers up to date routinely is to use a motive force update software program. But I need to inform you there’s a clean way aside from using a motive force device. I will introduce a new tool that you could not understand Update.

When Engineers of Microsoft have been developing Windows 7, they significantly advanced Windows Update. It can best download and deploy device updates and patches in earlier structures. But Windows 7 can also find and download updated drivers to your gadgets!

To use Windows Update that will help you mechanically locate and download the trendy drivers, you may need to follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click the “Start” menu and click Control Panel, after which Windows Update.

Step 2. In the outlet window, click Check for updates. It will routinely check for machine updates and patches alongside motive force updates for your gadgets. Just watch for a short time until the checking method finishes.

Step 3. You’ll locate many to-be-had updates on your PC in the checking record. You will want to choose them in the listing yourself. Then click the “Install updates” button, and the replacement procedure will start mechanically.

Step 4. When the download and installation procedure is finished, restart your computer.

See? Windows replaces a completely easy device to test and locate present-day gadget drivers. You do not need to spend hours searching on the internet for a single motive force any greater. However, applying Windows updates to replace home Windows seven drivers is easy. However, evaluating the top driving force update software program has numerous shortcomings.

Shortcoming 1.

The download speed isn’t breakneck. Because it is not a tool that excels in record downloading. What is greater, it needs to download machine updates collectively. Downloading all the machine and motive force updates could be time-consuming. I used Windows Update numerous times; it took me a long time to sit in front of my PC, anticipating the updates to be completed.

Shortcoming 2.

It is known that Windows is the handiest play timetable update for its driving force database. That approach might not get you cutting-edge drivers in a timely while new drivers are released from device producers. Consequently, the drivers were probably “old,” while it detects new drivers to your gadgets. That is an apparent disadvantage. Using Windows updates is much easier than manually checking motive force updates yourself. But it’s advised that you use an expert third-birthday celebration software program to ensure you can get brand-new drivers in time.