WordPress Malware Spreads via Nulled WordPress Themes

A WordPress malware campaign that picked up steam last month uses nulled (pirated) top-class issues to infect new sufferers. According to Sucuri security researcher Denis Sinegubko, the wp-VCD malware is now preinstalled inside pirated WordPress top-rate subject matters presented for download free of charge on a few sites recognized for giving nulled scripts, subject issues, and plugins for various CMS structures.

This unique malware wp-vcd works by adding a secret admin user to the site’s backend with the username “100010010.” Attackers use this backdoor account to open connections to inflamed websites so attackers can carry out scripted attacks at later dates.

Wp-vcd is used to inject spam on infected websites.

Sinegubko says that because Sucuri noticed a resurgence of the wp-vcd malware in late November, attackers have used wp-VCD backdoor money owed to insert junk mail on inflamed websites. Some of these spam messages also led customers to lower back to the websites offering the nulled topics, supporting wp-vcd authors propagating their malware and making their network of hacked websites bigger.

Wp-vcd easy to identify internal nulled issues

The Sucuri professional points out that it is trivial to apprehend nulled issues with the wp-vcd malware.

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“All unique [theme] files have one date. However, two files have an extraordinary, more recent date,” he says. The two files are features.Php and class.Topic-modules.Personal home page, files that wp-VCD has traditionally infected because an Italian researcher first noticed the malware in mid-July this year.

“If you look at the one’s files, you’ll notice that functions. Hypertext Preprocessor has this line of code at the top,” says Sinegubko, pointing to:

Similarly, the class.Subject-modules.Php file noted above holds a big block of Base64-encoded text; this is pretty clean to spot properly on the pinnacle of the report’s code. While a few WordPress topics can be high priced for a few users, online website operators should always consider that they are the product if they may not be paying.

WordPress Themes

Factors To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Theme

WordPress issues are loved with the aid of many people as you can use them to create any form of website that you want. To get the maximum from your topic, you want to pick the excellent. To help you out, here are the factors you need not to forget while selecting.


A product’s rate is essential not only while shopping for topics but also while buying anything else. WordPress issues can be unfastened or paid. While you won’t be required to pay something while you go along with the free subject matter, the topic is typically restricted in features. You also won’t acquire the help you would need in the event of issues.

Premium issues will then value you between $50 and $2 hundred but may have many functions that you could use to offer your site an expert appearance. Your choice needs to be informed by using what you need to achieve. If you need an expert look, you should go with top-rate themes.

Ease of customization

We all want one-of-a-kind seems, and there may be nothing as terrible as not providing your website with the desired appearance. Before you compromise on a given subject matter, you have to take some time to research it. The first component you ought to search for is the theme’s format. If it has various shades, flashy animations, and different distractions, it may not be right for you as you will have difficulty customizing it.

Most of the WordPress subject matters have a dashboard function. Although limiting, you can customize the appearance of your website without going to the stylesheet. This lets you achieve an ideal appearance even if you aren’t a coder.


Nowadays, humans use all sorts of gadgets to get the right of entry to the internet. They use phones, desktops, and tablets, all of which can be of different display sizes. To ensure that every one of these humans has a splendid enjoyment once they visit your website, you must ensure that your internet site is responsive. This method that your website should routinely regulate itself to the scale of the gadget humans use. A satisfactory way of understanding that your theme is responsive is by adjusting your display length. A responsive topic must modify the screen size without tampering with the unique appearance.

Search engine optimization friendliness

Nowadays, nearly all of us have an internet site and desire to be visible online. To be visible, your website wants to be search engine optimized. When deciding on a topic, you must look for the “SEO ready” or “search engine marketing optimized” within the description segment. It’s also wise to get the opinion of an experienced expert to guide you in selecting the proper theme.


It would help if you did not forget these factors when choosing a WordPress theme. As mentioned, you can go along with an unfastened or paid topic. It’s as much as you to select the proper one. If you want a premium subject matter, you can buy it in many places. To be at the secure facet, pick out a reputable supplier who gives you the most suitable safety and guide. Some high-quality, top-class issues have tremendous capabilities you must cross for our WordPress magazine subject matters. They are smooth to use and have excellent help. To understand more approximately, they go to us.