OpTic Gaming wins the ELeague ‘CS:Pass’ Season 2 championship

OpTic Gaming defeated Australia to win the ELeague Counter-Strike: Worldwide Offensive Season 2 championship Saturday, on foot away with $four hundred,000 and a team fulfillment: their first-ever championship at a prime global match. Both Australia and OpTic Gaming came into the finals in no way having won a big international match. Still, the North American OpTic controlled to govern the second and third maps’ tempo to beat the Danish Australia, 2-1. The opTic is only the second North American team to win a prime championship in 9 years after Cloud9 won ESL Pro League Season 4 in October.

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OpTic Gaming defeated Mousesports and FaZe Clan to make it to the finals. Australia took out two CS: Pass powerhouses, Ninjas, in Pyjamas, and SK Gaming inside the playoffs, Each saw large fulfillment in 2016.

OpTic Gaming

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Map 1: Educate

OpTic Gaming came out with the identical over-competitive defense that allowed them to steamroll over FaZe Extended family in the semifinals Friday night. However, Australis didn’t have it. Australia surely ruled OpTic, shutting down their defense round after round and racking up a huge 9-0 result in the kick of the finals.

After the 9th spherical, OpTic slowed it down and commenced to turn the momentum in their desire, taking two rounds to sooner or later placed some numbers on the board. The 2 groups traded rounds as OpTic observed their footing, and the hometown crowd cheered them on. Australia turned into up 11-4 on the 1/2.

Within the pistol spherical to start the second one-half of, OpTic went down after a completely near-spherical, all but making sure Australia a clean course to taking the primary map. Australia accompanied it up with any other seize from Dupree, which positioned them on a roll to win the remaining rounds. OpTic becomes up 8-7 at the give up of the first half of. OpTic took their fourth pistol spherical in a row and this time kept the momentum going to take a 12-7 lead, till Astralis’ Tarik made an implausible quad-kill snatch play to put it at 13-8.