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Progress Software Corporation is a Nasdaq-indexed multinational that offers the leading platform for developing and deploying assignment-crucial enterprise applications. It empowers organizations and independent software program carriers to construct and deliver cognitive-first programs that harness big statistics to derive enterprise insights and aggressive advantage.

Progress offers leading technologies for, without difficulty constructing powerful person interfaces across any tool, a dependable, scalable, and cozy back-end platform to install contemporary packages, main information connectivity to all resources award-prevailing predictive analytics that carry the energy of system gaining knowledge of to enterprises. More than 1 seven hundred unbiased software companies, hundred 000 agency customers, and million builders rely upon Progress to power their apps.

Solutions that Progress have customized for some of the world’s largest names grappling with complicated challenges every day include:


The impartial enterprise of the govt branch of the America Federal government is liable for civilian area programs in addition to aeronautics and aerospace studies. Nasa’s Curiosity Rover has been exploring Mars for years, amassing a large archive of uncooked facts in the procedure. To make these statistics extra on hand and usable for scientists, Nasa adopted Progress’s Telerik software program to construct a more intuitive internet application.

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After an exhaustive seek, the engineers at Nasa’s Planetary Data System at Washington University finally determined to go together with Progress’s Telerik Ultimate suite. The engineers discovered that the Telerik Ultimate Suite presented Nasa with the whole bundle – it had all of the equipment and skills had to make incoming statistics more effortlessly assimilable and for Nasa to make sure destiny scalability.


Progress’s proprietary software Corticon has followed eBay transactions, rapidly comparing lots of business “rules” to determine if and what kind of to withhold, making sure an easy patron enjoy.

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Rules relate to numerous complex variables, such as product class, supplier popularity, the geographical place of both seller and buyer, local felony rules, transaction quantities, and currencies. Corticon strategies an average of 140 million business regulations selections in line with day.


With quite tight development timelines, eBay required a regulations engine that could hastily arise its disturbing manufacturing needs. After implementing Corticon’s rules engine for its escrow association on its e-commerce internet site, eBay is operating on extending the usage of Corticon to different elements of its organization.

DBS Bank Singapore:

DBS selected Progress’s Corticon Business Rules Management System to empower its mortgage-making operations with a better system, extra accurate records, and progressed agility. Using Corticon, DBS has been able to seize statistics fast, after which it easily adapts tactics to changing situations. One of the important thing “returned office” abilities that support lots of these activities is credit score reporting – the intelligence and capabilities needed to examine chance and creditworthiness for individuals and organizations.

At the turn of the 21st century, this was nevertheless in large part a manual and advert hoc system, labor-extensive – and wasn’t even running properly. According to Sakthidaran Swaminarayan, vice-president of utility management at DBS, the present process changed into constructed around a questionnaire and became now not related to statistics. For instance, within the vintage system, a dating supervisor might commonly request applicants a series of questions, and the applicants would give any answers as they please. The system was not linked directly to the information.

According to DBS, because the financial institution’s credit score willpower technique turned into the very guide and blunders-inclined, DBS assumed greater danger and turned into required to keep more capital in reserve for ability-awful loans. In 2009, the organization’s credit technique was modified notably. After, in brief, looking at alternative solutions, DBS chose paintings with Progress, Tibco, and Oracle to build a new credit score determination system.

“Progress Corticon gave us the ability to exchange the manner the credit score scoring is carried out in DBS,” said Mr. Swamirajan. Progress’s Corticon Business Rules Management System (BRMS), with Enterprise Data Connector, has become the cornerstone of the financial institution’s new gadget. DBS also hired Tibco BusinessWorks and Tibco iProcess Decisions, and an Oracle database as part of the solution.

With 8 scoring fashions, every with hundreds of guidelines and elements that go right into a rating, the gadget took numerous months for the DBS crew to broaden. Still, the consequences had been worth the time spent, consistent with Mr. Swamirajan. “With Progress’s Corticon, we had been capable of flow at the velocity of the market by way of enforcing new rules to reflect new realities while wished. Corticon makes it clean to undertake and set up these modifications.”


When a quite easy infrastructure exchange saves you US$a hundred,000 in 24 hours, you’ve made a legitimate investment. That’s what the Enterprise Data Management group at Toyota Motor Sales discovered whilst it added DataDirect Connect for ODBC (open database connectivity) to its complex facts structure. Toyota Motor Sales manages the marketing, sales, distribution, and customer service features of the Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicle strains.

The immensity of Toyota Motor Sales’ purchaser statistics community needs a pinnacle-notch business intelligence tool. Toyota chose Hyperion eight to manage and query its facts saved in Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 database systems. But Hyperion had already adopted Progress’s DataDirect Connect for ODBC. As a result, the IT team of workers at Toyota Motor Sales now can deploy greater analytical applications to more managers throughout more structures without stress about information connectivity.