Review: Imagine Products PrimeTranscoder Software

As a running film and video professionals, I’ve usually stated, we most effective actually need 3 pieces of software program: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro (or an equal enhancing platform), and a strong transcoding tool. In latest years, QuickTime-based Sorenson Squeeze has been the transcoding device of desire, suitable for an extensive variety of Internet-based and physical media (disc) programs.

With the appearance of Imagine Products PrimeTranscoder, the QuickTime-primarily based paradigm introduced over 25 years ago can also, in the end, be converting. Many video and internet-publishing specialists already use Imagine’s ShotPut Pro for offloading and managing original digital camera documents. On feature movie sets, company and documentary shoots, ShotPut Pro’s intuitive interface, bulletproof checksum verification and capacity to start and prevent the switch procedure have given us large peace of thoughts, changing the call of the game. There are different offloading utilities obtainable, like Pomfort SilverStack, but none are as easy, consumer-friendly, and nicely written as ShotPut Pro.

PrimeTranscoder watch folder


The today’s version of PrimeTranscoder includes presets for ProRes4444, H.264, PreRoll Post, ProRes 422, iPhone, and iPad. Imagine Product’s ShotPut Pro 6 seamlessly outputs files to a PT watch folder for transcoding in line with a built-in or custom preset.

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The equal close attention to the consumer experience is comfortably obvious in PrimeTranscoder. Not only a rehash or rebranding of the enterprise’s Proxy Mill application, PrimeTranscoder is an awful lot faster, taking advantage of GPU acceleration and core CPU distribution. PrimeTranscoder is likewise a lot more successful, supporting absolutely every expert digicam format from Avid, GoPro, and Red to MXF, 4K or even 8K resolution documents. Impressively, this help is absolutely native, sharing the 20 or so one-of-a-kind formats also supported inner Imagine’s HD-VU viewer. While direct get right of entry to the formats and producers’ SDKs is tons more green than using QuickTime translation, it is also more steeply-priced for utility developers like Imagine, given the numerous licensing fees worried.

Importantly to DITs and records Wranglers, PrimeTranscoder integrates well into the SPP6 workflow. One absolutely creates an eye folder and routes the offloaded document into it. Beyond the integrated presets, a custom preset can also be created, with or without an LUT carried out. Individual clips’ time codes can be merged (or a new time code created) and a watermark introduced.

Imagine’s Proxy Mill software became all about growing low-decision proxies for review, streaming, or social media. PrimeTranscoder, in an evaluation, is a serious multi-featured software, helping users put together low-decision files for streaming at the same time as simultaneously outputting wonderful ProRes 4444 files to a put up-manufacturing suite, purchaser, or tv network.

PrimeTranscoder Avid DNxHD choice
PrimeTranscoder makes use of Apple’s superior AVFoundation engine, not QuickTime, so legacy’ formats contained inside the QT library like MPEG-2 (for DVD and Blu-ray) are not without difficulty supported. However, the modern-day PT replace supports Avid DNx, so there is hope. Imagine Products states that JPEG2000 and DCP aid is coming soon.

Since 1991, Apple’s QuickTime engine has served as the de factoe


go-among for translating virtual media files, allowing codecs from producers like Panasonic, Red, GoPro, and others to be supported on consumer gadgets from enhancing platforms to viewers. Abandoning the antique QuickTime engine, PrimeTranscoder achieves lots greater speed and performance by using Apple’s modern day AVFoundation era to manner ProRes and H.264 files. Imagine Products has additionally enabled greater manipulate over how media is controlled, on account that codec upgrades may be applied at once and right away interior PrimeTranscoder.

The drawback to all is an acquainted story inside the evolution of virtual media. Foregoing the aging however versatile QuickTime library precludes, or at the least significantly complicates, help for famous legacy formats like MPEG-2. Crude and comparatively primitive by way of contemporary requirements, MPEG-2 continues to be used widely for preparing DVD and Blu-ray discs, in particular in components of Africa and South Asia in which Internet connectivity is terrible or nonexistent. MPEG-2, like most legacy codecs, isn’t always currently supported in PrimeTranscoder. Neither is JPEG 2000, a potentially enormous omission for indie filmmakers looking to prepare DCP documents for competition submission.

Imagine Products PrimeTranscoder is a new software and nevertheless early in its development. For its component, the corporation states DCP help is coming, and one key legacy format, Avid DNxHD, has been delivered to the today’s release. Without a QuickTime translation, Imagine says, that required quite a backflip to perform. Let’s hope Imagine is capable of carrying out a few greater backflips to be able to combine greater legacy codecs like MPEG-2.

ShotPut Pro interface Review compared Products  to PrimeTranscoder Software


ShotPut Pro 6, the enterprise fashionable in recent times for ease of use, populates the readout queue with a shade-coded bar and massive, clean-to-view thumbnails. (See right phase of heritage screenshot.) PrimeTranscoder (foreground) within the destiny should gain from a similar colorful display, as the transcoders progress can be extra effortlessly monitored throughout a hard and fast or lodge room. Today’s DITs and data wranglers usually have to manipulate more than one chores right now, so it’s reassuring to recognize where we’re at within the transcoding system, and if all is certainly going well.

I join a ten-minute rule stipulating that a digital camera or software application, if nicely designed, have to be decipherable in 10 mins or much less without consulting a guide or short-start manual. The ARRI Alexa easily meets this criterion, and PrimeTranscoder is inside the equal class. The application’s easy UI, with intuitive drag-and-drop integration and presets, is the hallmark of a user-pleasant device with genuinely no getting to know curve. Today’s “information Wranglers” need to often wear many hats, so it’s miles often up to us, the extra pro execs, to provide an explanation for the offloading/transcoding approaches to relative newcomers. Make the software program too complex or opaque, and these parents’ eyes will quickly glaze over. PrimeTranscoder, for all its power and ease of use, is a device that appeals to the couple of-hat-sporting expert who, sure, need to address remodeling, transcoding, and dealing with critical media files — however, might instead be doing different matters.

PrimeTranscoder merge function
For DITs and statistics wranglers, one key advantage of PrimeTranscoder is its capability to concatenate (merge) files, a boon to lots of us looking to provide manufacturers with a single lengthy file of the day’s dailies instead of dozens of smaller ones. An operating LUT, or watermark, may also be applied to the output report.

Like it or no longer, shooters, manufacturers, and content creators of each stripe are transcoding more documents for a multitude of purposes — for dailies, for streaming, for DVD, for a show on a cinema display screen. PrimeTranscoder can’t pretty do every one of these items simply yet, but with any luck, the final remaining competencies are coming, given just a few greater acrobatics at Imagine Products.