Sicily tour with Titan Travel: review

An admirable trot round lots of Sicily’s best hits, among them a number of the Mediterranean’s finest websites. There are pretty some, so the pace is extreme but worthwhile. The excursion works satisfactorily for beginners to Sicily, those trying an advent to its lengthy, entrancing, and distinguished past. Quartering the island – the trip covers a =”hide”>great=”tipsBox”> deal of territory – additionally favours appreciation of fine and olive-rich landscapes, and a =”hide”>splendid=”tipsBox”> coast. No fending off a certain apathy in a few city regions, thoughts. However, that, too, is Sicily.

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Itinerary 9/10

A 10-day Travel beginning in Catania and Syracuse at the east coast of Sicily is a truthful old romp, Titan. As mentioned, magisterial bits – historical and geographical – are now and again obscured by urban overlook, now not least in 2nd stop-over, Palermo. However, Sicilian recollections are amazing, enshrined in Norman-Byzantine church buildings, vineyards, olive groves, and Hellenic temples of startling perfection Segesta, Selinunte, or, supremely, the Valley of Temples at Agrigento. In a chain of stand-outs, the mosaics of the Romana del Casale villa – tremendous and colorful with lifestyles and motion – also have their place. A return on the east coast does Taormina and its Greco-Roman theater. Tour ends with a trip up Etna which I needed to miss, but which must have been amazing.

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Normal, the 4 excursion hotels (all four-star) got better because the journey stepped forward. And they’d began off pretty well in Catania. The Una Resort Palace became a bang relevant, =”hide”>big=”tipsBox”> metropolis spot, with a sleek of performance and roof-pinnacle restaurant affording views to Etna. In Palermo, the latest uniting and relooking of two venerable homes had added the Hotel Palazzo Sitano in a sort of black-and-white Mafia elegant. Onward to the select-of-the-bunch Baia-di-Ulisse, a rambling, hacienda-fashion operation, with terraced gardens unraveling to the seaside at Agrigento. Ultimately, at Giardini Naxos beneath Taormina, the grounds of the San Alpha Grand Lodge have also been instead swelling: pool, quality can make statues, bougainvillea. Within, the place becomes barely displaying its age, now not least using charging for Wifi.

Eating 6/10

Though buffet breakfasts have been copious and sundry, the seven (included) dinners weren’t uniformly =”hide”>terrific=”tipsBox”>. Genuinely no longer early on for vegetarians, who came as a wonder to Sicilian hoteliers. Even for the rest of us nicely, I’m no longer positive that strips of mackerel covered in cheese showed off Sicilian cuisine at its best. Requirements stepped forward through the week, Even though by no means pretty indicated why island catering is stated to be so toothsome. Anecdotal evidence (more than one chats) recommended that Titan clients are probably organized to pay some quid extra for greater exciting meals. That stated, the organization at a desk was, of the path, which made up for the whole lot.

excursion manager and guides 10/10

Hard to reward them pretty sufficient. Two of the key benefits of organized tours are a) that you, the passenger, haven’t any duties – the entirety is taken care of out of you – and b) that publications make the experience of the sites you’re seeing. On both counts, the excursion scored highly. Supervisor Denise smoothed matters out with calm and appeal. In the meantime, the succession of local guides knew their stuff and communicated it with enthusiasm. Extensive tons of it inside the case of Gerry in Taormina. He did not a lot pull out the stops as pull them off: a virtuoso overall performance.

Transport 8/10

I joined the excursion past due – and left it early – so I did not gain from Titan’s domestic pick-up coverage. Folks that did discover it discovered it a boon. As soon as in Sicily, the educate became amply cozy and handled with verve by using driving force Vito. Although I am no longer positive, the coverage of changing seats every day is a protracted-term winner.

Cost for Cash 8/10

At £1299pp all in – such as front to all websites – the excursion appears in no manner overpriced. As mentioned, I’d be tempted to feature £100, make investments in the dinners, and perhaps provide wine, too. But that’s possibly why I do not run a tour agency, and Titan does. Yacht Constitution in Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, and Calabria.

This Italian beauty will depart you wanting more. There isn´t sufficient time on one cruising yacht Constitution to discover all the =”hide”>fantastic=”tipsBox”> sailing grounds and pass see all of the brilliant ancient sites that Sicily has to offer. So let us introduce you to 3 of them and let you know more approximately boat rental in Sicily in an element.

What makes cruising holidays in Sicily so famous?

Sicily is the most important Mediterranean island. The encompassing minor islands constitute the Sicilian Location, which is the biggest independent Vicinity in Italy. Its favorable imperative place serves as an amazing transit station among the eastern and the western Mediterranean. The =”hide”>large=”tipsBox”> indented coastline is very nicely ideal for secure anchoring and the winning north-westerly winds are =”hide”>great=”tipsBox”> for sailing. Similarly, you find =”hide”>excellent=”tipsBox”> yachting facilities and plenty of harbors as well as mooring opportunities.

The island is, without problems, accessible due to its three airports in Trapani, Palermo, and Catania. The main ports are Trapani, Palermo, Messina, and Catania, which are equal to the capitals in their provinces. Messina is the busiest due to the ferry links to the Italian mainland and different locations in Sicily, and as it’s far a prevent for Mediterranean cruises.


The gap to the Italian mainland from Messina is most effective 5 km. Visiting there by way of ferry from Civitavecchia, the nearest port to Rome, can be much less expensive than flying there. The Region of Calabria, which paperwork the southernmost tip of Italy, can also, without difficulty, serve as a starting point for an Aeolian yacht Constitution. It has its three main airports in Reggio, in Lamezia Terme, and Crotone.

Sicily benefits from a slight weather, no large tides, a rich subculture and records in addition to =”hide”>great=”tipsBox”> seafood and cuisine. The dramatic rocky surroundings because of the volcanic foundation of the island are something to behold. There are fertile mountains, lovely aquamarine waters, and plenty of hidden coves to anchor peacefully. On top of all that, Sicily boasts stunning herbal attractions like Mount Etna, Europe´s highest energetic volcano, or the Stromboli volcano in the Aeolian Islands, in addition to numerous ancient historical sites.

some applicable info for a bareboat Constitution in Sicily:

region: Southern tip of the Italian mainland

Capital: Palermo

The overall duration of coastline: 1,483.9 km (together with the smaller islands)

General floor area: 25,711 km²

maximum factor: Mount Etna, 3,329 m

most important airports: Trapani; Palermo; Catania

Population: ca. five, most important Constitution locations are one hundred,000

U . S . code is most important Constitution locations

climate: mild, MediterraneanWhich

There in Sicily?

The principle Constitution bases are in Marsala, Trapani, Terrasini, Palermo, Sant`Agata di Militello and Portorosa. Terrasini may be very convenient to get to as it’s far located, most effective 10 km west of Palermo airport. All those ports but are placed Inside most effective 2 hours or less from an airport. They may be concentrated in the North as it is very famous for charterers to visit the Aeolian Islands from there. It’s also viable to hire a yacht from Reggio Calabria at the mainland and cross the Straights of Messina to visit the Aeolian Islands.

The Straights of Messina have a site visitors separation system, and for pride boats, it’s miles obligatory to propose the Coast Shield ahead of the crossing. The Sicilian west nook has a cliff, shoreline with many coves, beaches, and anchorages. Trapani heads to the three Egadi Islands, a nature reserve with mooring buoys and anchorages. Expenses follow, and the park rangers coming to the boat will accumulate them and tell you which locations to visit.

On a stretch of about 10 NM between Trapani and Palermo on the north coast, there are the cute harbor cities of San Vito lo Capo, Castellammare del Golfo, Balestrate, and Terrasini. All of them have pontoons to moor up onto. Also on the north coast is Palermo. It would be better than to visit its slightly unsightly and smelly most important harbor to apply the jetty Villa Igiea with 379 moorings for boats up to 65 m or the quay Arena la with two hundred berths for yachts as much as 30m. Retain along the north coast and check out the medieval town of Cefalu and the sheltered port town of Porta Rossa with excellent centers, lodges, and eating places.

Sail the stunning Aeolian Islands. They feature a splendidly rugged, picturesque coastline. The anchorages are rather exposed, so it’s far more secure to visit the port in a single day. There’s lovely, touristy Lipari. Then Stromboli that erupts each 20 min freeing ash and lava into the air, that’s mind-blowing at night. The island Vulcano makes for a charming Charter vacation spot. You may cross properly as much as the lip of the crater and scent the sulphuric acid fumes. A Likud, Filikudi, Panarea and Salina are the smaller islands.

Cruise down the popular east coast. From Messina, cover the approx. 25 NM to Taormina. Sail alongside the cliffs with coves and sandy beaches and across the tiny Isola Bella, a nature reserve connected to Sicily via a sandbank. About 10 NM in addition south is the small metropolis of Riposto, in which You can inventory up on the =”hide”>excellent=”tipsBox”> food market.

Ca. 20 NM extra to the South you arrive at Catania, and it´s approximately a further 30 NM to Syracuse. This ancient town has an excellent marina where You could walk at once into the energetic ancient center. Harbour cities worth citing within the South are Sciacca, Licata with its very sheltered marina, and the seashore lodge metropolis of Ragusa with an 800 berth marina for yachts up to 20 m.

What are critical weather structures, therefore, sailing in Sicily?

Sicily has moderate, moist winters and warm, dry summers. Catania on the east coast boasts the highest average of light hours inside the whole of Europe with 2,492 in keeping with 12 months. This breaks all the way down to =”hide”>a nice=”tipsBox”> 6.eight hours in step with day according to today, . on the island in fashionable, July breaks the document with a whopping 14 hours of legal.


Whilst the Sirocco brings hot air from Africa, the Mistral moderates and cools down the summer heat. North-westerly winds with a pressure of 3-4 are triumphant. There are tidal currents inside the Straights of Messina. However, They are fairly week as compared to the ones inside the Atlantic or other oceans.

Precis of the weather situations for sailing a yacht Charter in Sicily:

Months with maximum average temperature: July, August, 26°

Months with lowest average temperature: January/February, 12°

The month with maximum common precipitation: December, 79 mm

Months with lowest common precipitation: June/July, 10 mm

common wind velocity May additionally – October: 8 – 12 knots

The month with the highest average water temperature: August, 27°

Months with lowest average water temperature: February/March, 15°

principal season: Mid-April – October

How a great deal is a yacht Constitution in Sicily, and what are the distinctive Constitution sorts?

You could hire a 12 m sailboat, as an instance, from about 2,000 € onwards. Prices pass up in step with the size, model, and system of the yacht. Day Charter is to be had, often in the shape of a motorboat apartment. The choice is likewise among a catamaran Constitution and sailboat or motor yacht lease. Then There is a bareboat or skippered yacht Charter, and You could opt for a crewed Constitution, which includes a chef and a stewardess(es) and deckhand(s). The latter will Absolutely be the case on =”hide”>large=”tipsBox”> luxury yachts. In Italy it is frequently common to rent a RIB to explore the location or simply pass for =”hide”>a nice=”tipsBox”> excursion on the water. And flotilla vacations are a prevalent type of Charter for own family sailing holidays.

What sports besides cruising are there on a bareboat Charter in Sicily?

If you like regattas, watch the demanding and hard `Middle Sea Race` in October – an around the island cruising race that starts in Malta, after which circumnavigates Sicily. Visit Cefalu, an adorable medieval metropolis on the north coast with a lovely Duomo courting from 1131. In Catania, You can appreciate Roman amphitheaters. Also, check out the outside market that sells =”hide”>amazing=”tipsBox”> fish and the Piazza del Duomo with its spectacular cathedral.

A have-to-see are the Aeolian Islands, a charming archipelago, and UNESCO global background web page. There are lively volcanoes and old-fashioned cities like Lipari with many dive =”hide”>companies=”tipsBox”> and lovely boutiques and eating places.

Within the hilltop city of Taormina close to Mount Etna, visit the famous Teatro Antico, a historical Greco-Roman theater that is still in use today. Meander via the quiet cobblestone streets and revel in the =”hide”>great=”tipsBox”> views from the top of the high cliff.

Do an excursion of Mount Etna at the east coast among Messina and Catania. It covers a place of one,190 km² and is completely lively. Syracuse is a ancient historic city with =”hide”>massive=”tipsBox”> fortifications. It has a barely diminished charm, true shopping, and a =”hide”>great=”tipsBox”> baroque cathedral that contains elements of a Greek temple constructed around 500 BC. The close-to-by means of Necropolis of Pantalica relationship from 700 – 1300 BC hosts heaps of tombs cut in the rock and is an incredible sight.

In the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological website in Agrigento at the south coast, you discover the beautiful historic Greek Temple of Concordia, lit up by way of nighttime, in addition to six different temples. It’s far one of the foremost sights in Sicily. To soak up natural, unspoiled nature, head to the Sila Countrywide Park in Calabria, which is stated to have the cleanest air in Europe.

In Taormina, live it up in the Daiquiri Front room or the Morgana Lounge Bar. Strive out water sports activities like diving, snorkeling, fishing, water-ski, wakeboarding, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, and much greater. Sample the savory and healthful delicacies that consist of a wide range of vegetables and seafood. There are also some very well-known candy dishes, including ice cream and lots of pastry specialties – so cross ahead and revel in!