Popular Software Are Putting ICS at Risk

Several serious vulnerabilities have been recognized in the popular license management software program used in the company and commercial manipulated machine (ICS) environments to prompt software programs on PCs and servers. According to Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT researchers, 14 vulnerabilities within the Hardware Against Software Piracy (HASP) license management gadget suggest that license control USB tokens can open a hidden faraway-get entry to the channel for cyber-attackers. The flaws consist of more than one denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability and several remote code execution issues. These are robotically exploited not with user rights but with the maximum privileged system rights, presenting attackers with an opportunity to execute any arbitrary code they wish.

“The USB tokens in question are broadly used in extraordinary organizations to serve the motive of handy software program license activation,” researchers explained in their evaluation. “In regular use cases, a business enterprise’s machine administrator must approach the computer with the software program that desires to be activated and insert the token. It will then affirm that the software program of interest is legitimate (not pirated) and might spark off it.” The hassle is, upon setting up, the software program provides port 1947 of the PC to the listing of exclusions of the Windows Firewall with no right-person notification, which makes it vulnerable to a far-off attack.

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“An attacker would best want to experiment the focused network for open port 1947 that allows you to become aware of any remotely to be had computer systems,” the researchers said. “More importantly, the port stays open after the token has been detached; that’s why even in patched and guarded company surroundings, an attacker would only want to put in software using the HASP solution or attach the token to a PC once (even a locked one) to make it available for faraway assaults.”

The number of systems laid low with the vulnerability is unsure; however, given the Software’s recognition, it can affect masses of international users. “Given how famous this license control machine is, the feasible scale of the outcomes of those vulnerabilities going unpatched may be very large,” said Vladimir Dashchenko, head of the vulnerability studies organization, Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT. “Since those tokens are not best utilized in ordinary company environments but also critical centers with strict far-off get right of entry to rules, the vulnerabilities we found might be setting heaps of crucial networks in threat.”


Upon discovery, Kaspersky Lab reported these vulnerabilities to the affected software program companies, which eventually released safety patches. Organizations have to install the modern-day (relaxed) version of the driving force as quickly as possible or touch the vendor for commands on updating the motive force.

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