Software sector likely to slide amid business shifts

The marketplace for Software will probably attain Bt48.1 billion, a slide from closing 12 months of approximately 5 in line with cent, stated Thanachart Numnonda, director of IMC Institute. He referred to the 2017 Thai software market survey using the Digital Economic Promotion Agency (DEPA).

The negative growth inside the software program marketplace displays the emergence of a brand new business model of software program services, with patron behavior shifting to embody Software as a carrier or cloud computing and software-enabled services. This year, positive elements inside the area include the elevated price of the embedded software marketplace because of accelerated adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and clever-city projects across the United States.

Software sector likely to slide amid business shifts

Negative increase and decreasing markets will remain through 2018, reducing the cost to Bt47.6 billion, the survey additionally referred to. The 2016 mixed values of software improvement and software program services had been Bt50.1 billion, comprising Bt37—4 billion for software program offerings and Bt12.7 billion for packaged Software.

The financial area is the state’s biggest spender on software programs and offerings, followed by authorities and tourism sectors. The general software program market in 2016 was reduced by 4.63, in line with the Bt52.6 billion spent in 2015.

Thanachart noted that 2016’s general Bt50.1 billion Thai software program market represents Bt46. Four billion from domestic software program usage and Bt3.7 billion from software programs exported worldwide. The last year changed for the first time in 10 years, and the Thailand software program marketplace saw a bad boom.

Three-manner strategy

Nuttapon Nimmanpatcharin, president of DEPA, stated that the corporation would cope with the sales dip through 3 measures. The first is to provide a tax incentive with a tax reduction of 200 in keeping with the cent to encourage SMEs to apply for a felony software program. The 2D approach would enable software marketers to attain ISO 29110 certification, with a target of one hundred members using 12 months.

Finally, an IoT Institute might be set up in Chonburi province with an investment of around Bt900 million to sell and create IoT generation that may be advertised. The desire is for software program builders and marketers to increase and adapt their products for IoT generation to improve productiveness, performance, and competitiveness.

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