Sometimes a lot of ugliness lies beneath beauty

In a small dingy room the courtesan, dressed up in all finery, attempted to gently untangle her hands from her feverish son’s grip. The baby’s eyes fluttered open, his fever-cracked lips slightly transferring as he pleaded, “Don’t go, Mamma! Don’t leave me!”
“Please darling…,” the courtesan-mothers voice broke and although she bit her lips she couldn’t pretty suppress her sobs. With an effort she regained control, “I should cross. I could be back very quickly until then Bhaya will take care of you,” she said nodding toward a fat pimply youth with a vacant stare and a silly grin on his face, a skinny foamy line of spittle dribbling from the corner of his mouth. Bhaiya was the mentally challenged son of a famed courtesan of yesteryears; a made from some profligate stumble upon, the usual flotsam of such houses of ill-repute.

“Now you be a great boy and I will tell you a pleasing tale when I am returned and also sing


the fairy track for you.” She kissed her son on his brow which felt so warm that even though he did release her fingers she nevertheless lingered, concerning him anxiously. For a second her son’s eyes met hers and as he studies the concern and pain in her eyes like constantly he attempted to reach out to her even managing a wisp of a smile. Then out of exhaustion or perhaps just to interrupt the spell he closed his eyes.

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The door of the dingy room opened, letting in stray notes of a track because the musicians inside the huge room at the alternative give up of the corridor tuned and tested their contraptions. “Hurry up! They are all requesting you!” Madame entered the room and spoke in a noisy whisper.
The courtesan checked out Madame with a mute appeal in her eyes. Madame frowned and then seeing the anguish writ huge at the courtesan’s face her face relaxed in an unctuous smile. “He might be okay. These fevers are ordinary in youngsters of his age. Come! They are waiting!”

The courtesan uncertainty accompanied Madame to the large room wherein ‘guests’ reclining on smooth


velvet cushions waited expectantly. Entering the room the courtesan, her head and face included tantalizingly with gold embroidered gauze, curtsied and lifted her upturned palm to her face by means of a manner of a greeting. Almost on cue, the song began and she gracefully glided into the room matching her steps and her words to the song as she sang in a voice that complemented her beauty. The assembled connoisseurs broke into gasps of admiration, swaying to the rhythm as their lewd glances gobbled her charms. At times there would be a short-term pause in track as the composition demanded and the courtesan could cock her head as if she has been trying to hear something, a far away appearance performing on her face. The connoisseurs made gestures of appreciation taking those nonpermanent lapses into reverie as a symbolic craving for the beloved, a position they appropriated for themselves in their inflamed imaginations.

No sound came from the room wherein her ill son lay for the moron with the vacant stare and stupid grin have been certainly primed with sweetmeats by using Madame to ensure that no discordant word escaped the dingy room. Snapping back to the present the courtesan could flash an unhappy smile setting pulses racing as the beneficiary interpreted it as the affirmation of his self-appointed role of the yearned-for cherished. Flitting from one gourmand to every other she fluttered her eyelashes right here, solid a coquettish look there, flashed come-hither looks at a person and shyly solid aside her eyes as he answered with a leer. All the at the same time as a seductive tune performed on her lips made all of the greater attractive by using the unhappy notes that welled up from inside her coronary heart. At instances, her eyes might swim with tears but this fuelled the passions of the assembly even extra, for pathos to has an aesthetic size translating into vulnerability because it does.

The mehfil got here to a cease as twilight broke.

The connoisseurs showered the courtesan with offerings, stealing lascivious caresses within the good buy. She in the end controlled to make a go out and rush again to her unwell son. It becomes right here that her passion erupted as she hugged and kissed the by using now stuporous toddler making a song snatches of lullabies set to the tune of sobs…

Just a day within the existence of a  beneath  courtesan… ugliness beauty


The pathos that underlies this beautiful but unfortunate wretch of a courtesan would possibly yet be a parable of cursed splendor. Why it rings a bell in my memory of this land known as Kashmir! A land whose verdant valleys camouflage the grimy red of congealed blood…whose lofty peaks put on a cloak of weary unhappiness, weighed down as they’re by means of the understanding of shallow nameless graves down beneath…whose dashing waters try to muffle wails of distress… whose children grew to hate each different and whilst some of them ended up as bloodied corpses and lie buried in her bosom, there are but others who pine for her in a forced exile…

Alas, the image perfect splendor of this land is only a façade…so very similar to that of the lovely courtesan

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