Sparrow Blue members mesh in tune and lifestyles

Musicians Todd Nickerson and Katy Boc stay lifestyles in Concord. Todd Nickerson and Katy Boc stay live in Concord. A couple each on stage and off, the 2 carry out as Sparrow Blue, playing, making a song, and recording original songs steeped in early American music traditions. They’ll be unveiling their 2d CD, “Rabbit in the Moon,” with a record release celebration on Saturday at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth.

While they frequently perform as a duo, they’ll bring their full band, which performed on the CD – Paul Chase, bass; Steve Latanision, pedal steel, and Dobro guitars banjo; and Mark Bryant, drums – to the cultural center display. Nickerson, a Barnstable native, met Boc 4 in the past when she commenced playing mess around with Nickerson’s preceding band, 6 East.

“That band fell apart because of lifestyles, work, and such things as that, and we just began gambling as a duo. We started writing songs together and launched a six-music EP (in 2015), and at that factor, we had to come up with a band name. We settled on Sparrow Blue,” Nickerson says.

The organization’s call comes from an encounter the couple had with some irritated birds out on Barnstable’s Sandy Neck. “My own family has a cottage accessible within the dunes. Katy and I were obtainable to play a few songs and hold out. There’s been a birdhouse on a tree obtainable for a long term. It changed into falling, dilapidated. I had intentions to cast off it and replace it.

I climbed the tree and took the birdhouse down, surpassed it to Katy, and we looked inside a little nearer and noticed that there had been eggs in there. At that point, we started getting dive-bombed by way of small sparrow-like birds that had some blue coloring on them. Actually, they have been swallows. However, Blue Swallow didn’t sound very good, so we went with Sparrow Blue as a substitute,” Nickerson says.

The alba identifies one which it stocks with an instrumental track at the album refers to a fable in each Asian and Aztec mythology, but greater mainly, in this example, a shared to enjoy. “There’s a vintage tale in regards to the rabbit within the moon. You realize how humans can see the man in the moon, properly there’s also, supposedly, a rabbit you can see,” Nickerson says.

“Last summer, we were out stargazing and looking at the moon. It befell to be this kind of clear viewing of the moon that we should make (the rabbit) out.” The songs on the album stem from a musical sweet spot in which antique-times, classic united states, and bluegrass merge, a style that could be a departure from what Nickerson’s previous band played.

Sparrow Blue

“I feel like 6 East become extra Americana rock-like. We’re nevertheless inside the Americana style, but we’re using more acoustic instrumentation, entering into a few traditional roots song,” he says. Original songs such as the honky-tonk-flavored “Bottom of the Bottle” from “Rabbit inside the Moon” or the bluegrass-pushed “Mabel,” the title reduce from the debut EP, might have been lifted from recordings of the ’40s or ’50s.

Boc, who also plays on occasion with the Cape Cod bluegrass band, Crabgrass, comes from a classical music background, playing viola and violin. “7, 8 years in the past, she started out moving into Irish fiddling,” Nickerson says. “Irish fiddling has a whole lot of the same ornamentation, similar roots to bluegrass and antique-time stuff like that. I think it became nearly a herbal transition into that stuff.”

Nickerson got here to standard American song using a one-of-a-kind direction. “I don’t forget even in excessive faculty (inside the overdue ’80s), I listened to several classic united states stuff like Merle Haggard and those type of u. S. A. Artists. Southern rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Band, The Allman Brothers – the ones had been a number of my earliest musical influences,” he says. The intersection of these musical paths and what began as a musical merger has blossomed into much greater. The two now make their domestic in Duxbury with their blended family of five.

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