Symphony president has lived a lifestyles in music

GREENWICH — When World War II drove 17-yr-old Mary de Csepel and her own family out of Hungary in 1944, she spent two years in Portugal before coming to the U.S. In 1946 on a small freighter to the East Coast. Accompanying her on that boat were simplest 11 different human beings, Portuguese fishermen and their better halves and a Russian couple. As an infant in Hungary, she studied at a conservatory in Budapest and practiced piano often with aspirations to grow to be a piano instructor. She persevered on that path inside the United States.


“I went to Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio,” she stated this week while sitting in her home office in Riverside. “It’s the finest college. I was turning 19 that summer. My date of getting to the United States was May eight, and I think about that every 12 months.”

“Nobody changed into flying those days, and I looked around and it was lovely,” she said. “It became all flat — however, Hungary is all flat. The great part of Hungary, the soil is so marvelous you can develop whatever. And I took one take a look at it and said, ‘This is in which I want to be.’ It was beautiful.”

Fast forward seventy-one years: Mary Radcliffe, 90, lives together with her husband Richard in their jap Greenwich home and nonetheless focuses a lot of her time on the song. In 2018 she will be able to have served as president of the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors for 35 years.

“I recognize she lives for it,” said Nancy Mazzoli, software and marketing co-chair for the symphony, “and it’s like a toddler for her, I’m quite positive. I recognize that having long past to the symphony as a normal character when she gets up and speaks to the audience it comes from her coronary heart.”

“The greatest element my parents ever did for me,” Radcliffe said, “was get me those piano lessons after I became 5 years old.”

“She remembers going to the opera in a sleigh,” stated Danny Miller, GSO predominant cellist, and personnel supervisor. “She has this complete Old World determination to track that many present-day board contributors don’t display, now not to detract from what they do, however, she has this visceral bloodline to a song. And she cares deeply about musicians.”

After graduating from Oberlin in 1949 with a Bachelor’s degree in piano, Radcliffe went to the Manhattan School of Music for her master’s and met her husband at a cocktail birthday party in New York City while she becomes 29 and he changed into 32. The moved to a small house in Riverside when they had their first of four sons, earlier than shifting farther up the road to wherein they’re settled currently.


Throughout her profession, Radcliffe taught piano privately. She said it took her a while to find out the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra while elevating four younger boys whilst she first moved to town — strolling with their carriages across the loop on Winthrop Drive and becoming part of the tight-knit neighborhood community  however it didn’t take her long to get worried once she did.

Ruth Sims, the former first selectman of Greenwich and an Oberlin graduate, first requested Radcliffe to sign up for the board of directors in the course of the late 1970s. She has become president of the board in 1983. “It’s been a privilege to paintings with this orchestra,” said Radcliffe Wednesday. “I heard this orchestra and I simply knew it changed into a fantastic orchestra.”

She stated she is excited about what 2018 will carry — not simply her 35th year as president and the quiet of GSO’s 60th season, however a celebration of historic importance. “In 1918, the French composer Debussy, he died that year,” Radcliffe said. “But who become born that 12 months? Leonard Bernstein. So for the 100th anniversary … It’s something to consider, something to hook up with. “And you understand,” the GSO board president stated, “that presence of these composers, nobody is ever going so that you can thank them due to the fact they are all lifeless.”

Select pieces via both composers might be highlighted in the applications. “She has this mindset,” Miller said. “Music is more than a career, it’s extra than enjoyment — it’s something which you do physically, it’s a practice that you need to train for — but it’s also something very intellectual, but it’s also very religious, and he or she receives that. And that’s what she wants to deliver to the younger human beings in Greenwich and Fairfield County.”

Watch Russian band EIMIC convey artwork to life with sound

Moscow-primarily based band Everything is Made in China, better referred to as EIMIC, have recorded a unique live overall performance of two tracks taken from their recent album Acquired Taste. The tracks B-263-54 and DENIA were accomplished and filmed at Artplay, a design and art center in Moscow, for which EIMIC’s longtime collaborator, artist, and dressmaker, Ilya Kolesnikov, created an immersive installation. “With all my collaborations with EIMIC, the idea for the visuals continually happens by using chance, because of me experimenting with video, 3-d, and photography,” Kolesnikov instructed The Calvert Journal. This time around, he took his visual cues from video art.

The motion pictures, which we’re imparting completely right here, see EIMIC explore the relationship between music and modern artwork, and not for the first time. The band made a comeback in advance this 12 months with an inflatable dog featured within the band’s emblem; art buffs might realize the mascot as the signature “balloon dog” sculptures of American artist Jeff Koons. Yet, not like the authentic, the canine’s tail and ears seem to had been combined up in manufacturering errors — a reference to the reality that even high artwork might be produced in a manufacturing facility someplace.


Following the notion that “tune is art”, EIMIC were experimenting with the boundaries of style for the reason that their first EP launch in 2006. It’s no surprise that they’re now crossing borders to visual art as thought. The releases from their fourth album Acquired Taste, which came out in April earlier this yr, have all made the connection with works of artwork in their videos, from the Renaissance to the current.

Like the stated artwork works, the 2 stay-performances couldn’t be greater special in fashion; B-263-fifty four is a gradual-building atmospheric indie-pop anthem that’s function of EIMIC (the title is a connection with Harrison Ford’s man or woman in Blade Runner); DENIA is digital, beat-heavy and with masses of mindset. Together with hypnotic visuals from Kolesnikov, the band’s boundary-pushing performances have all over again proved EIMIC as Russia’s unsung heroes of underground sound.