The 4 Guarantees of Wood Flooring

When you decide to change the flooring of your old house or consider getting a new house floor, you will find no dearth of options in the market. Hardwood floors lend a certain look of beauty and aesthetic appeal to the room and the entire house. One of the best options to consider for a hardwood floor is wood. However, there are certain points that one must keep in mind about wooden flooring before choosing it. These points cannot be classified as advantages or disadvantages and simply as things happen when the flooring is made of wood.

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1. Wood floors tend to get scratched- All wood floors are prone to scratches. Whether it is from your furniture sliding across the floor or objects falling on it, there is a very high chance that some mark will be left on it. While it is possible to add finishes to make your flooring scratch-resistant, it is impossible to make the floor completely anti-scratch. In fact, no company will give you an anti-scratch warranty.

Wood Flooring

2. If you do still choose a wooden floor, make sure that you get one with a proper wear warranty for a minimum of five years, as this guarantees that the veneer or polish on your floor will not wear off. Additionally, you should make sure that your house is prepared for wooden floors, and this can be done by using mats and carpets, and using furniture protectors.

3. Wooden floors are prone to dents- Although this may seem unlikely to you, wooden floors are indeed prone to get dented. Similar to not being scratch-proof, these floors are also not completely dent-free. There is a test known as the Janka Test to measure the hardness of the wood. All types of wood are measured against Northern Red Oak which is the most commonly used type of wood in flooring. The higher the wood scores on the test, the more resistant it is to dents. But, you should keep in mind that even the more resistant woods could dent if a weighty object like a hammer falls on them.

4. Wooden floors age- This means that the color and, in some cases, the texture of wooden floors changes with age and time. While for products like carpets and other types of floors, this is not necessarily a good thing, wooden floors look better with age, and this is an advantage, especially in cases where the floor is constantly exposed to a lot of sunlight. The color of the wooden floor will vary depending on the type of wood being used- some may get darker while others will get lighter

5. Wooden floors always get affected by moisture- This is often considered the biggest disadvantage of wooden floors. When moisture leaks into wooden flooring, it can lead to it cracking, buckling under the slight weight, or even forming dents. Alliance Floor Source is a flooring showroom based in Toronto specializing in different types of hardwood and laminate and tile flooring. Additionally, you can also contact them for carpets and specific types of hardwood floors. Click on to know more!