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Does your MacBook seem a little longer inside the tooth? Is there trouble you may appear to remedy regardless of how you attempt? Or do you need to sell your MacBook without a trace of personal data on it? Resetting a Mac can clear up any of these troubles.

Below, we explain how to completely wipe your MacBook (or iMac) and reset it to a like-new kingdom. The commands underneath (with a few minor modifications right here or there) will paintings going all of the way lower back to Mac OS. Before you try this, be sure to again up your information. If you’re selling your MacBook, also ensure to sign out of iMessage, cloud, and some other money owed earlier than you reset. Here’s a way to reset a MacBook:

1. Hold down the Command and R keys on the keyboard and turn on the Mac. Let go when the Apple emblem pops up avast antivirus

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2. Select your language and retain it.

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3. Choose Disk Utility and click hold  best free antivirus for windows

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4. Choose your startup disk (named Macintosh HD through default) from the sidebar and click the Erase button.

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5. Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from the drop-down menu and click Erase. (If you need to encrypt your disc for added protection, pick out the “Journaled, Encrypted” alternative. You’ll be brought on to create a password.)

6. Click Done and go out the window.


7. If you haven’t yet, connect with Wi-Fi inside the top proper-hand nook, much like you typically might to your Mac.

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8. From the principal menu, pick Reinstall macOS and click continue.

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9. Press Continue. A pop-up will seem. Choose to Continue there, too.

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10. Read the software program license agreement and click on Agree.

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11. Choose your boot disk and pick “Install.”

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12. Wait for step one of the installation to occur. This is a superb time to take a break.

13. The laptop will restart and maintain an installation. Let your wreck maintain. Get a sandwich (non-obligatory, however, endorsed). The computer will restart.

How to Reset a Mac  Protection Antivirus  Best

From here, if you’re looking to promote your laptop, you’re all completed. If you want to get returned to the computing device, comply with the prompts as if you had been set up your MacBook for the primary time.

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Let’s face it; reputable MAC cosmetics wholesale suppliers are few and far between. Finding authentic MAC wholesale makeup is the holy grail for all high-end cosmetics sellers. There are a lot of sites selling fake MAC cosmetics that you need to beware of.

Anyway, here is the lowdown. Only MAC sells MAC products. Luckily, there is always some overrun/discontinued/shelf pull stock with any brand that ends up on eBay or other discounted websites. Because MAC is so popular, there is even less of this type of stock to go around. Have you ever seen a sale at your local MAC counter? Wow, never? See – that is exactly my point!

MAC also often has special edition product lines that are only available for a short amount of time. Discontinued items that end up being made available on the cosmetics wholesale market have a rarity value that increases their value sometimes above the original selling price. Super low cost + high demand and low supply = super high profits. That is why any cosmetics business owner worth their salt wants to get hold of authentic MAC wholesale makeup at any cost.

A final point to mention is that wholesale makeup suppliers offer new stock to their best customers first. That makes it even harder for newbies to get started. So always build a good relationship with your supplier. Small but regular orders are a good way to build up your profits and reinvest in your business while at the same time showing suppliers that you are a reliable customer with staying power.

Several months ago, Intuit, QuickBooks’ manufacturer, released a  new version of QuickBooks Online that runs with the Safari web browser. This new version of QuickBooks presents a multi-user alternative for existing users of QuickBooks in a Mac environment and future users of QuickBooks for Mac. It is now possible for Mac QuickBooks users to run multiuser versions of QuickBooks for a reasonable monthly price and have unattended backups and software updates included in the monthly price.

Besides the Safari interface, QuickBooks Online has been optimized for the iPhone. The iPhone app is basically a read-only application. However, some added features exist for customer, vendor, and employee information and the ability to create and send invoices. Another benefit for Mac users of QuickBooks is that there is no longer a  wait for updates to the Mac version of QuickBooks.

Installing QuickBooks Online (without the need to convert QuickBooks for Mac files to QuickBooks online files) is relatively easy and straightforward. However, it gets a bit complicated when you need to convert an existing  QuickBooks for Mac file to a  QuickBooks Online file. Intuit does a reasonably good job of facilitating the online installation.

Manually converting your QuickBooks for Mac file to QuickBooks.

Online is not that difficult, as long as you carefully follow the instructions and generally take about 30 minutes. You cannot directly convert your QuickBooks for Mac file to QuickBooks Online. An intermediate step requires you to convert your QB Mac file to a QB Windows file and begins with the drop-down menu in QuickBooks Mac.  The process begins by selecting the File menu and then selecting “Back up to QuickBooks for Windows”  within the QuickBooks for Mac software. Upon completion of this process, the file is sent to QuickBooks, and you receive a notification when the process for converting the QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks Online is completed.

Initially, I was surprised to observe that this process is performed at the Intuit level rather than in real-time. A suggestion to facilitate this process is that if you do not receive timely notification of completion from Intuit, I suggest that you contact tech support and ask them to look into the status of your conversion and request that they expedite it for you. Generally, when  I have called tech support, and they are very accommodating. Although they generally do not give any time guarantee and attribute the potential delay to their busy servers, they will facilitate the process.

Overall the manual conversion process takes approximately 30 minutes (exclusive of the Intuit conversion), and my clients have been happy with QBO. One client was disappointed that the vendor-type classifications are not available in QuickBooks Online. The workaround for this is to use one of the fields in the vendor profile as the vendor type.  So far, my clients are happy to have multi-user access, the ability to work from anywhere, and unattended and automatic backups, despite a slightly sluggish performance attributable to the web connection.

Two words of caution, the first of which is that QuickBooks Online currently does not support inventory applications, and the second that the conversion may require the services of your accountant or CPA to affect a smooth and orderly transition to the QuickBooks Online platform. As long as you understand upfront the limitations of QBO, then you should find the QBO platform acceptable and, more importantly,  a helpfully financial tool to run and monitor your business.